NYSC Registration Form Sample

NYSC Registration Form Sample (Educational Purpose Only)

This NYSC Registration Form Sample will show you how the form looks like. Information is very good you know. Somebody says “If you are not informed, you will be deformed” We do not want you to miss out of anything. That is why we are making a sample of the form you will fill when the NYSC registration portal Opens. See also: How To Make Money With NYSC Registration (Legit! Up to #270, 000)

This is a sample of the NYSC registration form that all Prospective Corps members should expect to fill when the portal is open…

By this, you will know the information you need to recollect and some things to find.

Many prospective Corp members might want to ask why a sample of nysc registration form, or maybe why do i need a nysc registration form template and many more questions. The simple answer to that is so that you can be prepared. The format for nysc online registration is an open 2b form and seeing it or having the idea ahead makes NYSC online registration pretty easy for you.

If you are searching for nysc registration form pdf, sample of nysc registration form pdf, how to fill nysc form 2b, nysc registration template pdf, nysc registration form 2018 or maybe nysc form 2019, the answer is right there below.

Before i show you the picture below, let me show you the
NYSC Registration Form Sample . See also: NYSC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fill NYSC Form 2B

Filling the NYSC form 2b is just as simple as filling a normal form. Just that the information requested from you have to provided accurately. Check what is in the form below and get them prepare before registration begins and then you write each answers in the box.

NYSC Registration Form Sample

1. Jamb Reg number
2. Matric No
3. First Name
4. Middle name
5. Surname
6. Date of Birth
7. Place of Birth
8. Gender
9. Marital Status
10. Blood group
11. Genotype
12. Signature
13. E-mail address
14. States you wish to serve
15. Already Have a Previous Call-up?: Yes or No
16. Passport
17. Physically Challenged?: yes or no
18. Nationality
19. State of origin
20. Local Government Area
21. Present contact Address
22. Permanent Address
23. Town/ village


1. Name
2. Relationship
3. GSM number
4. Address
5. Town
6. State

1. Name
2. Relationship
3. GSM number
4. Address
5. Town
6. State


Primary school details.
1. From
2. To
3. Award
4. Date of graduation

Secondary school details.
1. From
2. To
3. Award
4. Date of Graduation


1. Institution
2. From
3. To
4. Course
5. Award




1. Are you a serving member of Nigerian?

2. Armed Force (NAF, NA, or NAVY) and served for minimum of 9 months?: Yes or No

3. Are you a serving member of National Intelligence?: yes or no

4. Agency (NIA)? Yes No

5. Are you a serving member of Nigerian Police Force (NPF)?: Yes or No.

6. Are you a National Awardee?: Yes or No

7. Nigerian Language(s) you speak

Nigerian State(s)


1 Small 30-32 32-35 12-14
2 Medium 32-33 36-38 14-15
3 Large 35-36 38-40 15-16
4 X-Large 36-38 40-42 16-17
5. XXLarge 38-40 44-46 18-20

1 Small 40-41 28-32 18-20
2 Medium 41-42 34-36 20-21
3 Large 42-43 36-38 21-22
4 X-Large 43-44 38-38 22-23

See the NYSC sample form PDF below:

If you have any questions, just ask me below:

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  1. Any fee for the registration???

  2. What do I do ?
    I’m going with second batch but my name came out with first batch
    But I declined it via I wasn’t ready?
    Do I have have to do anything to serve in my preferred date considering the fact that I’m married?

  3. Olanipekun dunni

    Pls what is the meaning of kit specification

  4. Is the genotype necessary

  5. Pls what award is nysc talking about in institution attended in the nysc identification form. Thanks

  6. Pls how much exactly do pcm pay to nync acct.

  7. The kit specifications is in two options which one is d crested shirt and which is d jacket.

  8. That size aspect, why are there 2 sections?

  9. Bamidele oluwabunmi

    Hi Lola please my question is about institution attended…. I finished 2009 but did make my waec result from the school I graduated from so I re- enrol in another for the exam. So my question is which one am I to input during registration and what about the year…. Am confused

  10. Due to the fact that the senate list is not out yet, can we still register tomorrow?

  11. please what about foreign PMC registration

  12. please if I don’t want to go with this batch C stream 1..how can I decline

  13. Please what does this From to award means under institution

  14. There is no field for Exemption in the form. Is this how the form use to be before. I am asking to know if age is no longer a limitation for going for NYSC

  15. Do we have to print out the form to fill it out? Or is it just online

  16. Hi Lola,pls I change my secondary when I was in ss3 to anoda school so I can write my waec exam.but d issue now is I can’t remember d date for the graduation.and HV tried to get it but I couldn’t.pls what do u suggest I do.

  17. Does the Jamb registration number apply to foreign trained graduates too?

  18. Lola princess happy Sunday, pls I want confirm weather 21st for the online registration batch c will still commence because uptill now no Senate list have been updated on nysc portal.
    Pls do we still hv hope by tomorrow to commence registration

  19. What if I cant remember my jamb registration

  20. I want to ask If there is any mistakes you made during the registration , will there be any room for correction later?

  21. I don’t want my husband surname to appear on my nysc certificate. What should I do?. I learnt people who filled married on their form end up wit their husband surname on their certificate

  22. please why are there two columns for kits specifications

  23. Please ma, I can’t see genotype and blood group on the form sample, I don’t know mine yet, does that mean I must get a medical certificate before I register?

  24. Tirimisiyu mutairu

    Good morning, pls wen I did my jamb regularization the DOB that I filled was 14th June but wen I printed the regularization documents I saw 13th of June. am I going to use the one I filled myself or the one I saw on my regularization document that I printed.

  25. Hi Lola, I am for Exemption. Do I still have to pay the 3000 Naira during registration

  26. Please I did name rearrangement how long does it take to change

  27. Princess Adeyinka

    Hello! Please am confused about that correction of date of birth, are you trying to say that if the date of birth on my weac result is not corresponding with the one on my birth certificate? Or what? but if the date on the dashboard is correct. Did we need to do any correction again or we should leave like that?

  28. can one serve in the NYSC as a paramilitary personnel without getting caught

  29. my DOB is different from what is in my JAMB PROFILE, pls what should i do ?

  30. Please how can I get the green card

  31. Will I get the green card imediately I register

  32. Can 2020 batch A senate list be used for batch b registration

  33. Good morning Mrs Lola pls have completed my nysc registration but the problem I’m having is that my marital approval is still showing pending and on my green card my initial surname is still showing instead of my husband surname and I don’t know what to do or when they will approve my marital status

  34. Inyang Peter Ayang

    Is the column for primary school for foreign graduate only?

  35. Please i used different years in registration and regularizations I used 1991when am doing jamb registration and when am doing jamb regularization i decided to change year i now put 1992 when the Senate list now came they put 1991 i want know if there is any problem with that

  36. Please Lola, when filling the form as married, is it okay I also put my husband’s local government and permanent address as my own. I want to be sure or I should continue with my former address.

  37. Hi miss Lola I tried to register for batch c stream ii but it’s saying my name is on the stream ii however my school has not submitted hard copy I should be patient. Please ma does this mean I can’t register?

  38. Hello,pls if I want to register as a married PCM,do I use the name on my school result,which is my single name or I’ll use my name after I got married

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