How To Do NYSC Registration For Free Without Paying at Any Center

A 100% working trick on How To Do NYSC Registration For Free Without Paying at any Center. Pay close attention. This is just a fault in various centers and cyber cafe that you can make use of.

Note: If you have your money, you should pay because these centers are burning fuels, paying for their network and other things. So they deserved to be paid. See also: Top 10 Scam Methods Prospective Corps Members Should Not Fall For

However, let say the center or cyber cafe you want to register is asking for too much money because they see crowds and you want to get passed the payment.

Or let say you don’t have money. Sometimes, people can be broke off course. Or let say you just don’t like the way those cyber cafe staffs are behaving rudely to fellow graduates and you want to make sure they pay for that.

Keep reading, there is something you can do. There is a way you can do your registration and get away with it. See also: Top 10 Reasons People Hustle To Do NYSC In Lagos

Important things to note.

  • This trick is meant for the above set of people and not for everybody.
  • This tutorial is a way to get you passed payments and also a way to get registration centers and cyber cafe to upgrade the security levels of their centers.
  • NYSC news is not responsible for any outcome you get thereafter.
  • This is strictly for educational purposes.

So let’s go to the trick

Firstly, you have to be sure that you have a system and a working network. Either your modem or your mobile hotspot. Or you have a friend who has those.

Pay attention!!!

The only reason why you might not do the registration by yourself is because of the thumbprint process. There is an aspect of the form that your fingerprints will be verified. Professionally, it’s called Bio-metric verification. You need a fingerprint scanner to do that

Once you use their external Bio-metric verification gadget to get passed the fingerprint process, you can then go home to complete your NYSC registration.

The NYSC registration Form I automatically saving each process you have passed through. So after the fingerprint process, you go home and log in, you will continue where you stopped.

So when you enter that cafe or the place you are registering, target the fingerprint process.

Once you are done with the fingerprint stuff, pick a fake call or create an emergency (need to use the bathroom or whatever) and just walk out telling them you will be back or you have to attend to a call.

Then go home and complete the registration anytime you want.

Some centers will ask for money before they even attend to you. If you are in such a center, you just have to pay. See also: Top 10 Things All Prospective Corps Members Should Do Now

But in a dulling center, use the trick and buy a soft drink for that guy later.

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7 thoughts on “How To Do NYSC Registration For Free Without Paying at Any Center”

  1. What if you are having a phone that can thumb print. Can somome still go ahead and do it by his or her self?

  2. Which type of scanner do we use, because i have a friend who has a finger print scanner but i dont knw whether it will be accepted?

  3. 😃 Looks like we’re scamming them. Lol.

    It really made sense shaaa… Nice one.

    Well, I am considering buying a laptop and a finger print scanner before then.

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