Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k – Tested And Confirmed

This article is about the Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k in Nigeria and the most beautiful thing about these businesses is that you can start them anywhere you are.

No matter who you are, as long as you have 10k in your hand or in your bank account, you can start any of these profitable businesses that we will discuss below.

Either you are searching for business ideas to start with 10k, a side hustle business to start with 10k, a profitable business to start with 10k or maybe you have 10k with you and you want to see if there is any business out there that you can start with this little amount.

I am going to be showing you and revealing to you the most profitable business to start with 10k in Nigeria and grow it to become a big deal as time goes on. [Read also: Palm Oil Business In Nigeria – Best Complete Guide]

A little Chat

I was having fun with a few friends of mine and we were talking about life in general. At one point, a friend of mine asked: “Is there business to start with 10k?”

I wasn’t expecting such a question in such a playful environment though. One of us was quick to answer that there is absolutely no business to start with 10k except she wants to be selling pure water.

After a little laugh, I said yes, there is enough business to start with 10k that will make you rich. I gave my friends a lot of options am going to give you below so that you can decide the exact one that will suit your interest.

My friend who asked that question is now happily making snacks and making money. She supplies stores, schools and a few places that increase her potential earnings.

Sometimes, It requires a little spark. And I’m here to create the spark which will be useless if you do not take action.

So you have 10k with you and you want to know how you can start making money like a boss with this little investment, make sure you read to the end. Do not touch that 10k until you finish reading this article.

Make sure you read this post to the end because, at the end, I will give you the best marketing strategy you can use to boost your sales and productivity. [Read also: Online Jobs In Nigeria That Can Make You Very Rich]

Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k

I’m going to make a list of profitable and best businesses to start with 10k below and also explain in detail how you can make it work.

This article might be a little bit longer because I want to break it all down into pieces for you.

It’s all easy and the most important thing is that you can actually do it. Below is a list of the most profitable businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria.

1. Snacks making

Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k

The first on the list of our most profitable business to start with 10k is the making of snacks. All you need to start the business is the skills of making it, a source of fire or heat like an oven and utensils for frying, flour, sugar, butter, groundnut oil, and other ingredients depending on what snacks you want to venture into.

It doesn’t require looking for customers, customers are all around you both young and old, boys and girls and almost every living soul enjoys taking snacks.

All you should do is to let them know you are making snacks and they would start patronizing you before you know it.

People love buying snacks from a neat and tidy place so be sure to make you and your environment neat always, and avoid too many flies around you.

Just decide the particular one you want to start selling, either kuli kuli, chinchin, Akara, Plantain Chips, Puff Puff, Doughnuts, or many others.

If there is anyone you don’t know how to make, you can learn it or go on YouTube for some amazing tutorials that will make you a professional.

Take your 10k to the market after you know the ingredients you need for a particular snack and buy them. 10k is more than enough to start this small-scale business.

Look for a space and start and you will be surprised that people will start noticing you. A busy area, roadside or junctions are always good for snacks.

These snacks offer a diverse range of flavours and are enjoyed by people across Nigeria as tasty treats or quick bites.

Marketing Strategies

Apart from word of mouth and telling people about your snack business, Places you can also sell your snacks are schools, offices, banks, parks and anywhere there are people.

In schools, it is not necessary that you appear to sell it there in person all you need to do is to supply it in a buck to their school mini market or give any aunty that can help you monitor it.

Since it doesn’t require all day to make and supply you get time to do other things for yourself.

And the amazing thing is that with 10k, you can surely start all these. Snacks making is not just a lucrative business in Nigeria, it’s easy and cheap to start and all you need is just 10k.

2. Selling Of Fruit

Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k

This doesn’t mean you are uneducated or poor, the fruit business is very lucrative and profitable and if you package it very well, it’s a noble business.

The fact that you have an education shouldn’t be a reason to be shy about selling fruits, it is the reason why you should know the best way to sell a fruit.

Fruit is good for the body you know, everybody takes fruit so you don’t have to worry about how to get people to patronize you.

An amazing thing about a fruit business is that you can never run out of fruit to sell, fruit is seasonal.

During the orange season, you sell oranges, pineapple season you sell pineapples, another season you sell another fruit and with that, you can never run out of fruits to sell.

Whether you have an education or not, your fruit should be clean and neat don’t sell fruit with sand or dirt around it.

Wash your apples, your oranges, pineapples, and even that dirty Banana make sure you wash it clean.

With that, good customers are sure to patronize you. I know of a Man who loves to buy neat fruits and if you sell a fruit with dirt for him he won’t buy it neither will he ever branch your stand for anything ever again.

Other Ideas

You can supply your fruit to offices, banks, homes, and even schools since everybody takes fruit.

Some people love taking fruit but the marketplace is far from their area so they buy much fruit which later spoils in their house.

You can have fliers that have your numbers and details of where you sell your fruit, it makes people far away from the market to get your contact and order their fresh fruit.

You can sell with higher prices like that since you must gain your transport fare from your selling.

An additional bonus to fruit selling is making fruit juice, if you are part of the people who know how to make fruit juice, get your blender and make fruit juice.

And if you can not make fruit juice you can slice a small quantity of different fruit together into a takeaway plate and sell. Remember it’s all about packaging.

If this interests you, take that 10k and get some fruits to sell.

3. Makeup Artist

Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k

The third on the list of most profitable business to start with 10k is being a makeup artist. This is easier if you have already learned how to do it.

You can get little things like a powder for fair complexion people, dark in complexion people and those with a chocolate complexion.

To make it easier, foundation, conceal, eye pencil, brush and other necessary instruments are what you need to start on a small scale and with time you can expand your business depending on the effort you put in.

Let your friends and neighbours know that you are an expert in that field. Do good make-up for your friends during their birthday and let others wonder where she did her makeup.

With that, you are attracting your customers. Do home services for those that ask for it and you also should be good-looking wherever you find yourself so as not to make people doubt your competency.

With your equipment, you can also work in studios or salons.

If you already have the skill, get that 10k to buy some basic equipment and then progress from there.

4. Cake Making

10k capital business

Cake making is another profitable business you can start with 10k.

All you need is a baking cake is flour, butter, egg, nutmeg, sugar, baking can, flavour, icing sugar, and your source of heat preferably an oven but if you can’t get an oven you can use the electric cooker and sand for baking.

How to use the sand and electric cooker is easy just get a fine and neat sand preferably sand that doesn’t have too much stone make sure it is also clean, put the neat sand inside a bigger pot and put it on fire it is better to do this before mixing your cake so as to ensure the sand have enough heat.

After mixing and ready to bake put the mixed flour inside a baking can if you don’t have one you can use an aluminium can remember to lay some quantity of butter before pouring the mixture into the can and put an aluminium foil between the hot sand and the baking can.

Then use a well-covered lid to cover the big pot to avoid the escape of heat then bake your cake with ease.

You can sell your cake in the form of a cupcake or you bake for event purposes. People love to eat cake but are too busy to make it or don’t know how to bake it that is why they need people like you. You bake for them and let them pay your bills.

There is hardly a day with nobody celebrating a birthday. Let people know what you and do not be too expensive.

5. Bead Making

small business to start with 10k

With your beads and your equipment, you can start a bead-making business with 10k. You can attract your customers in different ways and thank God for social media these days.

Make beautiful beads, take pictures and share them online. A lot of people will get to know you and by that, you are gaining customers.

You can make simple but beautiful beads and display them for people to see. Post them online and tag your details with it and people will start contacting you.

Also, endeavour to do home delivery. After making the beads, you can deliver them to their doorsteps and this makes them refer you to other people

Many people prefer bead accessories to gold chains or other chains and there are some ceremonies that require bead accessories, you can try attending those kinds of ceremonies to see different designs people prefer and learn how to make them.

6. Selling Of Beans Cake

Selling Of Beans Cake

One of the businesses to start with 10k is selling bean cake. Don’t think it’s poor or elderly women that engage in the selling of beans cake.

This is a business for everybody and it is not a dirty business but a business that needs packaging.

All you need is beans, groundnut oil and depending on your choice and cooking utensils like a frying pot and gas, cooker or any source of heat.

Look for an open or a corner, you might choose a junction cause that is what is common for selling bean cakes and start your business.

Make sure your environment is clean, that would attract you more customers than you think.

Package your business and don’t let your environment be dirty, always make sure your cooking tools are neat, clean and well kept and you will be amazed at how much progress you make.

Take your 10k and go to the market to get the stuff you need and start your business easily.

There is one beautiful woman at our junction here that sells Akara. Each Akara is N50. She always comes along with her daughter who helps her to sell.

People always gather around her, especially at night. She’s using gas and she’s making sales.

7. Food Selling

Food Selling

Another lucrative business in Nigeria you can start with 10k is food business. You don’t need to sell all the kind of food out there.

All you need is to stick to a particular type and with time you expand the business depending on the time and energy you invest.

You will need a particular food to sell like rice, spaghetti, beans, yam or any other food you want to deal . Get other cooking utensils like pot, spoon and your source of heat either gas or cooker.

Some people especially students, bike riders and many others prefer fast food at night or afternoon so they rather go to the next food seller to get something simple to eat than cook for themselves and if you could find a place around people like that you are sure to make your money. [Read also: Lucrative Business In Nigeria That You Can Make You Rich]

8. Hairdressing And Barbing Salon

profitable business to start with 10k

This is a vocational job and not a job for only the less privileged. This job is one of the easiest businesses to start with 10k.

It is not necessary to acquire a shop before you can start this business just get a corner in front of your house and let people know you are a hairdresser or a barber.

You can also get a poster with different hairstyles and haircuts, and past it on the wall of your house to let people be aware of your skill.

Another means of creating awareness is to be on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and upload pictures of the different styles you can make, you can also upload videos of how you are making or cutting people’s hair, it makes people believe in you very well and it attracts customers from different places.

Some people prefer home service to go to different salons to make or cut their hair and they would love it if their hairdressers or barber could come to their respective home or choice of place to make or cut their hair for their convenience.

You should be ready to do home service for them, it makes them refer more customers to your workplace.

It is not necessary for you to be the one doing the day-to-day running of this business you can employ people known as a stylist to do the work and you get paid and also pay them the agreed fee.

However, you need to remember that this business requires you to have the required skills to be a barber or a hairdresser.

9. Fashion Designing

most profitable business to start with 10k

Fashion designing is one of the most lucrative business to start with 10k, it is much easier if you have already acquired the skills and have access to a sewing machine and other materials.

Don’t bother looking for a shop if you can’t afford it conveniently. Make your home your shop.

There are many different ways to attract your customers and it is very advisable to start with yourself, then with your family to your neighbours and then expand to the public customers because if your family cannot give their clothes for you to sew for them, your neighbours might not want to give you not to talk of public customers.

If you sew beautiful and perfect clothes for your family then your neighbour can give you their clothes to sew and when they go out in public people will surely ask “Who sewed this beautiful style” and they will happily refer them to you.

You can also engage in already made ones, you sew different beautiful styles preferable for a moderate young lady and display them outside your workplace (your home or shop) for selling and even if a fat person wants to buy it, you can then measure them and sew their size for them.

10. Laundry Service

online business to start with 10k

A laundry business, in simple terms, is a service-based business that provides cleaning and care for various types of clothing and fabrics.

Let me put it in the simplest manner I can think of. A laundry business is a service where people can drop off their dirty clothes, linens, and textiles to be professionally cleaned and returned to them in a clean and neatly folded or pressed condition.

It’s a convenient solution for individuals and families who may not have the time, equipment, or expertise to do their laundry at home.

Laundry businesses typically use washing machines, dryers, and other equipment to ensure that clothes are cleaned, dried, and sometimes ironed or steamed to look their best.”

However, most laundry companies you see out there started small and most started by washing clothes with hands.

If you can do this type of job, you can take your 10k to the market, buy detergent, Iron and start making money.

11. Freelance Services

small business i can start with 10

Do you have writing skills? Do you love writing things for other people to read? Then that’s all you need to start your freelancing service business.

You can turn your skills into income by offering services like writing, graphic design, or social media management.

Websites like Upwork and Fiverr are places that connect freelancers with clients worldwide. It’s a flexible way to earn money from your expertise.

You can also go to schools, and companies and pitch them. Tell them you want to design their logo or flyers for them. If it’s beautiful, some will hire you and then you can make money from there.

Ask your friends who have a business and create a flyer or logo for them.

12. Mobile Phone Accessories

side hustle to start with 10k

If you need an earpiece, or you want to get an extra charge or replace your screen or get another phone cover, you will always think of a small shop close by.

You can Invest in a small inventory of affordable mobile phone accessories such as cases, screen protectors, or chargers. Sell them locally or online through platforms like Jumia or Konga.

Your customers are already around you and they will patronize you if they know you offer such service.

Be nice to people and tell as many people as possible about it.

13. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

People move around often, new residents pack in often and most offices and homes need cleaning. This is why you need to start this lucrative business.

Either a company just moved into an office or a new person just packed in a shop. Most times they need to be cleaned. You will offer those services to them and they will pay you for it.

With just basic cleaning supplies like detergents and cleaning tools, you can offer cleaning services to homes or small businesses. Advertise your services in your community or through social media.

14. Handmade Crafts

Handmade Crafts

If you have artistic talents. You can create handmade crafts such as jewellery, clothing, home decor items, posters, shirt designs, drawings, paintings and others.

Publicise your handwork and let people know what you do. Talent is one of the best things that God created, use it and start a business with it. [Read also: Popcorn Business In Nigeria – Make Money Like A Boss]

15. Tutoring

business that can be started with 10k

Tutoring is also one of the most profitable business to start with 10k or less. In fact, you don’t need any capital to start a tutorial centre or a home lesson package.

Share your knowledge and expertise in a subject you excel in by offering tutoring services. Advertise your services locally and online. Tutoring can be a fulfilling way to help others while earning income.

16. Printing Services

Printing Services

This is another one of the most profitable businesses to start with 10k in Nigeria. It requires only a little skill and you can learn it in one or two days.

The idea is for you to purchase a basic printer. Then start offering printing services for documents, business cards, flyers, or posters. Reach out to local businesses, schools, and individuals who might need printing services.

Then you start printing for them and continue making money.

If you don’t have a printer, you can meet anybody around you. Tell them you will bring jobs and they will give you a discount.

Start from there till you will have enough money to buy your own printer.

17. Event Photography

event photography

If you have a decent camera and photography skills, offer event photography services for local gatherings, parties, or small events. Building a portfolio and word-of-mouth referrals can help you grow your client base.

Even in this age of smartphones, people still value the hard copy. That’s the service that you will render to people.

Starting any of these businesses with a limited budget requires dedication and hard work. Focus on delivering value to your customers, and reinvest your profits to expand and improve your business over time.

Now Your turn

Which of the businesses above did you want to start or have an interest in? Comment below. I will respond to all comments.

If you also have any questions at all, comment them below. I will make sure I attend to all questions.

Thank you for reading this long list of the Most Profitable Business To Start With 10k. Please share.




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