NYSC 2020 batch A questions

NYSC 2020 Batch A Questions – Get Answers In 2 Minutes Or Less

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  1. Please I mobilized for NYSC batch C and didn’t go for camp, I didn’t also print out my green card or anything l, am I to also do the remobilization, please remember I didn’t go for camp ,I didn’t print out anything

  2. I registered for batch C stream 2 and I was posted but I didn’t print my call up letter then I only downloaded it on my phone and was unable to go with stream 2 due to personal reasons.am I to wait till they start printing call up letter for batch A? hope I don’t have to do anything?

  3. Hi, is revalidation and remobilization the same?

  4. When will we be able to revalidate and will we still be posted to where we were posted to before if yes can we change it ??

  5. Pls i have seen my name in the senate list of the last batch but i didn’t register because i dont have a jamb admissions ,so i move forward to regularized and now i have my jamb admiss with me ,so do i still need to go for new mobilization or i should just wait wen ever registration commence then i should do it

  6. Pls I was posted to Taraba state but didn’t show up in camp although I didn’t print my call up letter, am I going to revalidate or register for mobilization

  7. What is the actual date for nysc batch A registration

  8. Pls i wrote jamb in 2012 and got admission in to a federal college of education but could not process the admission rather i applied for a polytechnic and got admitted. so the question will i be mobilize with the jamb number of 2012

  9. Please just tell us the requirements before hand so we can prepare before fresh registration starts God bless you

  10. Hi. I was mobilized for batch c stream 11 but didn’t register or apply online due to personal reasons. Will i be remobilised or wait to register for batch A. Thanks.

  11. Hello. Sometime in November last year, I checked the matriculation list and my name was on the list but I tried checking again and my name is not on the list. Please what do I need to do?

  12. Please my middle name was omitted in my degree result, will that be a problem,if yes what’s the solution?

  13. What is the main difference between remobilization and revalidation?

  14. Hello… Please i add a name to my names the new name is on my statement of result but is not on my jamb and weac. Though i have done affidavit and newspaper publication. Hope it not be a challenge with The NYSC process.

  15. Hello, I got to discover today that my name was not n the matriculation list but I have fix it and now my name is on the list, is it for possible for me to go with first batch? thank you

  16. Hi
    I just graduated and I am yet to do my clearance, is it still possible to follow batch A

  17. Olasukanmi Adebowale

    please if someone from batch A 2019 failed to join cds group from the beginning till now, is there a way for the person to get a cds group and pass out by february with his colleagues in febuary 2020.

    Thank you

  18. bolatito Oluwatosin

    where can you I get nysc medical report and green card
    and is the medical report necessary for foreign pcms

  19. what is the condition of a nursing mother in the camp

  20. I was mobilized for batch c 2019 but I didn’t register at all but my name is already on my school senate list am I to revalidate or just register when batch A portal opens

  21. Pls d name on my jamb result is different from d name on my HND result. My middle name is misspelt on my jamb buh my HND result has d correct name. Will it affect me during nysc registration. Though av done affidavit

  22. How is it gonna be for International students

  23. I registered as single as at 2017 but now am married an I want to use my marriage certificate to redeploy.Will I go to camp with d requirement and fill form for redeploy or I can still edit during revaluation

  24. Chukwuemeka Samuel onyedikachi

    Good evening sir

    Please sir I want to know about the account that will be opened for us in camp.

    Most especially my case where my bvn name and school documents name is the same but a little mistake on the letters.



    the mistake is in the N*

    But my real name is the one used with BVN. ONYEDIKACHI

    in addition I don’t have a national ID card or voters card but only school ID card

    What do I do at this point🥺

  25. Is it possible for school to give date gap to when their senate list hard copy would be submitted to the NYSC which is supposed to be 14th of February( Friday) while the school senate list is not yet uploaded to the NYSC website

  26. I am the same guy who ask the question about my regularization issue….

  27. Pls ma I’ve a little challenge I just want you to give me clarification, I was mobilized for the last batch c but I didn’t know that until I went to school last week where I was told, and the things is I didn’t see my name that time and I checked now and it’s the same thing, my name is not there, what do I do, and my school is telling me to wait till 20th that that’s when the site will be opened for me to see my name

  28. Hello ma,
    My name is Alfred, i did my regularization last year December and submitted a copy of my slip to my same school that same month, but up till i have not receive any message from Jamb concerning it. Then i take a step ahead to go to Jamb office to lodge the complain but i was told that that the fault is from my school that they brought about 1700 slips to be regularize. I tried to begged them and they told me they are working on it that soon we will start seeing message. And registration is starting next week!
    Pls Ma, what should i do? should i just give up on this batch and wait till November because my school has no batch for June/July..

  29. Hello Lola, pls the name on my jamb is not in the same order with the one on my ND and HND files , hope it won’t be a problem. Just the arrangement of names.

  30. Pls ma I was supposed to go with the 2019 batch C but I didn’t..if I revalidate will my call up number change?..
    Will I still be given the state which have been deployed to before?

  31. Pls ma, when someone wants to create a jamb profile is it your actual date of birth on your jamb you will use or u can use a different date of birth that is not tally with the one you register the jamb with? Bcoz it was somebody that helped me to create my jamb profile and i created purposely to change my date of birth so i dnt knw either he used the current date of birth i prefer to change to or he used the old date of birth to create it although it is the new date of birth i requested that is on my jamb profile now bt i dnt knw either they hav approve it b4 it appear on my profile thanks

  32. Good day ma, have registered since 2018 but nysc didn’t reply me the only thing I saw on my dashboard was that you have not yet be mobilize though am a foreigning student and my school has evaluate me pls what can be the course or is because am using two sitting for my Olevel result

  33. Pls admin. My name is not on d matriculation list. Do I need to do it before registration start. Hope its not too late. Bcos I can’t even find my name on d Nysc portal. Thanks

  34. Olanrewaju bolatito

    Sorry for disturbing you is it possible to combine waec and napteb

  35. Please can I use a waec with mathematics D7 the neco I wrote is not out

  36. Hi Lola, I know am going to be mobilized because my school submitted my names but am trying to verify and it’s showing no contact found yet , should I proceed to registering while I wait for my name to appear on the list ????

  37. Good afternoon,I did my revalidation yesterday and I haven’t received a green card or call up number yet.Will I use the previous call up number or green card?

  38. Good morning, please if there is an error in the next of kin’s name during NYSC online registration is it going to affect me when I get to camp. The error is instead of Olatunji Oluwanifemi is Olaunji Oluwafemi.

  39. Please Lola i was mobilized for NYSC batch A 2020 stream one but i didn’t register for it cos i don’t want to go yet. I want to go for stream two, so that by then all my documents will be ready. Pls hope that won’t cos NYSC to refuse me registration from stream two 2020 batch A?

  40. Pls can Senate post list twice for stream one and two

  41. Okechukwu Chukwuebuka

    Miss Lola,

    I was supposed to go with batch A stream 1 for nysc but couldn’t register because of name issues but now the issues has been resolved.

    Now i want to know, can i join stream 2 because i have already printed my call up letter but won’t be able to go again because of personal reason.

    If i join stream 2, will i still be posted to the state i was deployed to??

  42. Duru Uchechi Assumpta

    Please I had an issue with my name on Senate list. My school document carries my name as Duru Uchechi Assumpta but when my name was uploaded on d Senate list it became Uchechi Assumpta Duru because dat was how it was written on my jamb platform please how can dis be corrected. Thanks

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