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NYSC March 2019 Allowance Updates

This is an update regarding the NYSC allowance for March 2019. You have probably been checking your phone to receive the alert while many have even visited their banks to confirm in case their March Allawee alert did not show on their phones.

For everyone who haven’t seen an alert already, you should just be expectant because the alert can enter just anytime from now.

What is causing the delay, we don’t know but you should be aware that your March allowance is currently in process. Just stay at alert for an alert from the federal Govt.

There has been rumour that this month allowance will not be paid due to logistic reasons and by April, you will get double. The rumour is not true. Just ignore it.

The Minimum wage has been approved and there has been promises that once the minimum wage go up, the NYSC allowance will increase too. However, there has not been any official announcement so far as to the amount that will be paid for this month.

We can’t decide either the NYSC allowance has been increased until Corps members sees the alert on the increment. You all should chill and expect your March allowance any moment from now.

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  1. Hi Lola,
    Thanks for the information sofar..
    I was refused from registering in the camp BC of my License… I have made arrangement and it will get to me on today or tomorrow..
    Pls do you now if portal will still be open for registration in camp.

  2. Having issues assessing my ppa letter from my dashboard

  3. Hello lola, do I need to open a new bank account just for nysc allowee or can I use the account and bank I already have?

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