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Important Questions & Answers On NMA Stamp On NYSC Medical Certificate

The National Youth Service Corps management’s have not only made the NYSC medical certificate mandatory, they have also made the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) stamp on the certificate mandatory. That is M Square.

Although it has been very annoying that all of a sudden, just few days to Orientation camp, the NYSC official announced the NMA Stamp as a Must have due to quack medical report that floods the system. They should have announced a month ago and not when almost everybody has gotten a medical certificate already.

I know you have a lot of questions to ask. Below are just few of them. And if your question is not below, just use the comment box.

Q: Where do I get the NMA stamp?

A: Visit any general hospital or a Military clinic.

Q: Is it compulsory my certificate have the stamp?

A: It’s not only compulsory, it is mandatory. If you don’t have that stamp, your medical certificate might not be accepted in camp.

Q: I already have a Medical Certificate/report before the announcement, what will I do?

A: Am sorry I have to break your heart by telling you to visit the hospital back and get your stamp.

Q: What if I go to NYSC camp without my medical certificate of fitness carrying the NMA

Ans: You will be surprised that your certificate will be termed as forgery and then you Will know that NYSC is under the Military. Am just kidding you, your certificate will not be accepted.

Q: What if a hospital doesn’t have NMA stamp?

A: Every government hospital will have the stamp.

Recall that in recent times there has been reports of fatalities involving serving Corps Members during and after the orientation camp, this policy maybe put in place to ascertain the true health statues of Prospective Corps Members for safety and precaution

This is a big stress ó. Comment what you think on this below and let’s discuss

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  1. I Collected My Med. Fitness Report 3days ago but was not signed NMA STAMPED

  2. How does the NMA stamp look like? Cos I have this stamp on my hospital report but I don’t know if it’s the NMA stamp.

  3. Please, how is the NMA stamp looks l’île?

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