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NYSC 2019 Batch c Whatsapp Group

NYSC 2019 Batch B All States Whatsapp Groups

Below are all states Whatsapp groups. Join your own state of deployment and connect with others.

The Only rule is that you should behave mature. The admins have the right to remove anyone trespassing without warning. Spammers and Scammers, stay off, we are watching you.


Join the group link of your deployed state above.

About Lola Princess

I am Lola Princess and am from Earth. I am from somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. I love making friends and blogging. Am your NYSC Google Assistant and am always here.


  1. please direct me how can i join my state of deployment i tried it but nothing

  2. Good afternoon I am a married with a 4month baby during my registration i uploaded all the document they request for marriage certificate, domicile letter, newspaper change of name,my husband’s driving license,court affidavit but they posted me adamawa.what do u do pls

    • Present those documents when you get camp and you will be redeployed. Present it as soon as you get to camp.

  3. Hello I registered in stream1 but waiting for call up letter and my dashboard is saying that am not in that stream is it possible that they’ve send some people to stream2?

  4. The WhatsApp llink isnt working. Its shows, the WhatsApp llink has been revoked. Or somtin like that

  5. I started registration in batch A but i had to do a change of name so,i had to shift it to batch b now i checked my dashboard i have not yet been mobilized..And the cafe guy did upload my documents more than once when i checked i have not gotten an answer from anyone they just said i should wait when i went to Nysc office i would like somone to help..I’d like to go for batch n stream 2..Thanks..

  6. Good morning, I’m posted to kogi with stream 1 but I’m being delayed due to some dept at school. Is it possible to go for stream 2 and how?

  7. Hi Lola
    I posted a question this morning but I haven’t received any response

  8. Hello Lola, please I am having a huge problem with registration at camp in Oyo. The finger print scanner I used during registration for Batch B is different from the one NYSC use at camp. When I got to the biometric verification stage, their scanner couldn’t verify my fingerprint. I have been stranded since yesterday. Please is there a way forward or will I leave camp now?

    • They are not supposed to leave you like that. They always give instructions on the next thing. There is a letter you will write and it will be rectified just that you will come home and wait for stream II. Talk to any officials around.

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