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Is It Possible For NYSC To Mobilize Before Election?

Is it possible for NYSC to mobilise before election is a question many graduates and prospective Corps members might want to ask for curiosity sake or for preparation. See also: NYSC 2019 Batch A Whatsapp Group – Join Now!

A lot of graduates all over the country are waiting patiently for the NYSC next mobilization and I personally respect every questions you have in your heart about NYSC.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article based on a question for one of our reader which says “How did general election affected NYSC mobilization in 2015” I was happy when I saw the question and then took up the challenge to do an analysis which was a success. See also: 5 Qualifications For NYSC 2019 Batch A Mobilization

I went back in time to 2015 and then drew facts to analyse how the next general election might affect the next NYSC mobilization. You can read the article here. You will like it.

Is It Possible For NYSC To Mobilise Before Election?

This is the reason for the post and in a bit, you will be able to answer the question by yourself based on the analysis am going to show you below.

The general election is February 16th. This is an election to choose the next president of our great Country, so you shouldn’t expect any activities of NYSC during and around this period. See also: 10 Urgent Facts All NYSC 2019 Batch A Should Know

Now that we know that the general election date is February 16th, 2019. The accurate question to ask will then be ‘is it possible for NYSC mobilization to come before February 16th?’

I am going to give a summary of all the programmes that takes place during the NYSC mobilization and also talk about to time span to see if all these could fit in before the general election. Please pay attention!

Mobilization Programmes

The following are the major programmes and time span they takes place during mobilization.

Let’s see if the below programs will fit in before the general election.

Pre-mobilization workshop

This is some preparation programme that always take about a week before mobilization.

Uploads of Senate List

This is an exercise for Every institutions in the country whereby they will upload their various Senate list to the NYSC database. It always take up to a month.

NYSC Registration

This is when you all will input your details in the NYSC portal and its takes about two weeks or more.


There are other stuffs always in the timetable that takes a week and days.

  • Let’s do a calculation
  • Pre-mobilization – 2 weeks
  • Uploads of Senate List – A month
  • Registration – 2 weeks (it could be more)
  • Others – Let’s assume it takes 2 weeks

The whole mobilization can take about 2 months before orientation camp.

To answer our question is to ask if we have two months before the general election and the answer is no.

If you have been reading from the beginning, by now, you will assume mobilization is not possible but that is not the case.

It might not be possible to go to camp before general election, but other NYSC mobilization programme is possible.

Based on my assumption, the NYSC can give institutions January 2019 to upload Senate list and after election, registration can begin. See also: NYSC Next Batch – 5 Reasons You Might Miss It

My conclusion is that it is possible for NYSC to mobilise before the election. Registration and orientation camp can come after election whole uploads and other programs can come before.

This article is just my assumption and a write up based on experience. The NYSC management might surprise us all in anyway. Keep your mind up and stay with www.nyscnews.com and Corpers Forum for exclusive updates.

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