NYSC Batch C 2021

NYSC Batch C 2021 – Public Notice For Stream II

The NYSC Batch C 2021 is all about every prospective Corps member and graduate who will be going for their National Youth Service Corps with batch C 2021.

Either you were supposed to be with NYSC 2020 Batch B but due to some reasons, you were unable to go with the previous batch. Or maybe you are a fresh graduate hoping to go with the NYSC Batch C 2021, then you are in the right place.

Either you are looking for NYSC 2021 Batch C news updates, NYSC Batch C 2021 latest news, NYSC news update Batch 2021 or you are looking for a place to get all the news, helpful articles, and assistance you need to make everything easier, you are also in the right place.

For news and information about Batch 2021 C Mobilization, Timetable, registration, call-up letter, and more. You will get it all here without missing anything important.

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Official Public Notice for all Stream II 2021 Batch C

Hello everybody! There are some important official public notice that you need to pay attention to. This is very important and please, kindly take it serious.

Everybody should check their NYSC call-up letter very well and kindly pay attention to the address of the Orientation camp there. That address on your call-up letter is where you should go for your orientation camp.

Some PCMs deployed to Lagos will have their Orientation Course in Ogun and Osun Camps.

Some PCMs deployed to FCT will have their Orientation Course in Nasarawa, Niger, Kaduna and Kogi Camps.

Please and please, don’t just see Lagos and start jumping preparing for Lagos without checking your camp address. It’s important to check that address and report there.

Stay connected!

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NYSC 2021 Batch C Official Camp Date Is OUT

This is to announce to you all that the official orientation camp date is out for NYSC Batch C Stream II and the date is now official.

Below is the official date:

Please, note that the Orientation Course for Batch C Stream II shall commence nationwide.

➖ Wednesday, 24th November, 2021 and terminate Tuesday, 14th December, 2021.

➖ REGISTRATION: 24th -‘ 28th, November 2021.

➖ CUT-OFF DATE: Midnight, Sunday, 28th November, 2021.

➖ SWEARING-IN: Tuesday, 30th November, 2021.

➖ CLOSING: Tuesday, 14th December, 2021.

Thank you.


These dates above are official and confirmed.

Stay Connected!

Stream II Registration Portal Is CLOSED

This is to announce to you all that the NYSC 2021 Batch C Stream II registration portal is now closed. If by now you are yet to see your name on the portal for senate list, it might be because you are in stream II.

You will still be able to access your NYSC dashboard and apply for corrections or do some other things. The portal that closed is for those who are yet to do their registration. This means that those who are yet to register will not be able to do so for now.

Important Public Notice

News is getting to us that some individuals passport photograph has been rejected due to one thing or the other. Please, CLICK HERE check your dashboard and be sure your passport is in good standing. You won’t be allowed to camp if your passport was rejected.

The error message will display under the passport and if there is no error message there, then you are very free. Please be sure to check your dashboard right now.

One thing about NYSC is that the wait and vibes that surrounds it might make you miss some details until you get to camp.

Please and please, while everything is still calm CLICK HERE and login to your dashboard to check all your details from the green card and make sure everything is as it should be.

Below are Major things to check for

  • Your full name on NYSC dashboard must be the same as it is on your certificate or statement of result. It have to be the same arrangement, same spellings and same thing. If it’s not, kindly apply for Correction.
  • Also, your graduation date must be exactly the same with the one on your certificate or statement of result. It have to be exactly the same. If not, you should contact your school fix it.
  • Your date of birth is as important as anything and it also have to be correct. If the date of birth on your dashboard is wrong, kindly apply for Correction.

These mistakes above will stress you out if you did not correct them till call-up letter is out. I have been shouting and publishing posts about these mistakes above just to make sure you are not affected.

CLICK HERE and login to your dashboard, and check your green card to be sure everything is as it should be.

If you have any errors and you have printed your green card before, correct the errors and re print it. Honestly, I don’t see the reason why people are always in haste to print their NYSC green card.

You only need it in camp and the best time you can print it is together with your call-up letter. Is like that Green card they call it caused the hype. Its not even green in the first place.

There has been rumors and more rumors about the Batch C Stream II call-up letter date and orientation camp date. The fact still remains that we don’t have an official date yet. Stick with us and once we have an official date, you will be the first to hear about it.

Foreign-trained, please always check your dashboard. We have been trying to contact the management but the response is we should be checking our dashboards. Please and please, if you are foreign trained, kindly be checking your dashboard.

Once NYSC Call-up letter is out, all 36 states groups will be on telegram because of management and WhatsApp restrictions issues so if you are yet to download Telegram, kindly go and do so. It’s just like WhatsApp but offers more features to combat scam and spams and manage 36 groups together. Download Telegram.



Stream II Orientation Camp Date Circular

The NYSC 2021 Batch C Orientation Camp date circular is out and you need to know about it. Let me show you the circular so that you can see the date and I will then tell you what you should know.

Below is the circular.

Below is the important part:


I am pleased to inform you that the Director-General has approved the conduct of the 2021 Ba‘ch ‘C’ Stream i Orientation Course in ail the thirty-six (36) States and the FCT as follows:

Commencement: Wednesday, 24″ November, 2021 

Registration: Wednesday, 24″ – Sunday, 28″ November, 2021 Cut – Off Date: Midnight Sunday, 28″ November, 2021 Swearing-in Tuesday 30” November, 2021 

Closing: Tuesday, 14th December, 2021 

2. All Slate/FCT Coordinators are therefore expected to inform the collaborating agercies in their States for deployment of personnel for the exercise.

3. Coordinators ore te equally ensure that necessary arrangements for the exercise are concluded not jater than five (5) days before the commencement date.

4, Thank you.

The fact about this circular and what you should know is that, this is not yet official. Until the NYSC management makes an announcement or we see the call-up letter we cannot be 100% certain about orientation camp date for Stream II.

We don’t know when the NYSC Call-up letter will be out yet but what we know is that the registration portal will be closed on the 16th of November 2021.

Stay connected and more updates will be coming up.

Official Notice On Correction Of Errors On NYSC Dashboard.

Some errors can go unnoticed, some can even be escaped. However, when it comes to some errors in NYSC you just want to fix it because if you don’t, you won’t be registered in camp and you will be sent out of camp.

Let me explain. Let’s say you have one error on your dashboard and the error is the kind that you must correct.

Let’s assume that you did not correct it. You get your call-up letter and proceed to the Orientation camp and I’m sure you are not using teleportation. You will use one of the means of transportation which is not free.

After the stress of getting to camp, you discover that because of the error on your dahbsorad, you can’t be registered. That’s when you will know that NYSC is under Millitary. Not all issues can be averted with cries and begging.

Then they ask you to write a letter to Abuja and another thing is that you will have to go home and wait for next batch.

To cut the long story short, you need to fix that error on your dashboard so that it doesn’t give you stress.

Below are errors that you must correct if you have any on your dashboard.

Errors In Name

Apply for Name re-arrangement and spelling error on your dashboard

PCMs can apply for Name Addition or Removal from their dashboard. Your SAO will see the request and process online by uploading the following scanned documents.

1. Recommendation Letter signed by the Registrar.

2. Senate list Extract from the Institution where your name appears.

3. JAMB Admission Letter.

4. Statement of Result.


Date Of Birth Correction

Procedure for Date of Birth Correction

i. Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC Verification Pin.

ii. Submit your Registration, then login to your dashboard to view the link. iii. Click on Correction of Date of Birth link.

iv. Enter WAEC Verification Pin, select WAEC Type, Year of Exam and enter your Examination Number.

v. Click on Verify button Click SUBMIT or CANCEL.

More details below:

1. Apply for Date of Birth Correction on your dashboard with WAEC. You can get the WAEC Verification pin in any First Bank branch.

2. The DOB link is active on your dashboard during Online Registration, ensure you make use of it appropriately.

3. The WAEC Certificate must be equal or more than four (4) years as at the time of graduation.

4. Do not use another person’s WAEC detail to apply, it will be dissaproved.

5. Ensure there is no disparity of names on your WAEC and that of your dashboard.

6. A notification will be sent to your mail when your application have been processed.

You are expected to login and check your Mobilization status on your dashboard.

7. If your status did not change, it means you are still exempted and your Exemption Certificate will be processed.

8. Go to your Institution after three (3) months and collect your Exemption Certificate.

9. You cannot apply for Date of Birth Correction after Camp Registration.

Date of Graduation

If your Date of Graduation on the NYSC Portal is different from the one on your certificate, kindly contact your Institution for correction.

These guides are official and you should fix any error on your dashboard to avoid stories that touch when you get to camp.

On Camp Date

There has been several rumours on camp date but the fact remain that we don’t have a date yet.

Until the management make an announcement, no date is confirmed yet.

Stay connected

NYSC Batch C Stream II Registration Portal Is Now OPEN

This is to announce to you all that the NYSC registration portal for batch C stream II is now open and you all can now proceed to the NYSC Portal for your registration.


NYSC 2021 Batch C Stream II Official Registration Date Is Out

This is to announce to you all that the official date for Batch C Stream II online registration portal opening is out.

After a long wait and patience, the management finally made a public announcement and this is a good news.

Read the exact public notice below:

Online Registration for 2021 Batch ‘C’ Stream II commences 11th November, 2021

By thursday this 11th, the registration portal will be open and you all will be able to do your registration.

More senate list has been updated on the NYSC Portal. CLICK HERE to go to the portal and verify your name asap.


Previous Updates below

This is just an update on the NYSC 2021 Batch C Stream II registration portal opening.

Those who have been carrying rumours that the portal will be open today 8th of November can now see that if it’s not official, we can’t bank on it 100%.

I got a lot of messages and mails about today even after I published my previous update.

Rumour is a normal thing in NYSC and once you stay connected, you will always get the facts right.

Like I said in my previous update that until we have a public announcement from the management, we cannot trust any date.

This is to announce to you all that the registration portal for Stream II is not yet open. Those of you that have been asking, you should know that portal is not open yet.

Kindly scroll down to read previous updates and stay connected. As long as you are here or on our Whatsapp group, you will not miss out of anything important.

Stay connected

Stream II Latest Updates

Hello everybody, I will like to announce to you all that the Senate list on NYSC portal update is currently in progress.

Report is getting to me that some people are seeing their names on the NYSC Portal for senate list. I have got messages and seen people who saw their names on the senate list few days back and even yesterday.

You can please check your name to verify if your school senate list has been updated or not. If you are still seeing no record found, kindly contact your school to ask for updates.

Click the link below to verify your name right on the NYSC Portal.


Updates On Registration Portal

There has been an unofficial date for registration and that date is today 8th Nov. 2021. The date is unofficial because the management is yet to confirm or establish the date so all we can do is wait and keep checking the portal.

Once the portal is open, you will be the first to hear about it. Just stay connected!

Remember that only those whose name is on the NYSC Portal for senate list will be able to register. You can use the link above to verify your name.

If you have completed your registration and the ‘You are not stream II…’ displayed on your dashboard, you don’t have to do anything. Just wait for the NYSC Call-up letter and print your letter.

If you skipped stream I, we don’t know if you will go with Stream II or next batch. Wait till stream II formerly starts and then we move from there.

Foreign-trained graduates who have done their registration and physical verification but yet to get a call-up number or call-up letter, you are Stream II.

Stay connected as updates are coming up!


Updates On Stream II Senate List and Camp Date

This is an urgent information about NYSC natch C Stream II registration date and camp date and I urge you to read and understand this information.

There has been a viral news about the date of for Stream II online registration and based on mails and messages and DMs, I just have to tell you the fact behind it.

There has been this viral news about 8th of November as the date for registration for Stream II. This date is yet to be confirmed officially that’s why we can’t trust it 100% or make a public announcement.

It is possible the portal opens on 8th as Batch C Stream I will be leaving camp on the 9th of November.

One fact is that the management will not want stream II Batch C to spill to next year. So there might be a rush after stream I exit camp on the 9th of November 2021.

While 8th is a good date for the opening of registration for Stream II, still yet, we can’t count on it 100% until we hear directly from the NYSC Management.

All you have to do is just chill and wait for it. Relax and let’s all wait for the breaking news from the management.

Concerning the senate list, kindly contact your school to find out if your school will be adding more names to the senate list.

Stay connected! More updates coming soon! As long as you are here, you will not miss out of anything.

Stay connected!

New Updates On Stream II

Happy New month my dear people and hope you are all doing fine and moving.

The NYSC 2021 Batch C Stream I Orientation camp is still in progress and all hands has been on deck for a seamless successful orientation program. That’s why there has been no official information yet about stream II for now.

As soon as the management is ready for us, we will get official updates on senate list uploads for Stream II, registration portal opening date and other important information.

As long as you are here and on our Whatsapp group, you will never miss out on anything important.

For now, all we have to do is just wait and prepare. There has been rumours flying round about camp date and a registration date. You should know by now that until the management announce a date, we cannot confirm anything yet.

Stay connected!

Latest Updates On Stream II

The NYSC 2021 Batch C Orientation Camp is progress and we congratulates everyone that followed stream I Batch C. However, our dear Stream II Batch C, our own time to move to camp is coming soon.

There has been a lot of questions from PCM about stream II registration, orientation camp date, senate list and many more.

Let me quickly show and talk about the viral timetable that has been flying around for a while.

According to this extracted timetable above, the stream II orientation camp will start by 23rd of November 2021.

Please you all should know that this date above is yet to be declared official and until we have a public announcement by the managemnet, we cannot declare the date confirmed.

In the previous batches, registration for Stream II always start shortly during Stream I Orientation camp. However, NYSC has become so unpredictable these days and that is why until the management announce it, we can’t say its confirmed.

More senate list will be uploaded, the registration portal will be open again for sure but the exact date is what we don’t have for now. Stay connected and stay with us.

LATEST Updates

Below are public notice and important informations you should not ignore.

2021 Batch ‘C’ Stream | PCMs are to register for COVID-19 Test. The NCDC link is on the dashboard of those deployed.

If you are finding challenges registering for the COVID-19 test, just leave it for a while and try again later.

If the NYSC Call-up letter is not on your dashboard by now, it means that you are Stream II.

If you are posted with Stream I, I will advice you try to go by all means. Skip it at your own risk.

Check the address of your orientation camp on your call-up letter and please arrive to camp on the date on your letter.

If you are Stream II, kindly chill for now. We don’t have a date for Stream II for now. Stay connected for more updates on more senate list, registration date, and Stream II Batch C 2021 in general.

Stay Connected!

Latest Update

Hello everybody, news is reaching us and we are getting reports that some PCMs passport has been disapproved. So you all need to take a simple action right now so as to be on a safe side.

All you have to do is login to your dashboard and check your passport if there is no any error under it.

If you see a message that says “… Your passport has been disapproved,…” All you have to do is upload another one or just go to a Cafe to fix it.

If you did not see any disapproval message under the passport just go and chill.

You will not be registered in camp if your passport have any error and you did not fix it.

Just login and take a minute to just check round your dashboard to be sure everything is as it should be.

CLICK HERE to go to portal login dashboard.

Stay connected

NYSC 2021 Batch C Official Camp Date and Call-Up Letter Printing Date Announced

This is to announce to you all that the NYSC DG has finally confirmed the NYSC 2021 Batch C Orientation Camp date and also the date for the NYSC Call-up letter printing.

This really a good news as you can all start preparing and getting ready.

It is not officially confirmed that NYSC Batch C Orientation Camp date is now 20th of October 2021. And it’s also confirmed that call-up letter will be out in 48 hours. Latest by Sunday.

There are other details and you should watch the full DG speech below.

The video below is a screen recorded from the webinar meeting. CLICK HERE to follow us on Instagram and then watch the video below.

Stay Connected!




NYSC Batch C Camp date Leaked

NYSC 2021 Batch C Orientation Camp timetable just leaked and the date for NYSC camp has been revealed as 20th of October 2021.

Although this has not been officially announced but based on this camp timetable below, we can see that camp date is 20th of October.

Everybody should please calm down because things might still change and until the management make an announcement, we cannot not trust this 100%.

Please and please, I’m not announcing camp date or saying this is final. I have been getting messages and I can’t just ignore this.

Until we have the call-up letter or the management makes an announcement, we cannot 100% trust any date.

Stay connected and stay with us.

Batch C 2021 NYSC Registration Closed

This is to announce to you all that the official registration for 2021 batch c portal has been closed.

Previous Updates below

NYSC Batch C 2021 Online Registration Officially Extended

This is to announce to you all that the NYSC management just extended the Batch C 2021 online registration deadline date till 13th Oct, 2021. The new update on the NYSC portal is now from 06/10/2021 to 13/10/2021.

The Senate list upload is still ongoing and more schools are adding lists to the portal. If your school senate list is yet to be uploaded, kindly contact your school for updates.

If you are yet to register or complete your registration, kindly CLICK HERE now to go to the NYSC portal and start or continue your registration.

Once again, the management has extended the online registration date as the new deadline date is now 13th of October 2021. This is official.

Below is a screenshot from the dashboard.

Helpful Articles


PREVIOUS Updates Below

NYSC Registration Date Extension Rumor Is False

There has been news flying around that the NYSC registration date has been extended.

The source of the rumour, we don’t know. I have been getting mails and messages to confirm the extension and this is kind of funny because on the NYSC Portal, it’s clear that there is no extension as at the time of this update.

This is to announce to you all that there is no extension of registration date for Batch C 2021 yet.

According to the management, the NYSC registration portal for batch C 2021 will close by 11:59pm today.

NYSC Portal is open for 2021 Batch ‘C’ Online Registration and ends 11:59pm on the 10th October, 2021 

So please and please, ignore any rumours that the date has been extended.

Included below is a screenshot of the NYSC portal as at 10:47am Sunday 10th, October 2021.

Stay connected!

You Will No Be Registered In Camp If – OFFICIAL Warning For Batch C PCM

There are some mistakes that you can get away with but some will make the officials to send you away from the Orientation camp.

The NYSC is under the military and discipline is a hobby. Once there is an official warning about something in NYSC, you should take it serious. Because you can’t get past some issues by begging.

Below are official warnings on things that will get you kicked out of camp if you don’t fix it right now.

PCMs with disparity in the date of Graduation on the Statement of Result and that of the dashboard, will not be registered in Camp. You are to contact your SAO to write officially to


PCMs will not be registered in camp if there is disparity in the name on the Statement of Result and that of the dashboard.

Apply for Name Addition/ Removal on your dashboard. Your SAO will process online by uploading backing documents.

These information above are directly from the management. Take them serious and take action if any of them affects you.

Stay connected


Latest Official Public Notice

There is an official public notice from the NYSC managemnet and you should kindly take it serious.

Read below and take actions if you are affected.

PCMs are to make use of the links on their dashboard appropriately
1. Name Correction.
2. Correction of Date of Birth.
3. Correction of Qualification.
4. Correction of Class of Degree.
5. Correction of Course of Study.

Married Female PCMs who want to apply for Concessional Posting based on Marital grounds are to
upload the following documents;
i. Marriage Certificate
li. Newspaper change of name
ii. Identity of Husband ( National ID or Driver’s Licence )
iv. Evidence of Husband’s State of Residence.
v. Letter from Employer/Utility bill.

NYSC 2021 Batch C Online Registration Portal is Now Officially Open

This is to announce to you that the registration portal has been officially open for Batch C Online registration. It is now officially confirmed.

This is Official. Stay connected for more updates.

You can  CLICK HERE to go to the NYSC Portal

Graduation List Updated For Batch C

This is to announce to you all that the official NYSC Graduation List Portal has been updated and Batch C 2021 is now included on the list.

Before there was no batch C 2021 option available, however, as at the time of this post, it has been added to the list.

The NYSC Graduation List Portal is just a place to check your school graduation list and there is nothing really special about it. It’s evidence that you graduated from a particular higher institution.

This list does not ascertain that you have been mobilized or that you will go to camp with batch C. The list is just to check your school graduation list. Although for now, if you try to check the list, you might not see anything but just adding batch C to the list is a tip that batch C will soon start full mobilization.

The updated portal shows that preparation is already in progress for Batch C 2021. It might be a small thing but the message behind this portal update is a confirmation that Batch C 2021 will soon start mobilization fully.

Just sit back, relax and stay on the group.

Updates On Viral Timetable

There is a timetable that has been going viral and I just have to address it as mails and messages about it is getting a lot these days.

One thing you all should know is that on this blog, we don’t carry rumours or fake news. If a news is not official, we will not say it is official.

There is this timetable that I will still show you below, but before I show you, let me tell you the fact about it.

This timetable you are about to see is not official and you should ignore it. I’m only showing you because it has been going viral and you might see it somewhere else.

If you come across it, just know that it is not an official timetable for batch C. Kindly disregard and don’t put you mind on it.

Its time to tell you all that you will come across a lot of pranks, rumours, fake news and more especially during this batch C mobilization. But as long as you are here and you belong to our Whatsapp group, you will never miss out of legit news because that’s what we do here.

Once again, this timetable below is not official and you should disregard it. Once the official timetable comes out, you will be the first to hear about it.

See the rumour timetable below:




Uploading of Senate/Academic

Board Approved Results for Full/

Part-Time Graduates and

Revalidation Lists by CPIs

20th- 25th

September 2021



Submission of Senate/Academic

Board Approved Results for Full/

Part-Time Graduates and

Revalidation Lists by CPIs

25th – 28th

September 2021



Online Registration by Foreign and

locally Trained Nigerian Graduates

for NYSC Batch C Stream I

29th September

– 10th October,




Online Registration by Foreign and

locally Trained Nigerian Graduates

for NYSC Batch C Steam II

19th October –

21st November,




Pre-Camp Physical Verification of

Credentials of Foreign Trained


24th – 29th

September 2021



Entertainment of complaints from

Prospective Corps Members by the

state Deployment and Relocation

officers and NYSC Help Lines/

Desks officers.

25th – 29th

September 2021



Action by ICT department

22nd – 26th

October, 2021



Notification and Printing of Call-up

Letters by PCMs

21st – 27th

October, 2021



Online Printing of Deployment

Disposition by Corps Producing

Institutions/Delivery of manual Call-

up letters to Institutions

21st – 31st

October 2021



Commencement of 2021 Batch “C”

Orientation Course

26th October –

15th November,

2021 for Stream


23rd November

– 19th

December, 2021

for Stream II



*this timetable could be affected if the officials does not meet up as stipulated*

The time table above is just to show you how the viral timetable looks like. It’s not official and you should not trust it.

There is no official information about mobilization yet. So just stay connected and stay with us.

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NYSC Batch C 2021 News Updates

The NYSC management will announce the date for the mobilization and every other aspect of the National Youth Service Corps. Once there is an announcement, you will be the first to get it here and on our WhatsApp group.

All you have to do now is stay connected and stay calm. The Mobilization will begin with the release of the NYSC Timetable. From the timetable, we will have the date for every other aspect from the senate list to the NYSC orientation camp date.

You should bookmark this page and always check back. This is because I will be updating this post every time to keep you current about everything pertaining to this batch.

If you have any issues or any questions you want to ask, you can use the comment box below and we will reply to you with the speed of light. Remember to help us alert you and bring the news to you, kindly join our Whatsapp group.

Also remember that any WhatsApp group that these numbers are not the admin 0908 172 2761 & 0807 869 9987, it’s not created by us. You can message any of the admin to give you the group link to send to your classmates and friends. We are going to have some quality time together. You are welcome to NYSC

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    I didn’t attach mine will it stop my name from coming out in senate list?

  13. Hi lola please when is the upload of senate list going to be closed??

  14. Hi Lola my name is on graduation list but can’t find it on senate list besides my surname was spelled SON instead of SUN hope that’s not the reason my name has not appeared on senate list

  15. Please I have problem with my date of birth am using using 1992 and my dashboard is showing 1993 pls how will I correct it to 1992.

  16. Nwachukwu Queen Chinyere

    Please there was a mistake in my waec date of birth, hope it won’t affect me at the camp..?

  17. Hi lola please I made a mistake in my year of admission. It should be 2016 instead of 2017 but the year of graduation is the same. Please will it affect me and if it will, how can I change it

  18. Hi, my matric year is 2016 but 2015 was written on the Senate list should I go on with the registration or what can I do for it to be corrected

  19. Batch c stream 1 registration have been extended and I don’t want to go with those going this October,will registration form for those going for stream 2 still be out because those ones will be going November and that’s when am ready.

  20. Hi lola. Good morning, please I want to ask if wrong admission year can affect me during camp. My admission year should be 2016-2021 but d man that registered me put 2017-2021. Please will it affect me and if it will, how can I correct it. Thanks

  21. my year of graduation is 2020 but the café man made a mistake putting 2021 and my course of study is not showing on my portal, pls what can I do to that.

  22. Hello, i registered for nysc 2021 batch C but i don’t want to join stream | that will be going to October, will like to join stream || by november, so what should i do once call up letter is ready ?

  23. Good evening ma.. In the NYSC zoom meeting..Please did they Vaccine is compulsory to come to camp

  24. Hello Lola, I registered for this batch, but I don’t want to go again for now. When can I re apply again

  25. Please I didn’t register for this batch, will the portal still be opened for registration for stream 2, Batch C?

  26. Please, I am scheduled to report on 23, but intend going on 26 because of the sit at home in Anambra
    Will I still be allowed in camp??

  27. Hi lola,would my name arrangement affect my service

  28. Atibioke funmilayo

    Good afternoon, pls ma my result was approved this month October and I just done my clearance in schl also. My question is will I be able to do my registration and go for service next month November with batch c stream 2 because I will be 30 years by then November.

  29. Aina'u Dayyabu Mahadi

    Hello Lola I apply for the correction of name but the site said the correction is dis approved what can i do now

  30. Good evening Ma.Pls Ma when will the next registration start because I am yet to register

  31. I was posted this stream 1 but I wasn’t able to make it to camp due to medical reasons, is there a way for me to go for stream 2 or is it till batch A 2022?

  32. Hello, please will there be fresh registration for stream II for those of us that just got mobilized by our school?

  33. My dashboard is showing: you are in stream II you will be informed when to print your call up letter….
    Please when the portal is open for registration will I register for remobilization again?.

  34. Bright Oshiozekhai

    Kudos, doing a great job

  35. Opodeyi Damilola Yetunde

    Hi Miss Lola my dashboard is showing upload full evaluation list which have done but it’s still showing , please wat should I do

  36. Good morning princess

    Some of us have not been able to register it is showing you are in stream 2, however your school have not submitted hard copy. How long are we going to wait for this to be retrieve

  37. Maduabuchi Vivian nzubechukwu

    Please ma the name on my waec result slip is different by arrangement and spellings, school accepted it with affidavit, the name on my school and jamb and nysc is the same……I am already registered for batch C stream 11 … Please what should I do? I was told waec don’t change name when you have the certificate.

  38. Pls ma
    It’s about date of birth ma
    It’s the same date of birth that is on my dashboard that is on my jamb admission letter ma
    But you know there is a situation where by they said if you are above 30 u can’t serve but the date of birth on my jamb admission letter and dash board is same thing ma
    Hope I am safe

  39. Please i registered yesterday and I’ve been trying to check my email for my call up number but its writing invalid email..plsss what should I do?

  40. Please i just registered this morning, how can I check my call off number?

  41. Hello Lola, pls my date of birth on jamb admission letter is different from the one on WAEC certificate. My date of birth on WAEC is the correct one. Meanwhile. I heard the correction can be done on NYSC portal but my grades in my Waec result are incomplete. Meaning, I’m using combined result Waec and Neco.
    My question is , can I still use that WAEC certificate for correction irrespective of incomplete grade? Is it acceptable. I’m asking bcos I didn’t have complete grade on it so I combined.

  42. Hi Lola, am trouble because I did change of age due to some error that occur, and it has been corrected, all my documents are now carring the actual DOB, and I use neco,I it has no DOB on it. But am scared if the nysc will get me exempted. Pls help me

  43. Please is it true the NYSC portal will be closed on Sunday 14th November

  44. Please how long does it take for correction to be made for degree correction using the link?

  45. Hi, Lola, I’m a foreign student, but the COVID test link is not showing on my dashboard, how do I go about it pls?

  46. Please, there is an error in the name on my Covid 19 test slip. How can I correct that?

    • Hey Lola… Thanks for helping people and God bless..
      Plz am having issue with my date of birth for the NYSC it’s showing 18th ,august 1995 .. while in school it’s 15th,augst 1995… and my birth certificate is same as that of school one and is the correct one…. and the worst part of it i did technical school, I didn’t write waec … only NECO and NABTEB… so if there’s no issue with that as its just 18th instead of 15th with same month and year plz let me know thanks in advance..

  47. Hi Lola, Good morning
    The year of my entry into school is 2018 and Graduation is 2021
    But the year of entry on my green card is showing 0 to 2021
    The graduation date is correct it’s only the year of entry that is faulty
    Will i be affected?

  48. Hi Lola
    On my green card, my year of admission into the university says Zero but my graduation date is correct. I have 0-2021 displayed on my Green card instead of 2018-2021
    Will I be affected?

    Thank you

  49. Are we to print the covid19 greenslip out

  50. Hi Lola,
    Pls there was a mistake made in the year I finished school. It was meant to be 2020 because that’s what my graduation date is showing, but instead 2021 was put there mistakenly. Pls will this mistake prevent me from entering camp ?

  51. Pls why is it only Abuja dat is showing on dashboard for foreign student or wen is verification starting

  52. I lost my school ID card,will its affect me during registration at camp

  53. Good day, please i want to ask if this Cerebrospinal vaccine must appear on our medical certificate?
    Is it mandatory or it’s not an issue?

  54. Is called up letter out?

  55. Hi Lola.i collected my statement of result after my Hnd program last year and I travelled out of Lagos since then. I just saw now that the statement of result has to carry the school stamp. The one am carrying only has the school Logo,date of graduation and the provost signature…am done with registration….I hope the stamp won’t be an issue in camp.

  56. Hello Lola, please do you know the date for verification of foreign graduates? My verification center is in Abuja.

  57. Please I need the link for Osun state. It has expired.

  58. Please when is the next Batch or registration for NYSC? It’s sad that I missed this year’s.

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