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NYSC Redeployment Letter Sample is a very good guide for Corps members so as to know and have an idea of how the letter will look like and also the content that will be on it. It will be my very please to show you some NYSC redeployment letter sample that will be useful for you. If you have been looking around online about NYSC redeployment letter sample or you have been asking yourself, how will you write the letter, your search ends here.

Let’s talk briefly about NYSC relocation and redeployment. I will talk about it briefly here because my purpose is to show you the NYSC redeployment letter sample. If you want to read more about the NYSC portal relocation, this article will tell you all you need to know.

ON Relocation

Relocation and redeployment of corp members is a thing that is open to any corp member that is willing to take it. NYSC has made it in such a way that if any prospective corp member has genuine reasons why he/she should not serve in the state they have been posted to, such corper has the right to request for a change of state. And that’s exactly what is called “NYSC Redeployment/Relocation“. But mind you, such reasons must be genuine and reasonable.

The original intention for the creation of NYSC is that youths may move out entirely from their cultural environment to mix with people of other cultural heritage. But youths of today want to serve in their own desired state. Therefore they are now found of forming different lies and assumptions. Because of this, NYSC had made redeployment possible only on 3 conditions.

Medical Ground

If as a corp member, you are having a medical problem that could pose a threat to your life in the environment you have been posted, you have the right to apply for redeployment based on the medical ground. But the medical issues must be reasonable and to some extent, life-threatening before your application can be considered. “You can not say you don’t want to be posted to the north because you do have menstrual pain”. Nobody will listen to you. And mind you, you are still going to face an interview before the approval of your application.

Marital Ground

This option is only available for married female corpers who are willing to be redeployed to the sate where their husband and family resides. Before you can be considered on the marital ground, you must provide the following:

  • Your marriage certificate
  • Evidence of change of name in any of the National Newspapers
  • A letter from your husband’s office to prove that he really resides there and work there.
  • A hand-written application letter (you are going to see a sample of this at the end of this post)
  • A relocation form which is going to be given to you on camp

Security Ground

Some states are presently facing serious security challenges. Therefore, NYSC had made a provision for any corp member who wants to be excluded from serving in such states. States like Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Gombe and some of the northern states are real danger zones for corp members. Those states presently not save for corp members to serve because of the Boko-haram insurgency. Any corper serving there are doing so at their own risk.

The only requirement to apply for relocation in such case is filling the relocation form. If you refuse to fill the relocation form when others are doing so, you will definitely not be relocated; you will have to serve in the state.

How To Apply

For you to be considered for relocation, you must have filled and submitted the relocation form and attach the required documents to it. This form will be given to any interested corp member that requested for it (that is some days after everyone is through with their registrations). It will be announced anyway. So you have to be attentive and alert to know when it will be available for collection. Because if you fail to fill the form, then relocation is a “NO” for you.

Now you have an idea of what NYSC relocation is, let me show you the NYSC redeployment letter sample.

NYSC Redeployment Letter Sample

Below are various NYSC redeployment letter sample you are going to be given and samples of the hand-written application you are to attach to it.

Note: these letter here are NYSC redeployment letter sample, you will have to fill in your own details instead of the ones on the sample letter. The NYSC redeployment letter sample below are just for educational purpose and for you to have an idea of how it looks like and the format.

Now you have seen the NYSC redeployment letter sample. If you have any questions, ask me below. Please share!

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  1. Can someone get a redeployment without the aforementioned reasons? I mean even thru the back door.

  2. Uchechi Charles

    Aunty Lola I was been posted to Delta state but I already work with a clearing and forwarding company here in Lagos. And my company wants me to attend the 3 weeks orientation camp and come back to work because of the position I occupy. What do I need to do pls

  3. for a pregnant woman, will she also stay in camp until the relocation form are been given out. although I have been posted to camp in d state where my husband is residing, but how can I be posted to d LGA where he is living for my PPA

  4. So once one is done with registration at the camp, application for redeployment can be made?

  5. Anty Lola I been posted to yobe state and I don’t want to serve there because of insecurity. Please should I do to get it work

  6. Adeleke Oluwatosin boluwatife

    Aunty Lola please they posted me to ekiti, and am pregnant. And I don’t have any certificate to render. My wedding is next month. I don’t know if I can tender the wedding certificate for the redeployment. Thanks.

  7. Aunty Lola pls is redeployment from Adamawa state based on security automatic as well?
    Will they consider it as a genuine reason?

  8. Lola abeg u want relocate base on security reason I dey katsina camp nd I wan relocate to Edo state

  9. My wedding is coming up soon and I have been posted to Sokoto, can I still process my redeployment after the wedding?

  10. Aunty Lola pls can I redeploy on security reasons in Kano

  11. Lola, please i want to know if medical certificate of fitness and medical report are two different documents. Also I care to know their uses in NYSC

  12. Good morning Lola,please I’m in Kaduna but want to redeploy based on no health issue other than extreme cold and me not really feeling safe in the state. Is this possible?

  13. Akinsola olusegun

    I am posted to Kebbi is automatic redeploy

  14. Hi Lola,am posted to bauchi.can I redeploy for lack of security

  15. Aunty Lola I registered as a married woman and uploaded all the necessary documents to show that my hubby based in Lagos but was still posted to Edo state pls what can I do about DAT and am also a nursing mother

  16. Please when will the 2019 Batch C Stream II finish orientation camp?

  17. pls I left my ppa after 4 months in Anambra.I’m in Ogun state currently. I wanted to go back but i was unable can I still redeploy if so how.pls

    • Once you have spent over 3 months, you cannot apply again

      • Good day aunty Lola, am a corp member posted to Bauchi state for Batch B,stream 1. I applied for relocation during camp based on health but wasnt granted, so immediately after camp like a week after,I applied online and more than a month now,it’s still in process. Although I didn’t resume to my PPA and I told my LGI but she is nt responding well. What can I do? I don’t want to go bk to Bauchi state

  18. Good Aunty Lola. Am married but posted to Kastina although I do not upload all required documents, but can I still get automatic posting to Lagos where my husband is and how can I go about it.


  19. Aunty Lola pls when is our relocation letter will be out…bcos we are have not seen it in dashboard.pls when should we be expecting it

  20. Please there is no redeployment letter sample for security reasons

  21. Hello Lola I have just been posted to kwara state, and I’m in relationship. Probably be getting married by October can I still redeploy after staying for that long, that is after my wedding can I redeploy

  22. Good morning Ma please I’ve a bone fracture in my leg & I want to know maybe they will consider it for excuse to redeploy

  23. Pls I am posted to yobe state and I want to redeploy to another state, should I write based on security and medical report or I should just use medical report alone

  24. Amadi gift wordi

    Please I was posted in osun state.i lost my dad and the only child of my parents,my mum is aged I also have a son of one year old and not yet married to the man what can I do

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  26. Good day madam Lola, A friend was posted to Benue state but the Local Govt. where she is, is not safe for now and she has spent 3 months already, can she still apply on Insecurity and what are the required document?

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  28. Elizabeth Viwutu Ayeleso

    Good day Lola, I applied for relocation because of my health issues but its showing on my dashboard that the application is Processing and its two weeks already though I got a PPA letter but I’m yet to report. Please what do I do about it

  29. Aunty lola
    I’ve been posted to Bayelsa and was unable to relocate, now I have to wait till after three months for redeployment. Will I be able to relocate based on having someone (my dad) that I want to care for .
    Secondly I’ve applied for relocation online and it has been stuck in processing for three weeks. Can I cancel the relocation and change my reason

  30. Lola, please can I redeploy from Abia State to another state based on insecurity?

  31. Nwagbogwu Esther nkem

    I have a question, Niger state was my place of service ,so I took relocation letter, and after three weeks in camp , already have been relocated to Edo state,base on reasons I decided to stay to I cancel my relocation, today will be 5 days,no reply from them, what should I do

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