NYSC Official Vital Details For Batch B PCM

NYSC Official Vital Details For Batch B PCM – Vital & Important


The NYSC official vital details for Batch B PCM is about some highly important information you need to know about to avoid stress and stories that touch.

Please pay attention and read between the lines for full understanding and don’t miss out anything.

The first thing to know is that if you are yet to see your call up letter by now, then you are not Stream Ia.

Below is a public notice by the management:

In line with COVID-19 Protocols, those of you who are yet to see print Call-up Letter link on your dashboard are to note that you have been scheduled for subsequent Streams.

You will be notified at the appropriate time, also continue to check your dashboard for more Information.


If you are still yet to see your call-up letter on your dashboard by now, it simply means you are not in this stream that will go by November 10th. [See also: NYSC 2020 Batch B Stream IA Orientation Course – Official Vital Updates]

Vital Information On Call-Up

Please and please, check your call-up letter and adhere strictly to the information on it. Read your call-up letter from A-Z and pay attention to all details.

Some call-up letters carries a different state and a different Orientation camp. Some carries different date for reporting to camp.

Do not use the information in your friend’s call-up letter for direction or anything. Make sure you check your own call-up letter and use the information in it.

If you are deployed to Lagos and your call-up letter carries Ekiti, please report to Ekiti camp. Check the address of your orientation camp and report there for camp.

Also, if your call-up letter says you should report to camp on 13th, kindly go to camp on 13th. Don’t get on 10th or 11th or even 12th. Go on 13th as stated on your call-up letter.

Call-up letter Disappearing or Unclickable

If you have seen your call-up letter before but you try to check again and it disappeared or the link to print the call-up letter is not clickable from your dashboard.

This might be a technical issue or maybe you are not Stream Ia. Keep trying and if it’s still the same thing, then it’s confirmed that you will go with batch B Stream Ib.

If you are seeing this message below on your dashboard, the fact is you are not going with this stream.

‘Inline with covid19 protocol, kindly note that you have been scheduled for subsequent streams. You will be notified at the appropriate time.’

If you are getting this message on your dashboard too, it simply means you will go with subsequent Streams. Either stream Ib or Stream II. [See also: NYSC 2020 Batch B Call-Up Letter – Finally Out]

Official Subsequent Streams Camp Dates

NYSC Batch B Stream Ib will be going to camp by December 3rd – 22nd 2020.

NYSC Stream II will be going to camp by January 5th 2021.

In summary, no matter what your dashboard is saying, if you are still unable to print by now, then you should wait for subsequent streams.

Some people have been asking why exactly are not with the stream I even though they registered since February.

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  1. So if they post pone us till January does that mean we have to go from January to December or we will end in March which is when we actually registered!?!?! 😭😭😭

  2. Good afternoon princess Lola, please help me, all my documents carry three names but my green card carry two names this are the names in my documents :Etteisa Grace Effiong, why green card is Effiong Grace. Please with this affect in camp during registration

  3. Please how sure is the date for stream 1b… Before I start some other things doing.

  4. Hello NYSC management please all 2020 PCM’s Batch B streams 1A. 1B & stream 11… We demand to be treated very good.I think what Nysc management has to do now is to assist us arrange all these issues on our dashboard. Let everyone know his/her streams where belonging to not when call-up letter is available we be running out of control. Come to note that some of people here did their registration before the effect of COVID-19 in Nigeria since March that was original Batch A stream 11.Letter converted to Batch B still yet we don’t know the streams we are going with plz let it shows in our dashboard. Thanks Nysc DG and God bless our nation…

  5. Please when is the portal going to open for a fresh graduate to register for the NYSC program

  6. How do I know the stream I belong to. I register since February for Batch A but I have not been mobilized.

  7. When will fresh registration start.

  8. About fitness certificate, can maritime academy medical centre be accepted accepted

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