JAMB Matriculation List

JAMB Matriculation List For NYSC Mobilization – 2021 Batch A

JAMB Matriculation List For NYSC Mobilization is a policy that has been on the ground not for long. The idea is for prospective Corps members to check for their names on the JAMB Matriculation List to be qualified for NYSC Mobilization.

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board launched the Portal so that every prospective Corps members from various higher institutions can check their names to confirmed if JAMB recognizes their admission or not. [See also: NYSC Batch A 2021 News Updates – More Official Updates]

JAMB Matriculation List Is Important

The list becomes very important because only the candidates that have their names on the list are considered to be bonafide students from accredited institutions.

If your name is on the list, you will have the ability to proceed with NYSC  registration once your school releases your name on the Senate list. However, if your name is not on the list, JAMB will decline your NYSC application. This means that even after the Senate list contains your name you won’t be able to register all because your name is not on the JAMB Matriculation List.

So in summary, your name must be on the Matriculation list if you want your NYSC registration to be smooth and stressless.

How To Qualify For JAMB Matriculation List

Before I go ahead to show you how to check your name on the JAMB Matriculation List, I will like to show you how you can be qualified for the list. In case your details did not show up after following the instruction below to fetch your details, then you will have to follow this qualification instruction. [See also: NYSC 2021 Batch A Questions – Get Answers In 2 Minutes Or Less]

It is important that you confirm your name from the matriculation list. Only candidates whose names are on this list are recognized as bonafide students from the various accredited institutions.

By implication, if your name is not on this list, your application to NYSC scheme for the one year National service shall be declined. Below is the instruction you have to follow.

  • Print your Admission Letter Online from the e-Facility Platform
  • Print your Result Slip Online from the e-Facility Platform
  • Verify the two documents with the admission officer in your Institution

How To Check Your Name On JAMB Matriculation List

Checking for your name on the list is as easy as a few clicks. Here are the steps below.

  1. Go to the matriculation list portal by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Select your examination year.
  3. Enter your JAMB Registration number where required.
  4. Finally, click on Fetch My Details.

Am sure you now have every details and information you need to know about JAMB Matriculation List. If you have any questions, just ask me below and if you have checked and found your name on the list, also let me know below.

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  1. Lola dear good morning…shey it’s not a must to go for camp… asking cux am married with kids

  2. Hey,
    My course of study is not what’s on the JAMB website but it still says my name is on the matriculation list. So will it affect my NYSC?

  3. Please how to I correct wrong info submitted

  4. Hi I can’t find my name on the jamb Matriculation List and I think I’ve done all the required things

  5. I can’t find my name on the jamb marticulation list

  6. PLs ma I did my jamb regularization on Feb but I haven’t received my PIN for mobilization this month

  7. I asked they say that it has been sent to jamn office on Tuesday last week… That it will take two to three weeks to send d pin to us

  8. Hi. I want to ask if it’s compulsory for the name on Jamb and the name on your school certificate to be the same for nysc

    • Nysc don’t need your jamb

    • Pls my name is on jamb matriculation list showing me congratulations. But on senate list status is showing has not been matriculated and cannot register. My school said I should reprint my admissible letter which I did but the status is still showing has not been matriculated and cannot register. Pls I need your help on what to do. Do I need to print jamb result slip?

      • I have the same problem, the school is saying its not from them.

        • Two of my colleagues have the same issue. I would suggest you go to your school and verify if your Jamb registration number that was sent to NYSC was correctly typed.

          I have a colleague too who is serving currently. His jamb number wasn’t correctly typed when the senate list was released.

          That “might” be the same issue you guys have.
          I’d advise you go to your school and confirm.

  9. Pls my name was on matrication list and i was unable to register saying not matriculated pls am confused

  10. My name is not on the JAMB matriculation list but I have the printouts of both my JAMB results and JAMB admission letter, and I have submitted the necessary documents to my school. What else should/can I do?

  11. Dear Lola, i am an international student, do i have to through the JAMB registration process too. plus please can i get the link to join the whatsapp platform.

  12. Umoren Nancy Okpoho

    My name is on the matriculation list

  13. Some of us name is wrongly spelled on the nysc platform
    What should we do

  14. My name is on matriculation list but I studied purchasing and supply but the course of study in my jamb admission letter is business administration hope no problem sha

  15. Hi Lola
    Please what about people that didn’t study in Nigeria?

  16. Gud evening sister Lola
    My name is not on Matriculation list after have paid for Admission letter

  17. Hi Lola
    I have done my jamb regularization and I have got the print out but my name doesn’t appear on the jamb Matriculation List for NYSC Mobilization. What should I do?

  18. Rukayya abdulrazaq

    My name is on jamb list

  19. Please ma’am, could you share or direct us to the requirements for those trained outside Nigeria? Thank you.

  20. Alhassan Abdulhakeem

    Hi Lola, my name is on the Jamb matriculation list but instead of statistics which I studied, instead computer is shown….. So this is my question will this in anyway affect me being mobilized?

  21. I’ve just checked my details and discovered that I’m not in the list.

    Pls, what is the next step?

  22. Hello Lola. I just graduated and i just checked if my name is on the matriculation list. This is the reply i got “You are Not on the Matriculation List, Kindly Print your Result Slip Online”.
    Pls what should i do

  23. Alfred Esther Samuel

    Hello ma, please am among the 2019 graduates and my name is not on the matriculation list and I was asked to print my result and admission letter but I have already printed the admission letter so what should I do

  24. Alfred Esther Samuel

    Hello ma, please am among the 2019 graduates and my name is not on the matriculation list and I was asked to print my result and admission letter but I have already printed the admission letter so what should I do

  25. Hi Lola the day i printed my jamb regularization i checked my name on nysc matriculation list and my name is there what’s the next thing to do ma.

  26. Owo Matthew Thomas

    Hi… have seen my name . tnx

  27. Good evening Lola.

    Pls on my jamb form, the date of birth there is wrong.
    Would it affect me?.

    Thank you.

  28. Pls I’ve an issue concerning my jamb regularization…in my jamb,I put Edo state as my State of Origin,I wasn’t able to meet up d cut off mark so I went to Delta State to enrol for National diploma in Polytechnic,I was asked of Local Govt Area and State of Origin.. I used Bayelsa State cus that’s where I finished my secondary School and was able to have d LGA..I used Bayelsa State as ly state of origin throughout d national diploma and higher national diploma…I never knew I will use my previous jamb result to apply for d jamb regularization..I later used it but when I check my name on matriculation list,my name wasn’t there so I reprinted my jamb result slip and I saw my own state (Edo state) in d jamb result reflecting…
    Now,I don’t know what to do cus I don’t have Edo state LGA.. please is there a solution to it apart from going to my village to get Edo state LGA…????????

  29. Hello Lola. Good evening.

    On my jamb result slip i have UI there but on my jamb admission letter i have CU there where i graduated from. Would there be an issue?

    Also on my jamb result slip i have 1996 there which is wrong but on my jamb portal profile i have my correct year there. Would there be any issue there too?

    Thank you

  30. Hi, my name is Jude i am an international student so i didn’t write jamb, so please how can i check my name on the senate list?

  31. Hello Lola dear,
    My name is found right in the list with all my details intact.
    God is faithful

    Thanks for your continous effort to put us through

  32. hi Lola i did change of name for long nd I have receive d mail from jamb that the name has been corrected. it will affect me I might not go for nysc

  33. I want to know if another senate list will come out for stream2 or is this particular list dat will still make stream2?

  34. Good day, pls would it be any issue of having date of birth different from Jamb and institution studied.

  35. Good day please have printed my admission letter and result online and have submitted it in school since July but my name is still not on the matriculation list

  36. pls ma I want to log in to my jamb portal to check if my name is on the list, but I can’t log in

  37. please, I have gone to my university to submit my Jamb Admission letter and Jamb Score slip after printing them. This is concerning my inability to register on NYSC portal in Batch A 2019. What happens if they fail to rectify this problem in the university before the 14th October 2019?

  38. Hello,Lola. My name is on the matric list,I printed both the admission letter and the result slip but only submitted my Jamb admission letter in my school’s senate. Do I still have to submit my Jamb result slip? Or I should just wait for the senate list?

  39. My school gave me admission but jamb did not and i have done registration since June till date no message from them because i just checked and its showing me , sorry no admission was offered.

  40. I went to do jamb regularization.

  41. Hi, av done d necessary tins but my name wasn’t posted on d mobilisation list in skul. Do u any idea of wat d cause might b? My name is also on d matriculation list

  42. good pm Lola!
    pls must I print my jamb result before my name can be on the jamb matriculation list?

  43. Hi Lola, please is the batch C registration now out?

  44. hello ma, I graduated in 2017,but I had an issue with my result. I have submitted the jamb letter in school, I checked the jamb site earlier this month, my name was on the matriculation list. will my name be on the Senate list?

  45. Pls lola I just found out that my name is not on jamb matriculation list but I have submitted my admission letter to my school even before that I had to regularised my admission to enable me print the admission letter. Pls what do I do now because am confused and distraut at the moment.

  46. I checks jamb matriculation list , but they said that iam not matriculation list, pls what is the problem

  47. Good evening Lola..please the institution on my jamb admission letter is different from the institution i graduated from which was my second choice in jamb. Will it affect my NYSC registration?

  48. hello ma’am i successfully completed my nysc registration today but i still want to verify, the name on both the jamb matriculation list and my jamb admission letter is Abgbor Esther Ikpemosi while my school certificate which carries the correct name is Agbor Esther Ikpemosi the only mistake is the additional B and i was adviced to do an affidevit so i wouldnt be given problem in camp do you think thats a good idea and if not what do you suggest? nd the senate list carries the correct name also

  49. My name is on the nysc senate list but is showing” Has not been Matriculated.(You cannot register, Contact your Institution) used by none ” and i just checked my name on the jamb matriculation list my name is there. What should i do and how long will it take for it to clear me for registration.

  50. Okechukwu Chukwuebuka

    Please ooo,

    Who has experience the error on nysc senate list and any possible solution to it??



  51. I try checking my own,but nothing showed..no details….

  52. Good evening ma,am a student of futminna studying mathematics but what am seeing on d jamb matriculation list is osun state college of education to study chemistry education,its telling me that am not matriculated that I should print d admission letter and result slip…what are d chances of nysc mobilization if I print d admission letter and result slip like that …..please its urgent

  53. good day please,i was admitted in one of the nigerian universities, i later transfered my admission to another university bt on the matriculated list my name is still on my first university, will it affect me?

  54. Hi ma’am, please which of the batch is going first in this 2020. And wen?

  55. Hi ma’am, please which batch is going next. And wen?

  56. Ayinde Rasheedat

    Hi. My name is on the matriculation list. Thanks

  57. My name is not on jamb matriculated list but I have the printout of jamb admission letter and I have submitted the necessary doc to my school since November 6 2019, but my name is not yet on matriculated list. I’m among the 2019 unillorin Graduate and also on senate list.

  58. Please,my date of birth was wrongly typed when registering for jamb:is there a way I can change it

  59. Pls. D name on my jamb slip is different from d name on my certificate. Will affidavit settle it or wat shud I do


  61. Jamb didn’t offer me admission but my institution offered me so now that I have graduated I don’t have jamb admission letter and as such my name is not on the matriculation list. And again, the date of birth i used while registering my jamb is different from the one WAEC certificate later brought meanwhile the one I used for jamb is higher while the one on the WAEC certificate is lower. How wil il reconcile these?

  62. Good day sister Lola… I graduated from an accredited school… jamb offered me nce program but the school gave me degree… I was told I will need to do regularization in which I’ve done but it is yet to reflect on my jamb profile… the thing now is that my name is on matriculation list but as an nce student and my name was out on my school’s senate list… I hope I’m saved and I will be mobilized

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