10 Things To Expect On NYSC Call up Letter Printing Day

The NYSC Call-Up letter Printing day is one of the most anticipating special day that you will log into your NYSC Dashboard and discover the state you will spend the next 12 months of your service year.

A lot of funny and not funny things always happen on the NYSC call-up letter printing day but I am only going to show you just 10 of them.

NYSC Call-Up Letter Printing Day Moments

Below are what all ladies and gentlemen Prospective Corps members should be expecting on the NYSC call-up letter printing day.

1. The Hype

The very first moment of the NYSC call up letter printing day is the hype. Prospective Corps members can hype NYSC call-up letter ehn!

I have a friend who has been calling me before registration that “Lola when will the call up letter be out?” I will say very soon. At least finish registration first. See also: Top 10 Legit Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria For Corper

The hype about the NYSC call up letter printing day is too much. This is a call up letter and not a JAMB Result.

2. The Waiting Spirit

The waiting spirit is the name of the ancestors that always keep Prospective Corps members awake by 12am of the NYSC Call up letter printing day.

During my own time, I was wide awake till 12am of the day as I kept refreshing and refreshing the NYSC Portal and slept off. Only to wake up in the morning and saw Plaetue state. Are you telling me if I had stayed awake, it would have been Lagos?

Please don’t stress yourself out because of call up letter. Sleep and check in the morning it won’t make a difference See also: Top 10 Competitions To Expect At NYSC Camp

3.The Scared PCM

A lot of you guys are scared and so sad even when you have not been posted. Some people will say, “Oh Lola, am scared NYSC will post me to Bornu and I don’t want to check my Call-up letter”

Please wait, are you NYSC, no! Wait! is NYSC you? Is it your posting or is the posting you.? As you think in your heart, so shall it be.

Be positive. Even if NYSC deploy you to a place you don’twant, there are options. Cheer up guys!!!

4. The Shock

There is always a shock on every NYSC call up letter printing day. You are expecting something and something else shows on your dashboard.

Just be expecting anything. You can try my prediction test and relax your mind. Just don’t fix your mind on anything or any state. Anything can happen!

5. The next batch

A few of you people will not even check the call up letter because they want to wait till next batch. I know of someone who kept postponing NYSC and now his not a youth Corper but an adult Corper. See also: Top 10 Reasons While Serving In The Village Is Awesome

6. Happy Lagos

Lagos is one of the best states for NYSC and once you check your dashboard and see Lagos like this, everybody will not rest with “NYSC post me to Lagos” Congratulation to you Mr and Mrs Lagos.

There are other best places too that even pay state allowee more than Lagos. Read this article to know about them.

If NYSC Deploys you to Lagos, you are Lucky. Just don’t scatter the street with “NYSC Posted me to Lagos”

7. Worked

Another thing to Expect on Call Up letter printing day is some set of people who have paid to work their posting to Lagos Or Abuja or anywhere they want. This is Nigeria and some people will pay as high as 65k for Lagos.

Some will do it for business and many other good reasons, why some will do it because they heard beautiful girls are in Lagos. Is That one talk?

If you worked your posting and you are now acting and shouting “NYSC posted me to Lagos” so that your friends will not know you paid for it, you are on colos.

8. The Moving Tears

I wish I could play a song at the background of this post because this is always emotional. Some prospective Corps members will feel so bad and emotionally down that they won’t be able to control their tears.

The distance, state, what they have been hearing about the state, and a lot of things create this feelings.

Once you look around and notice a beautiful girl crying beside you at the Cafe, it’s not breakfast, it’s the NYSC call up letter.

You don’t really have to cry you know, God has a plan and purpose for your life and since you didn’t choose your color, gender, country, state, height and you like the way you are, let God choose your state of deployment too.

9. Camp Address

Another thing that is important to note is that the address of your orientation camp on your Call up Letter might be different from the state.

The NYSC Orientation camp will not hold in all the 36 states because of some unavoidable reasons. So please check the address of your camp very well.

10. The Strong PCM

Gbosa! Gbosa!! Big Gbosa!!! To this set of prospective Corps members. They are just very ready to go to anywhere to serve their father land.

This set of PCM don’t worry about Lagos, moved by Abuja or think about Enugu. They are just ready to go anywhere. They see their dashboard and smile any state they find there.

I love this set of people. If you belong to this set of last people, comment below and let me say a word of prayer for you from my heart.

If you have anything to say, just comment below. Please SHARE this post. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I am Lola


64 thoughts on “10 Things To Expect On NYSC Call up Letter Printing Day”

  1. Lola
    Camp date is close. See me here I no get Android again. Na wetin make wuna no dey hear noise for group.

    1. Nino… (Whisper) “this is the Nino I was talking about. Up there”

      What happened to your phone? Tell the person you borrowed his/her phone to dash you nah… Don’t worry, Allowee go increase and you will buy another one.

  2. I Belong to the strong PCM, any where nysc post me, maybe God’s mercy speak for me, let’s go there n enjoy it till when it last

  3. Lola I haven’t been evaluated yet oo😭😭😭😭 some people are already printing their callup letters

  4. Lola, I really want to go with stream 1 but I have sbeen hearing that the posting is automated and anyone can fall in stream one or stream 2. How true is this? As regards 2019 batch b?

  5. Lola, I’m part of the anxious ones o. I want to try your prediction

    School: Ogun state
    Chose: Plateau, Edo, Oyo and Borno

    Where do you think I might be posted?

  6. Anthony Theophilus

    Where ever I will b posted for my service I bliv God will take d lead n i strongly bliv I won’t come back home unemployed. Tnkz Lola for ur encouragement God bless us all
    Name: Anthony Theophilus.
    Skool: Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi.
    State of Origin: Kaduna.

  7. Gud afternoon Lola, is it true that we will be needing 24 passport photograph at the orientation camp o, thank you.

  8. Stephen Amodu

    The people that are agitating for Lagos and Abuja has Neva been there b4.. I swear there is nothing too special about those places, to stay in good places is very expensive and the cost of living is very high but Abuja is a bit flexible sha. If u are not living in a good location u will still suffer like everyone of us or as if u are living in sambisa forest.

  9. Not a strand of hair falls from my head without without the knowledge of God. So where ever am posted to then it’s God’s will. I’ll be fine. #smiles#

  10. Anywhere is ok….. God mercy and protection matter. Who care if na maiduguru. I go enter i swear…. I must serve my fatherland…. Lola God i dey feel u…. God will always be with u and protect u always…. U wont lack anythin in life….

    1. Lola! Thanks for that encouraging tips, you’re wonderful. I can’t wait to see my call up letter on my dashboard. Anywhere I go, I pray for God favor.

  11. I belong to the strong PCM but I’m kinda confused with something about this posting….. While PCM be posted to any of the selected state of choice for deployment or it may fall outside the Selection?

  12. Lola…good afternoon, thanks for the information and everything, please does it mean those of us that have gotten our call up number are are stream 1 and hope they won’t tell some of us to wait for stream 2 , because you said the streams have been divided already, is that true??

  13. I believe all things happen for a reason. Anywhere wey dem like make dem post me, las las, we go dey alright. Arise O’ Compatriot.

  14. Anywhere is ok by me…..
    Pls for us that live very far, if we reach on 17, are they going to allow us enter

  15. Good evening, please i wanted to know, dose marital status guarantee you will stay in the state you filled just wanted to know so i can prepare my mind for anything.

  16. Amao Abdulgafar

    Thanks Mrs. Lola for being updated us up till this moment. Just to inform you that I don’t care any state I find myself, because I am ready to serve my father’s land with all my strength.

  17. Thanks for the constant updates… I believe I’m ready for whatever comes, thanks to your numerous posts. You’re the best.
    But why are comments from March appearing on the new posts??

    1. Adedigba sukurat

      Hello miss Lola I am in batch c stream 2 2021 and have already registered, they have Scan all the documents I need as a married pcm….but they have changed my name to my husband name hope it won’t affect me because it’s not the same with the one on my statement of result

  18. Thank you aunt Lola l have been following up and you are doing a wonderful job. Please l checked my dashboard this morning and I saw sorry you are not on this stream, we will notify you when to print your call-up letter. please what does it mean thanks

  19. It doesn’t matter where am posted,I believe all things work together for good to those that love the lord. I’ll sleep like I’ve never done before. Wake to my chores and go straight for printing by 1pm. I’m not wasting my data on that

  20. Hi Lola, you’ve been keeping us updated, thank you so much!
    I am a PCM who was supposed to go with batch A but didn’t. I didn’t even go to camp then. I re- registered with the then batch A stream 2, but we all know what happened. I would like to know if there’s anything I need to do…or will I be automatically put in this batch B going in Nov?

  21. Anywhere they like they should post it going to be an adventure for me to even know about people’s culture and all and at least give the freedom to even leave home for some times…all way na way oo weytin concern me

  22. Afenge Kingsley Omoikhoa

    I believe God for one thing and this is it “wherever I’m posted to is the best place for me and that it is a part of His plans for me” Jer 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. I will allow God to do what He know how to do best.

    Thanks foral all the info ever since

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