55 Things NYSC Members Should Not Leave Home Without

What and what should you take to Camp? Do you really need most of the things you’ve packed into your big leather box already? Here’s a checklist of what we think you are likely need.

Documents and Photocopies

  • NYSC Medical certificate
  • Call-up letter
  • Statement of Result/transcript
  • School ID card
  • Passport photographs
  • NYSC Green Card

You won’t be allowed into camp premises without any of them. Go there with about 10 passports & 5 document photocopies each.

Toiletries & Essentials

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Bath soap & Sponge
  • Detergent & Bar Soap
  • Toilet Paper
  • Towel


  • Sanitary Pads & Tampons
  • Shower Caps
  • Bleach
  • Disinfectants
  • Buckets & Bailer
  • Body Cream & Lotion

Its ok to buy buckets and non-essentials at the camp.

Clothing Items

  • White T-shirts
  • White Shorts
  • Whites tennis shoes
  • White socks
  • Underwear
  • Bed sheets
  • Perfumes/ body spray
  • Rubber slippers/flip flops
  • Combs and hair needs
  • Makeup & accessories
  • You will be provided with 2 pairs of white T-shirts and shorts in camp but you can take up to 2 pairs along.
  • Colored panties will be too conspicuous under the white tops and bottoms.
  • You can take a 2 – 3 sets of casual wears/mufti for Sunday and camp fire night.
  • 1 pair of shoe and socks is okay. It is good to have a white rubber shoe that is easy to clean (sold at camp also).

Other Recommended Items

  • Torch lights
  • Mosquito nets/mosquito repellant
  • Food flasks, cups, drinking flasks & cutlery
  • Cloth hangers
  • Wrist watch
  • Padlocks and keys
  • Waist pouch
  • Handkerchiefs/face towels/Kleenex
  • Pegs/clips

Get a cheap watch. Everyone uses a waist purse. It’s your camp bestie. Most of these items can be easily bought in the camp so don’t worry. If you can’t get them before traveling. See also: Some Didn’t Wear Pants: Shocking Experience In Delta NYSC Camp – Muslim Corpers

  • Optional First Aid Items
  • Methylated spirits/ rubbing alcohol
  • Band aids/plasters
  • Robb
  • Bandages
  • Cotton wool
  • Anti-purging pills (flagyl, tetracycline etc.)
  • Anti-malaria pills
  • Inhaler (for those who are asthmatic)

These aren’t necessary except you have something to treat or known allergies


  • Camera & batteries
  • Writing pads and stationary
  • Novels/Books
  • Pillow
  • Games
  • Mp3/ iPod
  • Eye pads for sleeping & ear plugs
  • Surge protectors / extensions
  • Glue sticks & stapler

If you have an internet-enabled camera phone, do take it along. Camp life can be very boring without one. You will like to take pictures and share with your friends. You only need to be very vigilant and protective of your things. If you feel you need a bulletproof vest or helmet, please carry it. You know what we mean, don’t you?


  • Never, ever, ever run out of it. Bring as much as you can afford.
  • Mirrors and forks are known to be contraband items in camp
  • Prices of items apart from fast consumer goods (Credit, Gala, Indomie etc) are usually higher than those outside so it is advisable you buy the things you can before going into camp.


If you have any questions you want to ask, use the comment box below.

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  1. Hi lola,morning, pls is a very small mirror not allowed(so I can do my makeup) ,and can I take garri and Indomie along (is there any place to cook the Indomie self)
    Thank you

  2. Lola is my O’level results a requirement for the registration in camp

  3. Babe, please is it the information on ur green card that will be used to give u ur clothes and kits

  4. Hi Lola, i only choose Zanfara due to only state,is that the state i will be deploy

  5. Pls the Nysc medical certificate, is it only for does who plan to redeploy, and how do you get it?

  6. Please what exactly do the check at arrival at the camp, I mean the certificates both for single and married

  7. Hi Lola, Pls am I allowed to carry painted nails to the Camp?

  8. Hi Lola, please is there stream 11 for this batch?(A.’19)… My department just got my results approved at my school senate level yesterday, now I can’t find my name in the NYSC portal nor with the school senate list…and since I couldn’t register with NYSC(which is closing today), Does that mean I will wait until stream 11, and if there ain’t, batch B?(and when is batch B Lola)?

  9. Hi Lola, have done my reg over 5days now but my call up number have not been sent why? and the sent me a message some days back “Permit not yours. last warning” please what does it mean.

  10. Pls my name was spelled wrongly, will i correct it in the camp?

  11. I got an email showing my resipt for payment but no call up tho the message had ecall up letter on it can’t find anything like a place to be deployed on wat can I do but there is a code on it can r.r.r

  12. Hi Lola…must one arrive camp on the 27th? My school won’t be able to provide my I.D card until Tuesday and my journey to camp is quite long. Thank you.

  13. I was told if u are not call up u will b part of stream two is that so and am an international students

  14. please the documents we are to bring, i mean the call up letter nd others, is it everything that should be in color? or just the original one in color and the remaining photocopies in black and white?

  15. Pls do dey allow a woman who is just 6 weeks pregnant in camp

  16. I am getting a message u ave not been evaluated yet on my dashboard hope its nothing bad

  17. Hi Lola where can we get the medical certificate…I mean NY approved centres

  18. For batch b 2019, is it compulsory to get to camp exactly on 18th of June?

  19. Muhammad Aliyu.

    From Kano
    Institution Kaduna

    Edo, jigawa, Kwara and Osun state

  20. Are we to make colored photocopies of the required documents or black and white?

  21. Hi Lola, those documents that are to be photocopied will it be black and white while the original print out will be coloured?

  22. Hi Lola
    As a pregnant woman, I just want to register and come home same day, is it possible? So I can attend my DR’s appointment and be under close monitoring
    Note am also married

  23. Hi Lola…am an international student but not yet evaluated till now…what should I do

  24. hi Lola, is it possible as a PCM to carry many waist bags and sell it in camp.

  25. Hi lola, I’m a foriegn student but have not been evaluated. So no green card or call up letter yet. Please hope no problem

  26. Dear Lola , I’m yet to effect my husband’s name on my bank account because I just did change of name. Please which name should I fill in the NYSC account opening? And will I need medical fitness certificate since I’m not staying in camp because of my babies

  27. please dear Lola, is it okay to go with a pressing iron for future purposes ?

  28. Hello Lola, I have completed my nysc reg. in batch “B” stream 1, have printed my green card and call up letter, but I fall seriously sick and felt I can’t make it in camp in case I didn’t recover on time. Should I do another registration with batch B stream 2 ???
    And what will happen then ????? Thank you

  29. Good morning. I was mobilized to go to camp with Batch B, stream 1 but to due to unforeseen circumstances, it will not be possible. Is it possible to defer to stream 2? If yes, how do I go about it please? Thanks

  30. Hi Lola, how can matriculation number be corrected?

  31. Princess Lola I changed my age in secondary school but in my university level I started using my real age will it stop me from entering the camp

  32. gud pm, pls Lola I av finished with my registration but I don’t want to go with dis batch wot should I do

  33. pls I mistakenly selected borno but I registered as a married person n we stay in Anambra, pls is dere any possibility of posting me to Borno

  34. Hello Lola, your information is very useful. About medical report,must it be from a government hospital.should I also have photocopies of school I d card and green card

  35. Hi Princess Lola, i want to go for stream2 but due to the fake news flying around that there will not be stream2 i was pressured to register on the 29th of October. Please how can i pause or cancel my registration till stream 2?

  36. Lola, pls do I have to take my birth certificate, JAMB admission letter,and WAEC to camp as document needed?

  37. Good afternoon sis Lola, I’m feeling somehow concerning my names, the name that was written on my Nd certificate was Ojo Adedoyin Sunday, while the name on my HND result is ojo Adedoyin, hope they won’t check my Nd certificate not to cause casualties for me in camp ??

  38. Pls where can one obtain the nysc medical certificate and nysc greencard

  39. hi. please I lost my school ID card. do I have to get a new one?

  40. Hi Lola God bless you on your effort towards us.
    Pls i want to ask, if Batch C stream 2 will enta Camp dis year 2019 or is dia nothing like Batch c stream 2

  41. Hi Lola , pls I just got a message from NYSC stating that my photograph is not clear enough, that I should go and recapture…pls will that be a problem as I am already on my way to camp

  42. Hi Lola am a nursing mother i lost my school I’d and my school said they can’t give me another one coz I have graduated for 2 years now that the only thing they can do is to give me letter of identification but I have my faculty I’d with me, I don’t kW if nysc will accept the letter or id

  43. Hi Lola, I’m Nina and I’m in batch c stream 2 please my school took my ID card immediately I collected my certificate but I have photocopies of it, would it be accepted?

  44. Pls lola..when do you think batch A is going for camp.I mean the month.

  45. Hi lola am a foreign student have not been verified, they said I should come back on the 28th camp day please should I go there or not and is it bad

  46. Hi Lola, I am married and have a baby whom I left to come bck for registration, please what do i do in order to go back cos I wasn’t posted to where my husband and I resides

  47. Hi Lola is there is space or chance to cook in Orientation Camp?

  48. Thanks so much for your updates Lola it’s really been helpful. Please I want to know if I could sew my khaki from home since the chances of getting my size on camp is slim.

  49. Hi Lola, my school ID card expired last year. Can it be accepted in the camp?

  50. Is compulsory to go to the camp with white background passport or we can go with any passport

  51. Hi Lola, for my school we are giving certificate not statement of result, hope no problem ba

  52. good evening please i have issues with viewing my dashboard its showing invalid passcode please help

  53. Hi Lola, there was an error on my waec result (Date of Birth) was written wrongly but i can’t find the link to make correction on my Nysc Portal. Need Help

  54. Do i need to make photocopy of the school ID card as part of the documents to be taken along to camp

  55. When is the call-up letter gonna be ready for batch a2(batch Bi) 2020? Please..

  56. Good morning Lola, thanks so much for your timely advice. Are we to go to camp with our waec result? Why I’m asking is because where my waec is is far from where I’m residing and I am not a foreign trained student. Thanks for everything ma

  57. Hello Lola, Please in a situation where my name on nysc is different from the name on my bvn, how do I go about the opening of account in camp?

  58. Afolayan Justina

    Hi Lola, can I just get my medical fitness from any hospital whether private or state owned.

  59. Pls Lola I did affidavit for age declaration, is they any need to carry it although I fill it while registering…..
    Secondly without medical test that ur not sound pls can someone redeploy? For d food issue how many meals are we talking in camp is it free?

  60. Morning lola,in a situation where the age on my bvn is different from the age on my nysc, will it give me a problem while opening account in camp,please I await your reply so I can know what to do

  61. God morning lola, my baby just turn a year old and I will be Going with batch c stream II..will i be accepted in camp?

  62. Thank you so much for this blog. It has been helpful, keep it up🌟

  63. Hello princess Lola, good morning. Pls as an expectant mother ( pregnant), will I be needing all those kits since I won’t be staying in camp??

  64. Hi Lola
    While registering I notice there was a difference in my date of birth. My waec has July 26 while jamb has July 28
    Please what can I do

  65. Good morning Lola, please my name was spelt wrong on my dash board, my names are Rafindadi Hassan Abdulrrahman but on the dashboard it’s written as Rafindadi Hassan Abdurahman. I applied for name correction after my registration and my call up letter is out and it’s still showing me that my name correction is being reviewed. Please can it be fixed in camp. thank you as you reply me.

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