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All “No State Available” Registration Issues – Lets Solve It

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All “No State Available” Registration Issues is what we will treat here this evening. Your name has been uploaded on the NYSC portal and you have even started your registration. The issue now is that you are unable to choose states of your choice.

Firstly, I will love to tell you that you are not the only one facing this issue. There are a lot of PCMs out there facing this same issue.

In the time past, this is one of the regular issues about NYSC, especially during registration. The NYSC management always rectifies it as soon as possible just that this one is taking longer than expected.

The solution to this is that you should all calm down and let’s give it some time. Those states will appear again as NYSC is working on it.

If you have anything to say or you have a different issue, just let me know below and i will be glad to answer.

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  1. Adaramoye Olubunmi

    My own is showing, your school have not submitted the mandatory something or so….. Please what is the problem

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