NYSC Green Card – Explanation, Details, And Sample

NYSC Green Card – Explanation, Details, And Sample

The NYSC Green card is one of the most important document for the National Youth service Corps programme and it’s also one of the mandatory documents that you must not leave at home when going to the NYSC Camp.

The NYSC green card is a sensitive document that contains all the details and personal information you filled during the NYSC registration. By the time you read this post to the end, you will have full explanation, details and also see a sample of the Official NYSC Green card. See also: 3 Tips To Protect Your Valuables During NYSC Camp

Below are important information you should know about the NYSC Green card. This Green card below is just a sample for educational Purpose.


Just as you are seeing above, the first part of your NYSC green card will contain your personal information. Your name and other details. You want to make sure the details are correct. See also: Tips For Nursing And Pregnant Women During NYSC Orientation Camp

Address & State Visited

You will see your address, phone number and also states visited which you selected during your NYSC registration.

Other Details

This other details is just to know more about you. You must have passed through these during registration.

Next Of Kin

Here is where you will see the details of your next of Kin. This is necessary in case of emergency or anything. See also: 5 Reasons You Should Not Carry Your Laptop To NYSC Camp

Educational Qualification

This is where you will see your education qualification details.

Kit Specification

The last part of the NYSC Green card contains details of the NYSC skit you filled during registration.

Below is the full official NYSC Green card sample.

That is all you need to know about the NYSC Green Card. If you have any question, you can use the comment box below.

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  1. Idowu Tolulope

    Please, what of us that requested for a change of class of degree, firstly, like when it be changed? Also, are we to reprint the green slip? Thanks

  2. Can I print the green card the same time with my call up letter..again is there any special time to print green card

  3. I asked a question before and i have not Received a response so i’ll ask again

    Hello, I have a question

    I am yet to collect my waec result from my secondary school, the school is withholding it due to some issues

    Will the normal Online print out be accepted on camp.

  4. If payment hasn’t been mad, can a PCM still get the green card?

  5. Anambra
    Kebbi Rivers Plateau Ebonyi

  6. hello ma, plz can i make use of my 2018 batch c green card???
    i just did my revalidation..

  7. Edo
    Kogi, kaduna delta and enugun

  8. Can I print the green card twice.since I lost the first print out to criminal

  9. Anambra
    kebbi, Ebonyi, plateau, rivers

  10. chukwulobe Winifred

    state of origin Anambra.
    institution of study Federal polytechnic Bida, Niger state.
    choice of state: Nasarawa, Ogun, Kaduna and Enugu state

  11. In my educational qualification, I saw from 0 to 2018. How can I correct it pls

  12. s. o. origin. Lagos.
    institution. ogun.
    anambra, kogi,ekiti,kano

  13. I saw from 0 to 2018 in my green card as it regards my institution information, pls how can I get that corrected?

  14. Kano,Kwara and Edo

  15. okay lola, thanks for your respond

  16. Where am I likely to be posted.
    State of Origin: Ebonyi
    state of institution: Ebonyi.
    choice of State: Nasarawa, akwo ibom, Kaduna and anambra?

  17. Dan'azumi Bello

    Good day ma when the are exactly date of orientation camp.

  18. Olaoluwa Olujide

    Good evening m, thank you for all the information given to us so far, please someone that should finish in year 2016 but due to some issue in school the person finished in 2017, what year should the person fill online in tertiary institution space

  19. Dan'azumi Bello

    Hello madam when was the call up letter would be out so that we should get prepared thanks for your assistances.

  20. State of origin,Delta, State of institution:Lagos, Choice of States:Kano,Kwara and Edo

  21. My state of origin is Enugu but am seeing Imo State . How do I correct it

  22. Dan'azumi Bello

    Hello ma pls am seen date 18th of June is the orientation camp is true thanks for understanding and information

  23. Nufaiyul Babankanwa

    Hello lola, I chose
    Bauchi, plateau, osun, akwa ibom

  24. Nufaiyul Babankanwa

    Hello lola, My state of origin is Kano and I chose
    Bauchi, plateau, osun, akwa ibom

  25. Origin: Oyo
    Institution: Sokoto
    Kwara, Kebbi, Edo and Ogun

  26. I’m from Katsina.
    Institution Kaduna state.
    Deployment States: I selected Borno, Oyo, Nasarawa, Rivers.
    Where Will I likely be posted?

  27. Dan'azumi Bello

    Hello ma I was try to know like I so date of orientation camp on 18th of June is true thanks

  28. Pls Who is to sign the green card

  29. Please on my statement of result my First name was put in place of my Middle name and Middle in place of First and I effected the change on my dashboard but all my other documents like I.D card, BVN still maintain my first name. Will this be a problem?

  30. State of Origin: Logo
    Institution: Ibadan
    Choice of State: Kaduna, Akwa-Ibom, Plateau, Ogun.

  31. Sorry mistake State of Origin is Kogi

  32. Good day, pls i was not in the cafe when my payment was made the receipt was only sent to my mail how can I print my green card and the date of birth used is 1989 exactly 30 years will that be accepted ?

  33. State Adamawa. Institution:Adamawa. Choice of state:Nasarawa,Kano,rivers,enugu

  34. State. Anambra
    Institution Anambra
    Choice of state.. Benue, jigawa, Rivers, Enugu

  35. Opeyemi Oshinyemi

    SoO: Kwara
    Institution: Kwara
    CoS: Delta, Kaduna, Niger, and Oyo.

  36. Hello ma plz, due to my age, I graduated 2016 but due to some issues with some of my courses, missing scripts, I rewrote those exams again last year and I have just been mobilized, my result shows 2018 as year of graduation instead of 2016probably due to d issues, now im 31,though in my jamb regularization I did 2017 my age was reduced, upon registration for nysc, I used same age, plz will I still serve?

  37. state of origin:ondo
    Choice of state:akwa ibom, Lagos, kaduna, plateau, ibadan

  38. During registration is there any thing like bank charges?

  39. Pls. When is the date for the batch orientation camp,

  40. I observed that the year I started institution was zero and the year I graduated was correct, can this affect me or will I need to do anything to correct it because is already showing on my green card sent to me

  41. Playing I have an issue, when filling the kits requirements, I made a mistake in my waist measurement for trouser, playing how do I correct it?

  42. Ukwenya faith uyo

    I graduated with second class upper but I’m seen second class lower I retified it yesterday but it still pending yesterday they gave me some state which I picked they sent me a green card but the green card is still carrying second class lower what should I do

  43. Please ma, if I mistakenly input a wrong secondary school attended will I not affect me in camp

  44. State of origin Ogun
    And school in both Ogun and osun
    And chose Oyo,anambra,Niger and kano can u tell me the state I will be posted

  45. My Specification detail being left blank on my green card won’t b an issue On camp.. Will it?

  46. my Kit specification details isn’t showing on my green card after registration… what must i do to fix this…

    • Please during my registration, my year of Admission was omitted…hope this will not affect me in any way during camping and after.

  47. Abraham Peter Ovie

    I printed my green card i didn’t see my kits specification details,pls what should I do?

  48. Good day please reply me urgently, i applied for class degree correction on my dash board is showing approved..but I’ve been trying to reprint my green card because i only downloaded it before i saw the error..should go ahead and print the downloaded one with the error..please ma answer me..hope it won’t delay my callup letter

  49. Olanshile Riliwan Opeyemi

    Please…I omitted some information on my green card…please how can I rectify it

  50. Please miss/ Mrs Lola I want to ask about error in my dashboard I fill the date of graduated with 2020 and when I want to print the green card is showing 2021 mean while I fill 2014/2020 is now showing 2 2020 and 2021 what should I do am confused

  51. I was admitted 2019 for my HND program and I graduated 2021 but the cafe man input when I started my ND program which was 2016 to my year of graduation so the green card come in as: Institution from 2016-2021,instead of 2019-2021
    Will it be an issue in camp

  52. Dear Lola, my green card doesn’t show my kits specification. Please what do you advise. Also must must my fitness certificate carry same name as my green card especially for the married?

  53. Dear Lola, my green card doesn’t contain the kit specifications, please what do you advise?

  54. Good day,please a friend of mine made a mistake during the NYSC registration with her place of birth ,she fill in ogun state instead of Lagos she also fill in Waec instead of GCE
    And lastly with her signature the registrar just formed a signature for her cuz the laptop he Was using die down .

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