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Facts About NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate

7 Salient Facts About NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate

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Facts About NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate are some of the things you might not know about the certificate. Read on to discover.

In time past, even till early 2017, Prospective Corps Members just walk to camp without any medical certificate or any fitness prove. And I think that’s cool for many.

However, the leadership of the National Youth Service Corps has mandated all Prospective Corps Members to obtain a fitness medical certificate before they will be allowed to the orientation camp.

To some, it’s a new development, to some it’s better and too many, it’s a lot of stress. Corpers Forum presents to you 7 Salient Facts About NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate. See also: List Of Medical Tests Expected To Be Done

7 Salient Facts About NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate

Below are facts you might not know about the NYSC medical certificate.

1. The Controversies about the death of Corps Members

The last batch has witnessed the death of several Corps Members. We really lost some gallant Corpers to one disease or the other. May their soul rest in peace.

Most people believe that those Corpers died as a result of the hard training in camp issued by the Soldiers. Many parents would say their child was okay before he left for orientation camp. That is the major reason that led to the idea of the mandated medical certificate. They just need it as a proof that PCMs are fit for orientation camp. See also: Easy Steps To Getting Your Medical Certificate For NYSC

2. Only Government and Military hospitals are recognized

Government hospitals are hospitals owned by the federal or any of the state governments and any of its agencies.

These include hospitals owned by the Military, Police, Customs, Federal Medical Centres, Teaching Hospitals, General Hospitals, Government Specialist Hospitals, etc.

Using a private hospital or a family hospital if there is anything like that would land you in a greater stress when you are not allowed to enter the orientation camp.

3. What of if I bribe a Doctor to Forge me one?

It is not advisable to pay a doctor or bribe anyone to create an Illegal certificate for you. Because the tests is really a way to know the state of your health. Read also: 7 Reasons Not To Fake NYSC Medical Certificate

4. It Is Mandatory

Yes it is Mandated. Remember NYSC is under the Military, and if the Military issue a mandate, any Civilian that fails to comply is on his/her own.

5. Only Doctors Employed by Government or Military Hospital can sign the Cert for you.

The Certificate of Medical Fitness must be issued ONLY by a doctor under the employment of a Government or Military Hospital. Don’t carry out the tests in a Government laboratory and get a private hospital to issue you the certificate. Such certificates would be unfit for purpose.

6. You have to understand the 5 (five) above points and abide by it.

If you already have the certificate, you are good to go.

If you understand the above points and will abide, you are good to go also.

If you want to prove smart, you also very good to go.

7. Now Your Turn

Do you have any question or you need the address of a General Hospital beside you?

Or you don’t even know how to start this medical tests?

Or you need some help or some more clarification?

Just use the “reply” button below…. and we will be very glad to assist, make some calls and even recommend a general hospital nearby anywhere you are in Nigeria to you.

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  1. what if a person has done the fitness test while in school and the school (federal school) have accepted it can he still bring that one as a prove. thank you

  2. Jacob Christopher Isah

    Is it that, series of test will be run before issuing the certificate or how, and per adventure, a test was carried out and a particular disease or two were noticed how will the certificate looks like

  3. What if someone has HIV, will they still allow the person on the camp? You cannot tell me that out of the thousands that will be registering atleast one person won’t have it.

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