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All “No State Available” Registration Issues – let’s Solve It

All “No State Available” Registration Issues is what we will treat here this evening. Your name has been uploaded on the NYSC portal and you have even started your registration. The issue now is that you are unable to choose states of your choice. See also: NYSC Batch A 2020 State of Deployment Prediction – 84% Accuracy

Firstly, I will love to tell you that you are not the only one facing this issue. There are a lot of PCMs out there facing this same issue.

In the time past, this is one of the regular issues about NYSC, especially during registration. The NYSC management always rectifies it as soon as possible so there is no need to panic.

The solution to this is that you should all be calm and let’s give it some time. Those states will appear again as NYSC is working on it. All you just have to do is leave it for a while. On the last day or a day before the last day before the registration portal is closed, the states will be available.

If you have anything to say or you have a different issue, just let me know below and I will be glad to answer.

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  1. School : osun state
    State of origin : Oyo state
    NYSC : Kano, kogi, rivers and anambra

  2. Hi Lola good morning,pls the name on my certificate and the one registered online are not arranged same way I.e okonkwo ndidi blessing on certificate,and okonkwo blessing ndidi for registration,and I have printed my green card already, pls will this give me any issues during registration in camp?

  3. Okafor Esther Ozioma

    I have been trying to register in nysc batch c since yesterday but it is showing me no available slot. why?

  4. Please can we try later around 9 am

  5. pls Lola is it true DT married ppl don’t select state of deployment during registration

  6. Please I have registered but no state is showing to me to select my state of choice

    • Jibrin Muhammed Lawal

      Pls I applied for revalidation or remobilization to enable me follow batch A 2020 but the information I got on my dashboard is showing “your login could not be completed, ensure your entry exist on your senate list with Matric Number 12HS1072” (see attached) and I have been to my school with the complain but it show I have registered

  7. I tried registering yesterday, it showed no available slot then later showed kebbi osun cross river among the four slot, I clicked on summit it didn’t go then it showed no available slot again after a while it showed only Adamawa and when I clicked summit it went .. Hope I won’t be posted there


      good morning ma,
      I have completed my registration on the portal but I was not able to select the state of deployment due to the regular message been experience as “No available slot” till when the registration was close for the batch C stream 1 and now the portal have been open thinking I will be able to select my state of deployment. as am still seeing “you are not on this stream, you will be notified when to print your call-up letter”. so am confused now and don’t know what to do because the batch C stream 11 registration will be close soonest without doing anything. so please what should I do?

    • It showing no state available but I click submit hope it wont affect me

  8. Am having the no state available registration issue. How long am I supposed to give it before it will be rectified, is really difficult to be absolutely calm in this situation.

  9. Hello, my name is on the Senate list and I have started my registration already but the issue is I’m experiencing no state availability issue.what I want to know, how long will it take to rectify the situation because is really frustrating and what if they don’t rectify it before closing date.

  10. Good morning, I have been trying to register in NYSC batch c, since yesterday and is writing no available slot.please i need a help

  11. I try registering since this early morning around 4am am seeing only zamfara as the available first choice.
    Second choice am seeing osun, gombe only and others are not available. I left the page to try again around 9:30am and it is only zamfara that is available. I will try again by night. Hope the Number of times

  12. During my registration process I skipped the payment section can I still do it.

    Tried making payment after registering but it was showing error

  13. Good evening
    During my registration process I skipped the payment section can I still do it
    Tried making payment after registering but it was showing error

  14. Hi, during my nysc registration i made mistake of entering wrong phone number. How do i change it

  15. Hi Lola, i can’t print my green card for more than 24hrs of my successful registration. What can i do? Thanks.

  16. Good evening ma, please I have issues with no available state for deployment and I have mistakenly click submit button, hope there will not be problem. Thank you

  17. I have been trying to register since yesterday morning, getting to the stage of choosing states of deployment no state is showing….what the main cause of that and how do we do it.

  18. Hi Lola, i skipped the payment section,and i can’t go back. What do i do?

  19. Another post said we’ll have to wait till stream 2 or another batch, please is that so? And when is stream 2?

  20. Hi Princess Lola,
    Nice meeting wit u cuz we hail from same state while my town is Ilesa precisely.
    Please, I HV done wit my registration but didn’t see column where to “click for payment”. How would I make my payment now cuz am confuse totally and having serious headache abt it. Pls, respond urgently🙏🙏

  21. Good day Lola, thanks for the job you are doing more grace. My question is can we say we have registered even with the NO AVAILABLE SLOT?

  22. Can I register without choosing states. Because of the no available state issue

  23. How can error in matric number be rectified? Please I need reply ASAP

  24. Why is there no available slot?

  25. Good evening, I have not been able to choose state for deployment.. Also I will need a clarification on this.. I registered as married but my previous name still appears..

  26. Oni Esther olamide

    Please help us out with this issue of no available slot

  27. Can I go ahead to make payment even if I have not selected ant state.

  28. Adegboyega Abimbola

    I have being trying to register its showing no available slot and secondly on my dashboard itssaying my institution has not reticy some of my details and its likely stream and some of my mates in school that registered early has being mobilized. Is there stream two and why is it like DT

  29. But if we are not able to pick states are we still going to be mobilized with stream 1?

  30. Idris Yusuf Olamilekan

    Good morning, I’ve been mobilized yesterday and I’m unable to choose state of my choice since the day I’ve registered still no available slot till now, please what’s the next thing to do?

  31. Ugwu Ugochukwu Williams

    I have been trying to register on the nysc batch c but it keep showing me no more available slot for state, what do I do

  32. Chukwuemezie Franklyn

    Can I go ahead and make payment without selecting any state?

  33. I’m a foreign student and I need to do physical verification, can I go without choosing state?

  34. Please, will there be batch c stream ii this year

    • Lawal Fayemi Emmanuel

      My name are Lawal Fayemi Emmanuel foreign student and I have done my physical verification last week Friday but unexpected issue came up for me on Sunday I am unable to login to my dashboard, they notified me that I am suspended since on Sunday up till date pls what can I do

  35. My name is in the NYSC portal but I couldn’t start the registration

    • Hi Lola,
      Am a foreign trained student. I had little or big issue…at the time of my registration, I realised that I supposed done with “Thumb Print” before taking to where I can fill my information but my case was different.

      After I verified my mail and filled the necessary information (e.g. institute, phone number, password e.t.c), I was taken directly to step one to the last step without any sign or prompt that I missed the “Thumb Print.”

      And I proceeded to submit and nothing happen. Will this going to be done at my verification center or how? Still confused! Help, please.

  36. Hi lola I tried creating an nysc profile,, i already confirmed my email filling d details and password but after creating i tried logging in with d email and password i used, itz showing invalid password or mail. Shud i confirm d email again? Wouldn’t it result to a double registration?

  37. Good evening Lola pls no state of deployment that is what stop me complete my registration today pls I hope it will be rectify and I will still be going with this batch A stream 1?pls answer me

  38. My state of origin is Rivers State but am seeing Anambra state, how do I change it?

  39. Good evening..Please, on my green card, nothing is showing in the column for my kit specifications . What do I do

  40. Hi Lola, good evening. My name is Chijindu from umuahia in Abia State. Firstly, I want to thank you so much for all updates. Secondly, through you I was able to purchase my NYSC Kit for 2020 batch A. Thank you again. Please I need your clearance on this: I have printed my Nysc green card. On martial status Instead of MARRIED I saw SINGLE . Won’t this mistake effect me in camp during registration?

  41. Hi Lola I tried doing my Nysc registration today when I got to choosing states I saw only zamfara and ondo state then the cafe man quickly clicked on both states and submitted though it showed request timed out but he said it has submitted so I refused to pay for the call up letter pls those states are not my choice, how can I correct it pls I really need your help thanks

  42. Please if my date of birth is 19/08/1989 but my profile took 01/08/1989, do I need to worry?

  43. Hi Lola good evening. I must commend you on the good work you’re doing for PCMs. I’ve printed my NYSC Green Card today. But I noticed a mistake which I think if not corrected may affect me in camp during registration. I’m MARRIED but I saw SINGLE. Again, on Next of Kin Details/ Relationship, I saw WIFE. Please what do I do. Your earliest reply will be appreciated. Thank you.

  44. When registering I was only allowed to pick two states. Pls will they give me the chance to pick the remaining two states

  45. Hi
    I have finished my reg. But no state available for me to select what will I do?

  46. Thanks Lola for ur assistance… I just want to know if there wil be any batch A stream II

  47. Pls, I’ve been trying to register, although I’ve done the biometric but I’m unable to continue with the registration after filling the next of kin details and whom to contact in case of emergency. Since then I’m still on the issue up till now, pls what is the remedy for that.

  48. Salisu Yusuf Salisu

    Hi Lola, my jamb no. Is 66227227GE and I was mobilized with 66227227GF as my jamb no. So instead of E their put F, as result my name is on the senate list but I cannot register for my nysc. It displays me has not been matriculated you cannot register contact your institution. And I went to my school they said I shall go back on 2 march 2020. That is closing date for the registration, is there any possibility that the nysc will reopen it portal for stream 2 registration? Thank you.

  49. Hi lola am seeing no available slot please once it open Will I be in stream 1 or 2 will the state be available Soon

  50. Hello Lola!
    Please I have been finding it hard to pay for my call up lettter online… please any solution to that?

  51. Zubairu zirra biya

    Zubairu zirra biya I need a solution pls why the State are not available thanks

  52. Hi lola thanks for the good work my registration was done successfully but the site keep on displaying no available slot for deployment will I still be given opportunity to select state or will nysc automatically deploy me to any state of there choice

  53. Hi Lola, pls I’ll like to find out if I can still make payment even though they are telling me there is no slot available?

  54. Good evening Lola. please I really do need your help.
    I started registrarion today but on getting to where I’m to choose my possible states of deployment, all I see is ‘no slot for deployment’. And I’m yet to even make payment online. I’m worried because the closing date( 2nd of March) is at hand already. please what do I do?

  55. Hi Lola, l have completed my online registration and done my payment but they’re still telling me to make payment and they’re also showing me approval sending. My issues now is that I don’t know if my registration was successful or not cause I haven’t seem my green card talk more of printing.
    Another thing is that I didn’t see the state I want as I am married and have a baby now,so I choose other available states. How do I re-choose my state of choice

  56. Good evening Lola, pls I have a serious issue and I need an answer soon, as I am really scared, I was once on the process of doing my nysc registration last year but unfortunately I wasn’t mobilized, but now I felt it will be a new registration for me but it isn’t, as the the login portal keep saying invalid username and password, I have tried a new registration and all, but the cafe attendant is advising me to go to nysc office to fix it. please I need a reply soon, what is next for me. Thank you.

  57. Please Lola if someone can’t follow stream 1 and he is mobilized can he follow stream 2?

  58. Please how do I reduce my age on my nysc cause the wrong age was uploaded

  59. Good evening
    I registered during last batch and My registration is showing successful, but state slot is showing unavailable, so i didn’t choose state till the end of that registration and later showing that i cannot going with that bacth that i should wait till next bacth coming up in May, but now it has disappeared from my dashboard and i can’t see where to choose state again. Does that’s means that they av choose state for me or what happen.Thanks.

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