10 Things To Do After You Get Your Call-Up Letter

10 Things To Do After You Get Your Call-Up Letter

10 Things To Do After You Get Your Call-Up Letter is a priceless article that you will be glad you come across. Most prospective corp members always rush after seeing their call up letter and in the process, they overlook some important information. You should keep reading this article to discover some important things you should do after you get your call-up letter.

Quickly to avoid unnecessary mistakes, I would want to give you some tips on how to package yourself to the Orientation camp so that you don’t get confused all the time and have to face any stress that always follows mistakes.

Before you continue, you should make sure you read 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents

So by this time tomorrow, you would probably have been deployed and you would have known where you are going to. To give you a head start and you don’t keep asking what next. Here are

10 Things to Do After You Get Your Call-Up Letter

1.   All You Need to Print your call up letter is the email you used in Registering at the NYSC portal and your Password. (I doubt if NYSC will send your call-up to your email).

2.   Print the Original copy, (twice) make 5 photocopies as you would need to submit some duplicates at camp. (MAKE Photocopies of All your documents because it’s expensive in camps)

3.   Rearrange your documents. What you need to take with you are CALLUP LETTER, GREEN CARD, STATEMENT OF RESULT OR ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE, PASSPORT, ID CARD, and others I will talk about below. Please make sure your statement of result carries your school stamp and not a fake one.

4.   Put all these documents in a water-resistant file and seal properly. DO NOT LAMINATE YOUR GREEN CARD OR CALLUP LETTER. I already talked about it extensively. You might want to check 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents

5.   Pack few stuffs, please. Don’t give yourself unnecessary stress.  Basic things to pack should be YOUR WHITES, WHITE SHORT, WHITE TENNIS SHOES, TOUCH, TORCHLIGHT, MOSQUITO NET, ONE OR TWO CASUAL WEARS, SOAP, ANTI-MALARIA DRUGS, BEDSPREAD, DETERGENT, CREAM, POWER BANK, CASH AND ATM CARD, SOCKS, ETC… You should read Things Needed In NYSC Orientation Camps

You don’t need much loads. Because after camp, you are given 3 weeks terminal leave from your PPA. Which you are go home and get set for your primary assignment.

6.   Connect with people you are posted to the same state as we will create telegram. groups for all the state. We will share it later.

If anyone suits your schedule you both can meet up at the Bustop and move. That is why this group is created. Once you get your call-up letter. Indicate the state you are posted to here and meet up with people of the same state.

7.   PLEASE check your sate of deployment very well to avoid mistakes.

8.   Safety, a lot of Corp members have gone due to road accident and the likes. You really don’t have to blame NYSC. Our transportation system is messed up. Look carefully at the bus you are to Travel with and know the kind of driver that is going to drive you and MOST ESPECIALLY PRAY TOO. Prayer always works.

9.   Be happy and positive. The country economy cannot decide your happiness. You don’t have to think about thousands of unemployed youths out there. You do not have to think about your past. This is another phase of your life and you should face it with courage. You are a man. This is your chance to prove you can be a positive change.

10.   Connect on the Official Facebook group and Follow On Twitter. This platform is a place to feel among and connect with thousands of others. You get all the gists and information you can ever need. You share your camp experiences and ask questions. The moral you need is right here.

Also, once you Like Our Facebook Page and Follow Us On Twitter, you will have access to our freebies, give away and special support with free food stuff surprises we give to Serving corpers. We really care about you.

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  1. Pls my baby is about 2years, can I take her to camp

  2. Abia

    Nasarawa, ogun, enugu, akwa ibom

  3. Good day. I still haven’t been evaluated.
    Is evaluation for stream one still going on?

    • 1.Hi Lola,after being asked to decamp from camp due to pregnancy,when next am I to go to camp or how will I receive my PPA
      2.I noticed this year batch C stream 2 is starting on a Fri,please,can they make it Mon or Tuesday 11 like it s for stream 1
      3.I plan going for batch C stream 2,when registering for batch C,can I specify that I want to be part of stream 2 and not stream 1

      • 1. You dobn’t need to go to camp again. Your PPA letter will b on your dashboard.

        2. Batch C Mobilization is yet to begin

        3. You can’t specify but if probably you can wait for stream II

  4. Please what if the email you used for your nysc reg. is same as your personal email, will your call up letter not be sent to it?

  5. chiidinma divine

    thks for all the information n encouragement, I really appreciate. pls I hv a question, the passport photograph is it coloured or black n white?

  6. Good afternoon. Am posted to Adamawa And I learnt dt Adamawa is part of states dt their is insecurity and people won’t camp their. how true is this and should I go Adamawa first

  7. Thanks for the enormous information.
    My question is, will the call up letter be sent this weekend?

  8. Hii, the telegram group chat link for kano isn’t working


  10. Ogwo Christian Chima

    Good morning Lola, please, I didn’t get any information on my dashboard stating whether I’m among the stream one or two. How do I know my fate?

  11. Ogwo Christian Chima

    Please how do I know of the stream that I belong to?
    I can’t see any specification on my dashboard!

  12. I already saw my call up letter on my portal but I don’t want to go with steam 1 what can I do please help out Lola I will be really grateful

  13. Osuegbu ifesinachi

    Lola Anambra corper here

  14. Hi lola, ur group chat is full
    I need to be in ur group chat

  15. Lola please up till now my dashboard is still showing i have not been evaluated . please what does it mean

  16. @lola, how long does it take before a school get one’s deployment letter. Coz it seems the guy that did my registration didn’t pay d 3k 4 call up letteran and Green card print. I cnt see any deployment letter, nothing is showing on my dashboard

  17. I was cleared as a foreign student since Monday 2nd until now I can’t print my green card and callup letter and Nysc isn’t even notifying me if is stream 2 am highly dumbfounded now what should I do? Orientation camp resumption on the 10th

  18. Please I’m posted to Plateau state. I want to be added to their group chat. Thank you

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