NYSC Senate List

NYSC Senate List For 2021 Batch A – Full Details

The NYSC Senate List is an important list compiled by the various higher institutions that contains the names and details of every graduate that is qualified for the National Youth Service Corps for a particular batch.

If you think the National Youth Service Corps management is the one responsible for the NYSC Senate list, you are getting it wrong. Your institution is the one that will compile the list and then send it to NYSC

The NYSC Senate List

During each mobilization, the NYSC management always gives about a month for every accredited institution to upload the NYSC Senate list in other to have the details of every one of their candidates that will go for the National Youth Service Corps programme.

Once your name shows on the list, it confirms that you are good to go with the next set of NYSC mobilization. See also: Top 10 Scam Methods Prospective Corps Members Should Not Fall For

I am going to show you how to verify Senate list, the official NYSC portal Senate list and am going to show you how to check NYSC Senate list to see if your name is among.

Either you are searching for the NYSC Portal Senate list, Verify Senate List or How to check NYSC Senate list. This article will provide every answer you need. All you just have to do is read it to the end.

NYSC Portal Senate List – Verify Senate List

The NYSC portal for Senate list is the place where you will need to go if you want to verify your name on the Senate list.

You will need to confirm if your institution has sent their official Senate list to NYSC before you will go to verify your name on the NYSC senate list. If your school is yet to upload their own list on the NYSC portal, you will not find your name on the list. So the first thing is confirm if your school had submitted the list. See also: Top 10 Reasons People Hustle To Do NYSC In Lagos

Things You Need To Verify Senate List

You will need the following information before you can log in to the NYSC portal to check your name on the Senate list.

Once you get information that your institution official Senate list is out, you will need the following information below to verify if your name on the Senate list.

  • Name of your Institution
  • Matriculation Number
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year

Once you have those ready, let me show you how to check the NYSC senate list to confirm your name. See also: Top 10 Things All Prospective Corps Members Should Do Now

How To Check NYSC Senate List

Checking the NYSC senate list is very easy and something you can do on your phone by yourself. If you want to go to the cafe to check it, it’s fine. The truth is that you can do it by yourself on your phone.

All you need to do is click on the button below and fill the form I will show you below with the information above and hit the search button. See also: Top 10 Legit Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria For Corpers


Popular Reasons Why Your Name May Not Be On The Senate List

The next thing I will like to talk about is to show you some reasons why your name may not be on the National Youth Service Corps senate list.

While are many other reasons why your name might not make it up on the Senate list, I am just going to talk about the popular issues.

If you have checked the senate list and your name is not there, maybe you should check if you don’t have any of the below issues. See also: Top 10 Things Graduates Must Know About NYSC Before Next Mobilization

  • Your Network might be bad
  • Your School Is Yet To Upload
  • You have academic issues
  • You School did not mobilize your set
  • Maybe you will be going with next batch.

Now you know all you need to know about the senate list. If you have any question or information to ask for, just use the comment box below.

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  1. My name is not on my school’s senate list. I was told am getting an exemption, cos of age. Could it be the reason?

    • Your name is suppossed to be there nah

      • Macaulay modupe

        I ve issue with my name, d person dat did my jamb reg did a mistake with my names instead of my surname, he put my first name and add oluwa but in all my result my first name is modupe, but he registered was modupeolwa Macaulay but I did affidavit to back it up,And dat is what is on my jamb result even my nd admission letter and dat is what is on graduation list but all my results both nd is Macaulay modupe, although I m married and I ve my change of name proof(newspaper )with me

      • So what is the registration all about and how does it go.

      • Thanks for your help, last time I found my name on Senate list before but shown me, has not been matriculated , you cannot register, contact your institution used by none. And also i finally contacted my institution, after given them all the requirements, but now I cheeked my name on Senate list again, but shown me no record found, pls what was the problems? And what should I do?

    • Good afternoon sir/madam.
      I can’t find my name on the Senate list but my name is on the list my school sent to NYSC.
      Am from Rivers State University.

  2. Please i am Imo State University Student (IMSU). I have been checking the Senate List for NYSC Batch A 2019. I saw my name but my Status shows:
    The JAMB Reg Number does not Exist.(You cannot register, Contact your Institution) used by none.
    Please what can I do to help my present situation. Thanks

  3. The year column is not opening why?

  4. Checked the nysc Senate list couldn’t find my name….

  5. hello! pls , i wnt to know about my date of birth 25th August, 1988 may i go to the nysc, but i am know 30th years

  6. My name is not among nysc graduation list yet. Is there any possibility that names will still be added?. Although a name has already showed there last time I checked

  7. The year part is not opening at all and my name is on the graduation list but it’s showing no records found on the senate list

  8. .pls Lola when is actual date for Senate list to come out. I mean senate list not the graduation list

  9. my name is on my school Senate list but she I try to check via the above website I see “no record found” what could the reason be

  10. My name is in the nysc mobilization list awaiting registration come 1st june, but is showing no record found on this link u just posted here why please

  11. The link below to check our names on the list does not shows (year) how can we do it?

  12. good evening princess Lola.I wanna know
    if uniben has uploaded names bcos mine is showing no record found..thanks

  13. Thanks princess Lola for the updates, Pls how can I correct the mistake they made in my date of birth when doing registration?

  14. My mobilization officer comfirmed me that my name was successfully uploaded and it shows me no record found. But I don’t know date of birth they use how can I get my date of birth and check again?

  15. Thanks for the updates. Pls my name was misspelt on the list. How do I correct the mistake?

  16. Thanks a lot for the updates. Pls, my name was misspelt on the list. How can I correct the mistake?

  17. Opeyemi Oshinyemi

    Kwara State University just released their list yesterday and I’ve been checking but no record found still

  18. Good day,
    I have successfully register but my name is not coming on the Senate list.

    Please, what could be the cause?

    Thank you

  19. Good evening. Please my name is on the Senate list but not yet on the graduation list. Hope I’m safe.

  20. Pls my name was successfully uploaded but til now its shown no records found wat can be the issue?

  21. In medical test, what is required of us to do when we get to the hospital?

  22. On the senate list, my year of graduation is incorrect but on the school list, is correct pls what can cause it.

  23. Good day the date of birth I used for my Jamb was 1990 and my real date of birth is 1989 and you know 1989 is more than 30 years old so can I go to the Court and get age declaration of 1990 so I can be able to camp with batch C ????

  24. Good day I Graduated last year but due to missing script for one course I was not able to go to Service so I had to write the course this year hope I will be able to go with batch C ????

  25. My wace is 12/23/1989 that’s what I have on it

  26. Hello Lola am confuse abt dis remobilization tin.i did my registration with batch b stream2 buh i dint go to camp.am i to do d remobilization?or wait for batch c?

  27. if your name isn’t on Jamb’s matriculation list can it affect your name being on senate list?

  28. After doing school pre mobilization, and collecting of statement of results. Is it still possible to av issues with d school

  29. Bernard Eromosele

    Hello thanks for always being there I want to ask about my name was actually with senate list batch b but my school claimed that the name was sent as for exclusion letter not mobilization so they are trying to send with Batch c now they said is nit going thru so what do I do can I still use the one sent on batch B 2019 or what do I do? my question is can I use the one uploaded with batch B for my registration or I should wait till the school upload for batch c

  30. Pls I need an answer to my question.
    The date one my graduation list on the senate list is saying a different date from the date I graduated.
    Pls what can I do

  31. My Date of birth is sept 1989 am 30 now but the date on my result is 2018 and I wish I could get exception bcs am working and I don’t want to loose my job

  32. Mustapha Umar jnr

    You are actually to give us proper details on how to go about the whole thing… My name is actually not on the Senate list but my school said they’ve sent it to NYSC and I read all your comments and went to them they said they’ve sent it already so if my name isn’t on the Senate list no NYSC yet yh?

  33. Hello, how are you? I did regularization since November 6 but I have cleared by jamb last month. But I check now if I’m quality for NYSC Registration it’s still show your are not matriculation list

  34. pls ma Since my school has not Released our names to Senate lists and the Nysc mobilization is ending tomorrow what can we do, pls help

  35. My name is on the Senate list, but on the verification list it says no record found why ?

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