NYSC Batch C 2021

NYSC Batch C 2021 – Updates On Timetable

The NYSC Batch C 2021 is all about every prospective Corps member and graduate who will be going for their National Youth Service Corps with batch C 2021.

Either you were supposed to be with NYSC 2020 Batch B but due to some reasons, you were unable to go with the previous batch. Or maybe you are a fresh graduate hoping to go with the NYSC Batch C 2021, then you are in the right place.

Either you are looking for NYSC 2021 Batch C news updates, NYSC Batch C 2021 latest news, NYSC news update Batch 2021 or you are looking for a place to get all the news, helpful articles, and assistance you need to make everything easier, you are also in the right place.

For news and information about Batch 2021 C Mobilization, Timetable, registration, call-up letter, and more. You will get it all here without missing anything important.

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I’m Lola of www.nyscnews.com and I am your NYSC Google Assistant. I will be here to provide you with exclusive updates and everything you need from Mobilization till you will pass out of NYSC.

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This page contains both the latest updates and previous updates on NYSC Batch C 2021. In case you are here for the first time, the latest updates will be right just below while you can read about previous updates by just scrolling down. All Updates are exclusive. If it’s not official, you will not see it below. Read with attention and use the comment box below if you have any questions.

Updates On Viral Timetable

There is a timetable that has been going viral and I just have to address it as mails and messages about it is getting a lot these days.

One thing you all should know is that on this blog, we don’t carry rumours or fake news. If a news is not official, we will not say it is official.

There is this timetable that I will still show you below, but before I show you, let me tell you the fact about it.

This timetable you are about to see is not official and you should ignore it. I’m only showing you because it has been going viral and you might see it somewhere else.

If you come across it, just know that it is not an official timetable for batch C. Kindly disregard and don’t put you mind on it.

Its time to tell you all that you will come across a lot of pranks, rumours, fake news and more especially during this batch C mobilization. But as long as you are here and you belong to our Whatsapp group, you will never miss out of legit news because that’s what we do here.

Once again, this timetable below is not official and you should disregard it. Once the official timetable comes out, you will be the first to hear about it.

See the rumour timetable below:




Uploading of Senate/Academic

Board Approved Results for Full/

Part-Time Graduates and

Revalidation Lists by CPIs

20th- 25th

September 2021



Submission of Senate/Academic

Board Approved Results for Full/

Part-Time Graduates and

Revalidation Lists by CPIs

25th – 28th

September 2021



Online Registration by Foreign and

locally Trained Nigerian Graduates

for NYSC Batch C Stream I

29th September

– 10th October,




Online Registration by Foreign and

locally Trained Nigerian Graduates

for NYSC Batch C Steam II

19th October –

21st November,




Pre-Camp Physical Verification of

Credentials of Foreign Trained


24th – 29th

September 2021



Entertainment of complaints from

Prospective Corps Members by the

state Deployment and Relocation

officers and NYSC Help Lines/

Desks officers.

25th – 29th

September 2021



Action by ICT department

22nd – 26th

October, 2021



Notification and Printing of Call-up

Letters by PCMs

21st – 27th

October, 2021



Online Printing of Deployment

Disposition by Corps Producing

Institutions/Delivery of manual Call-

up letters to Institutions

21st – 31st

October 2021



Commencement of 2021 Batch “C”

Orientation Course

26th October –

15th November,

2021 for Stream


23rd November

– 19th

December, 2021

for Stream II



*this timetable could be affected if the officials does not meet up as stipulated*

The time table above is just to show you how the viral timetable looks like. It’s not official and you should not trust it.

There is no official information about mobilization yet. So just stay connected and stay with us.

NYSC Batch C 2021 News Updates

The NYSC management will announce the date for the mobilization and every other aspect of the National Youth Service Corps. Once there is an announcement, you will be the first to get it here and on our WhatsApp group.

All you have to do now is stay connected and stay calm. The Mobilization will begin with the release of the NYSC Timetable. From the timetable, we will have the date for every other aspect from the senate list to the NYSC orientation camp date.

You should bookmark this page and always check back. This is because I will be updating this post every time to keep you current about everything pertaining to this batch.

If you have any issues or any questions you want to ask, you can use the comment box below and we will reply to you with the speed of light. Remember to help us alert you and bring the news to you, kindly join our Whatsapp group.

Also remember that any WhatsApp group that these numbers are not the admin 0908 172 2761 & 0807 869 9987, it’s not created by us. You can message any of the admin to give you the group link to send to your classmates and friends. We are going to have some quality time together. You are welcome to NYSC


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  1. Please I need your help my name is Abubakar Musa the problem I have is that my name in my jamb is Musa Abubakar Abubakar instead of Abubakar Musa but in my statement of result my name is Abubakar Musa written on it all my documents are Abubakar Musa which is the correct name is Abubakar Musa. What to do next please.

  2. Helllo Madam Lola,

    Plz i’ve not received any mail from jamb after i did my jamb regularization since on the 9th of Nov 2021 and my usage on my jamb portal is showing Document re-scan required. kindly assist me ma.


  3. Thanks for the update

  4. Please is Senate list pasted twice for a particular batch because I’ve done all the necessary things but my name is not included

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