NYSC Registration Requirements

NYSC Registration Requirements

This NYSC Registration Requirement is a piece of very important information and you should kindly pay close attention to every detail.
In order to ensure a seamless registration, prospective corps members are to note the following for strict compliance:

1. The Website address is any of the following:

  • www.nysc.gov.ng
  • nysc.org.ng
  • portal.nysc.org.ng

2. Prospective Corps members should ensure that they have functional e-mail addresses that they can access and Nigerian (GSM) telephone numbers with which to register. They will use the Email address and password to login to the NYSC portal subsequently and so are advised to keep it safe. [Read also: NYSC Registration Biometric Requirements – OFFICIAL]

3. Locally trained prospective Corps members are expected to use correct Matriculation numbers to register

4. For locally-trained graduates, only those whose names appear in the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists submitted by their Institutions will have access to the register on the NYSC portal.

5. Foreign-trained prospective corps members/those who acquired on-line qualifications should ensure that their Institutions are accredited. They should approach Federal Ministry of Education for evaluation. The letter of evaluation must be uploaded during registration. [Read also: Best Ways Avoid Hard-To-Rectify Mistakes During NYSC Registration]

6. Those who graduated from Institutions outside Nigeria, (Foreign-trained graduates) or obtained on-line foreign certifications, are to visit the NYSC portal, register and upload the following documents:

  • West African School Certificate(WASC) (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent; or General Certificate of Education (GCE O’ Level) (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent; or NECO (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent; or
  • High School Diploma or its equivalent.
  • First Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate (Second Degree or Ph.D not necessary).
  • Complete Official Transcript of the first Degree or HND.
  • International travelling Passport showing personal data page and date of departure.
  • ATTESTATION LETTERS OR TESTIMONIALS are not acceptable in lieu of original Degree/HND Certificates.
  • All working class Graduates and graduates of on-line foreign qualifications are required to upload their original ADMISSION
  • LETTERS and LETTER OF APPROVAL from their respective employers to undertake their courses, as the case may be.
  • All graduates of Medicine and other health related courses such as Nursing Science, Laboratory Science, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy etc
  • MUST posses and upload current-professional license. Expired license is not acceptable for mobilization.

7. It is the responsibility of the prospective corps members who studied in non-English speaking countries to get their Certificates and Transcripts translated into English language before uploading. Such translation must be done in the accredited Institutions or Embassies.

8. All graduates of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Physiotheraphy, Radiology, Optometry, Medical Laboratory Science and Pharmacy are expected to have their Certificates of Registration with their professional bodies. Payment receipts are not acceptable.

9. Unlike in the past, Foreign-trained graduates should NOT visit NYSC Headquarters, Abuja for verification of their documents. This exercise will now be done at the Orientation Camps. They should simply print their call-up letters on-line and report at the Orientation camps in their States of deployment, but should come to the camp with the original documents they uploaded for verification.

10. Anybody who presents any fake document will be demobilized and decamped and handed over to law enforcement agencies for prosecution.

11. Prospective corps members should ensure that Passport photographs used meet the following specifications:

a. Ensure your face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth and jaw) is fully shown without bending
b. Ensure the picture fills the frame and centralized
c. Ensure the Photo background is white or off-white with no shadow.

12. On no account should prospective corps members register by PROXY. They should also remember the fingers used for their biometric capturing as these will be used for verification at the orientation camps. Those who cannot be verified with their biometric at the orientation camp will not be registered.

13. Only prospective corps members who want their call-up numbers sent to them through SMS and wish to PRINT their call-up letters on-line are expected to pay N2,786.24 (see NYSC Portal on how to make payment).

14. Prospective Corps members who do not want to pay the N2,786.24 have the option of going to their schools to collect their call-up numbers and call-up letters.

15. All prospective corps members who paid for the online registration before but were not mobilized need not pay again.

16. Married female prospective corps members (whether locally or foreign-trained) should upload copies of their marriage Certificates, evidence of Change of name and their husbands’ place of domicile during registration.

17. The orientation camp is highly not ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers. Prospective corps members in this categoriy are therefore to note that they will not be accommodated.

18. Prospective corps members who graduated from Institutions located in the following Geo-Political Zones with challenges related to mobilization should contact the following Telephone Numbers.

  • North Central – 08092142614
  • North East – 08102790538
  • North West – 08092142661
  • South East – 09038034460
  • South West – 08092142616
  • South South – 07018836388

19. All Part-time graduates are expected to register online and wait for collection of their Letter of Exclusion at their various Institutions. For those willing to print the Letter of Exclusion online, this can be done on payment of N2,786.24 only.

20. Foreign-Trained graduates are to use Nigerian Phone numbers during the online registration.


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    • Hi Lola… Is is compulsory to have our HND certificate at hand before we can participate in the registration? Because we’ve not been able to even start clearance in my school no to talk of collecting certificates… But our names have already been mobilized. Please what are my chances o

  1. We were just started filing mobilization form in my School, is there a chance, we might go with Batch A

  2. Please, from the moment the portal is opened for reg, how long would it be accessible?

  3. Good morning Lola, pls how many passports does one need for nysc

  4. pls is it compulsory that the passport background must be white?

  5. I have checked the maticulation list and it show congratulations that am on the list but on the Senate list it still showing am not marticulated wats the problem pls.But our school have not release it senate list still on progress.

  6. Hello Lola.
    Is there really batch C2?

  7. Please how do I apply for correction of name For nysc? cos my name went to error list as I didn’t make it in the last batch.

  8. Can a sick Corp member get an absent for some days,during camp based on doctors appointment

  9. Lola, please when will the online registration start and how long will it take before I can print out my exclusion letter ( I’m a part time graduate).

  10. Please is it visible o go with this batch cos my department is yet to send my name to Senate and my clearance is starting on the 21st of this month can I still register

  11. Why did they say that pregnant female will not be allowed in the camp?

  12. Am Pregnant, married traditionally not white wedding, is there chances of them posting me to my husband’s location, even after registration?

  13. Hi Lola
    Pls if I want to go for batch C stream 2, am I to register when stream 1 is registering or there will be a separate registration for stream 2

  14. Hi lola , for married corp member that wants to register for batch c, which surname can one use. The husand surname or her father surname? Cos in the school document it her fathers name?

  15. Hi Lola.
    On the NYSC Senate list site I see my informations except in the section of status it shows ‘The JAMB Reg Number does not Exist. How can this be fixed pls? What do I have to do?

  16. hi lola please is the senate accessible now or is it until the 21th of oct

  17. hi lola
    pls can i follow batch c stream 2 after registering on batch c stream 1,becoz i dont want to follow batch c stream 1???

  18. Pls when is the portal going to be open for batch c

  19. Lola, please do we need the Nysc Medical Certificate for registeration or we should just take it to camp. And when is it advisable to do it


  21. Hi Lola pls when will nysc batch c stream 1 portal close

  22. NWAOKOLO Winifred

    Hi Lola, thanks for all you do.
    Please how many passport photographs do we need?

  23. Please which month did they postpone batch C to because i have been on it since 12:00 and it is still saying NO ACTIVE REGISTRATION

  24. Chivozor Edisemi Juliet

    Good morning Lola pls how long does it take for call-up letter to be out is it immediately after successful registration or it will be sent later

  25. Good day Lola, please can you help me with the link to check maybe my name is among those that senate have approved for NYSC, i graduated from Fed. Univ. Of Tech. Minna

  26. Lola, please I’m a part time student and my name appeared on the approved senate list and I proceeded for. Registration, it’s still telling me record not found… What could I’ve happened and what can be done to correct that?

  27. Pls Lola,is weac certificate included in the credentials u will summit in the camp for physical verification

  28. i go to register at my near cafe and i have reciept rimeter call of later but my number of call of later they aviod to release why?

  29. I can’t seem to find my WAEC statement of results. Is this really important and for what stage of the process.
    Also what can I do to get a new one.

  30. Good morning. My wife can present the marriage certificate. Which one is husband place of domicile. And I believe is affidavit of change of name that will be in place of evidence of change of name. Pls explain husband place of domicile

  31. pls this marriage certificate required, is it church or court certificate, and again after I got married i still use my name I didn’t change it, do I still need an evidence for name change

  32. Hi Lola
    I am a foreign student please where is the verification of results and screening taking place is it at the camp or where?

  33. Hi Lola, please what are the instructions for revalidation? What are the procedures on the portal?

  34. Hi Lola, I studied abroad, and it’s taking my uni time to send my transcript down to Nigeria. I really want to register with batch A 2020. What should I do ?

  35. Pls ma,am married. I did a change of name,my first name supposed to come after the surname but my other name came before it but when I changed my bank and Bvn details it was arranged properly.

    E.g former name. okeke Chioma slyvia
    Changed name.udeh slyvia Chioma
    Bank&Bvn.Udeh Chioma slyvia
    Pls will it affect me during registration because the changed name is what I bear on my court affidavit and letter of domicile

    • Hello dear, please I want to know if it was ur Fathers name ( that is the name you bear before u get married) that was uploaded for you.
      Then did you change it to ur husband’s name during online registration or u went ahead with ur father’s name?
      Lastly, how do one get the letter showing evidence of husband’s place of domicile? Thank you

  36. Hi Lola, can i use my statement of result in camp?
    My certificate is not yet ready.

  37. Hi Lola please help i don’t want to register with this batch (batch A) I want to know if this batch will have streams.. thanks

  38. Hi Lola, I want to register with this batch online, how can I open an account in order for me to log in?

  39. Hi Lola,thanks for the good work you do.
    Please how can one get evidence of husband place of domicile?

    Then my school used my father’s name as I have not changed name in my school to mobilze me. Going ahead to put the same name( Father name) on the online registration will it affect me as I will be posting evidence of change of name and marriage certificate or do I register with my husband’s name? Please answer me am confused

  40. Lola pls have graduated since 2019 but we don’t understand my school pls how do I check if my name is already on the senate list cos have collected my statement of result already .Thank you.

  41. Hi Lola, is husband domicile letter same as letter from employer? If yes, who should the letter (from employer) be addressed to?

  42. Good evening Lola, since management have banned pregnant women and nursing mother for part taking in orientation camp, for those that did they registration already what is the way forward please

  43. Hi. Lola my husband domicile letter how should it be addressed? He owns his own business please if you can show me an example on how we should dresses the letter please I will appreciate thanks.

  44. Ojiako grace Michael

    Good day Lola.. Pls after my registration I printed out my green card it was very successful, but the receipt has not been sent to my mail.. Just like others, pls hope I am safe

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