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Popcorn Business In Nigeria – Make Money Like A Boss

Popcorn Business In Nigeria is a very lucrative business you can start anywhere with the little you. I will show you how to make a good living from Popcorn Business in Nigeria from Start to finish.

You are welcome dear reader, you have just taken a bold step when you decide to read this article about Popcorn Business In Nigeria. Either you really want to start a Popcorn business in Nigeria or you are just looking for business ideas you can start or maybe you are even searching the internet for popcorn business ideas, you are very welcome here. Keep reading as I take you on this short journey of becoming your own boss.

This popcorn article will be useful for you if you are searching for how to start a popcorn business in Nigeria or anywhere else, or you want to know about popcorn business profits or you are looking for popcorn business plan and any other things related to popcorn business in general.

You don’t need to worry yourself about the popcorn machine you can start with or the popcorn machine price in Nigeria. I am going to tell you important things to watch out for before you go a popcorn machine that will be suitable for your popcorn business in Nigeria.

You also don’t need to worry about how you are going to market your popcorn because am going to give you some amazing marketing tips.

I am not just going to tell you how to start this business, I am going to stay with you and answer your questions until you start your own popcorn business and you are making money from it.

Pop Corn Business in Nigeria Overview

Pop Corn business in Nigeria is one of the very lucrative business you can start with a little amount of money and make it big with proper planning and good marketing. One of the very many things that serve as a challenge to a young entrepreneur is the capital. To start an average business in Nigeria now, many people think you will need millions of naira.

This might be true, but one of the amazing things about Popcorn business is that you can start with the little you have. There is a wise saying “Billions of miles begins with a step”

Very many people discovered the profits in selling Popcorn and decided to keep it as a secret so as to maybe to reduce the level of competition or make all the money for themselves. The sky is wide enough for all the birds to fly. So I decided to show you and tell you all you need to know about this business so that you also can be your own boss and start living like a boss.

Reasons Why Popcorn Business In Nigeria Is Not A Mistake

Maybe you are having a second thought or doubting the profitability of Popcorn business, I am going to give you a few reasons why you have not made a mistake choosing to go on this line of business.

1. Popcorn Demand is high

Popcorn is liked, people love to have a bite at every opportunity they have. It is a snack and meal that is eaten by a lot of people. This is a snack and meal sold almost at every market, malls, supermarkets and even on the streets which goes a long way to show how popular popcorn is. As long as society exists, popcorn will always be needed.

2. Not restricted by age

Big girls don’t lick sweets, big boys don’t eat these children biscuit anymore. But as for popcorn, big guys and girls love it, children cannot resist it, elderly people can’t avoid it either. This product is not restricted or limited to a particular age and sex.

Popcorn is a snack that can be eaten by anybody. It is a favorite for adults and children young and old as it can be taken any time and eaten anywhere.

3. Used For Occasions and Leisure

Considering that Nigerians are generally fun loving people and love celebrations and events, a lot of ceremonies and occasions take place regularly.

There are events were popcorn is served as part of the snacks at parties. Also, people use it as a form of snack to relax when they are doing recreational activities or doing their hobbies or having fun and hanging out with friends at the beach or movies. Very functional and delicious.

4. Materials are Available

One thing that makes popcorn business attractive is because the materials involved in the production are not costly, anyone can afford them with little efforts. You don’t need to worry yourself about equipment or stress yourself out about the things you need.

The major material involved in the business of producing popcorn is corn. A business that has its raw materials readily and easily available has a great chance of being successful as this helps in reducing the cost of production when starting. You will probably get the corn anywhere around the states.

5. Low Capital to start up

The capital to start a business can sometimes be a challenge but in the case of a popcorn business, you don’t need millions.

For those who are concerned that starting this business will require a lot of money do not need to be worried as this business can be done with little capital. You can start with what you have.

6. Location and space.

Also on the issue of space, you may not need to get a space or location immediately as you can start the business right from your home by creating space within your home or creating a spot around a busy road.

7. Fast sales

The product sells fast too because people just enjoy eating popcorn for many reasons. So you don’t need to worry yourself about the selling rate, it is a fast selling product.

Basically, you can start small and gradually grow the business over time.

From the reasons above, you can see that there are so many good reasons attached to the popcorn business.

Types Of Popcorn Business In Nigeria

There may be more ways or more types of popcorn business out there, but since we are here to talk about the ones that can make money for you, I am just going to talk about two. The amazing thing is that you can start with One spot and gradually expand to the commercial type. There always a room for growth.

One Spot Popcorn Business/ PopCorn Carts

This types of popcorn business have to do with finding just a spot, probably a busy place and then just stand there and make your popcorn while people will buy. This can be a lucrative side job because you will only need to sell around evening which will not hinder your normal job.

This will make you a lot of money if you can find a place around a higher institution, a busy road, a busy junction, at a wedding reception, a football stadium, near a bar or during programmes in Churches. I know of a guy who made over #500,000 during the one week Holy Ghost service at Redemption camp. That is just in a week.

One spot popcorn business is the ones you can do by yourself, less stress and mobile. You could try out different locations to see the one that works for you.

You will read more details about Popcorn carts below.

Commercial Popcorn Business

If you walk down the street, you will see popcorn packaged in Nylon been sold everywhere, in traffic congestion, you will see hawkers advertising “sweet popcorn” and persuading you to buy. It’s usually #100 and as cheap as it is, the sellers are making so much money based on quantities.

Have you ever noticed that there is always a label inside the popcorn that will give you the details about the seller and maker of the Popcorn? That is where the commercial comes in.

That popcorn you see on the streets are not made by those guys and women selling them, there are people processing them in quantity and supply to them while they sell and make a profit. Imagine your popcorn is amazing and you are supplying thousands of retailers every day, that will add up and make a huge amount of money.

Being a popcorn supplier/Manufacturer is very lucrative and you can start processing popcorn in large quantity and be supplied to the retailers, hawkers, malls, supermarkets or even get a gig for a birthday party and more ceremonies in the city.

Popcorn business In Nigeria profits rough estimate

The profit potential is quite good and if you can take it to the next level, you will be assured of making even much more sales and profits. This actually depends on how creative and innovative you can be.

Also, the profit margin will be determined by the location and how productive you are.

For instance,

If you produce 10,000 packs monthly and sell to the retailers at the price of (maybe) N70, the retailers will sell for N100 and make a profit of N30 each.

The cost of producing a pack will not be more than N40, therefore, you will be making a profit of N30 each as well. With this projection, 10,000 packs will give you 10,000 x N30 = N300,000 of pure profit in a month!

If you can apply my strategy, I guarantee you will make more sells that anyone in the business. If you’re ready, here are the requirements you need to put in place to be in Popcorn business in Nigeria.

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Requirements to start Popcorn Business In Nigeria

There are some requirements and some background things you need to possess before starting a Popcorn business in Nigeria. These are not special abilities or special skills. They things you already have some of them. Before you can start a Popcorn business in Nigeria you need the following requirements.

1. Basic Knowledge

Before starting the Popcorn business in Nigeria you have to make sure you are familiar with the process of making popcorn. The only way to achieve this is to learn the process of making popcorn. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to go to a school because there are tons of videos on Youtube that will teach you and get you started.

You can get someone to take you through the process at their own time and pace. This is always the best choice. You get someone who can walk you through the process. Or before you start fully, you can use some as experiments and for people around to taste and give their comments.

2. Choose a Good Location

Very important for any business and is not different for a Popcorn business in Nigeria. When looking for a place to site your business make sure it is a place where a lot of people are available and around.

You can site it where a lot of activities are going on like near markets or schools or business centers and major bus stop centers.

Popcorn business in Nigeria is also a business that can also be located in places that have few activities going on like residential areas especially if there is no competition, just make sure there are people around in their homes or work that will be available to patronize you.

3. Popcorn Maker Machine

This is the machine that helps in making and producing the popcorn. You can buy one for a start and as the business grows and customers increase you can add another machine.

Also when buying the popcorn maker machine try and choose the machine that can work with and without power supply. There are some of the machines that use gas. This is important as such machines that use gas will be needed when power is not available.

4. Business Name

You will need a business name. At least this will be contained in the information that is as a label inside the popcorn for easy contact.

5. Sealing Machine

The manual sealing machine cost N7,000 to N9,000 in the market, find out what the exact prices are and negotiate with the seller. Buy according to the number of workers you have more hands, more machine, and more productions.

For about #7,500, you could get the Nylon Sealing Machine

The manual sealing machine is powered by electricity while you control the sealing manually. You just position the popcorn filled nylon on the machine and pressed the ‘handle like’ controller on the nylon edge and it will be sealed by the hot rim. You will get better information on how to operate it from the accompanying literature!

6. Branded Nylon

The branding is where the big deal is. To stay ahead of competitors in this business, your strongest selling point should be your brand. Make sure your packaged nylon is well branded. It’s not enough to just write your business name and phone number on the nylon, create an attractive brand for your popcorn business.

Take a clue from the eateries and see how their packages are professionally branded with good and quality designed pictures and graphics, complete with professional logo. That’s what sells in business — all popcorn is the same but your brand could make yours different in the eyes of consumers.

It doesn’t cost much to get a professional branding for your business, employ a professional graphic designer to do it for you. Then use the design for all your nylons and other items like the popcorn wrappers if you are using wrapping papers.

7. Bags of Corn

Your major raw material in this business is corn. Buy enough bags of corn depending on the quantity you wants to produce. You can get as many bags of corn as you want in Mile-12 market in Lagos.

For corn to pop, There should be a certain amount of moisture within the corn, so that when heated makes it pop from the inside out, when a corn doesn’t get popped from inside out, it’s called a dud, which means there was not enough moisture in that corn. Look for sweet corn that contains enough moisture.

8. Sugar, Salt, Butter

You need sugar and salt and butter to make your popcorn taste great. These one are difficult to get, go to any shop near you and buy as much as you need.

Note: You need to get additional training on how to mix the sugar, butter, and salt and the desired quantity. You will also need to learn how to pop the corn.

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Popcorn Business In Nigeria Packaging And Selling

There are several ways you can sell your popcorn. You can sell by:

• Wholesale
• Gift Baskets
• Tins
• Bags

You just need to be creative and be inventing different attractive methods that will entice people and make them love your popcorn.

Popcorn Business In Nigeria Marketing tips

Marketing is an important aspect of every business. You need to help people discover your product by telling them and showing them with every means.

There are many ways to advertise and further make your popcorn business known. You can choose to run an advert online or offline, depending on your target. You can even create awareness through your business cards, flyers, Facebook adverts, Instagram classified adverts on newspaper, television channels, radio station etc.

Meanwhile, there are other 101 ways to sell your popcorn and make cool cash within a month. Consider the following ways;

1. Target the street hawkers.

They sell the product faster and in large quantity. If you can get 10 hawkers, you will be sure of supplying them about 500 daily that is a whopping 13,000 monthly.

2. Talk to Supermarkets and shop owners

You will be surprised at the positive response you will get if your branding is attractive enough.

3. In carts

This is no doubt the easiest method to sell your popcorn. You can set up your cart anywhere that you’re sure people will buy. Anybody can do this business, including a student who’s looking for another way to survive on campus. In fact, doing this popcorn business in a school environment is destined to succeed.

Popcorn carts are about one of the easiest methods for selling popcorn. They are an instant buying and selling gratification.

Places and events where you can possibly set up your cart:

• Street corner
• Open air flea markets
• Community parks
• Theme parks
• Carnivals
• Fairgrounds
• Farmers market
• Sporting events
• Tailgating
• Home improvement stores
• Job sites
• Outdoor malls

4. Stores

This is what depicts a serious popcorn seller who has big dreams. Having your own shop or store is a huge milestone. In this case, you don’t need to run this business alone. Employ more staffs because this will increase production thereby bringing in more profits. This should be done in other to cover up major expenses like store rent, insurance, maintenance, repairs etc. The more people you have working for you, the faster you grow as an entrepreneur.

5. Gigs

You can run an advert or a promotion or tell as many people as possible about what you do and about your capability to supplier them for ceremonies like birthday, get together, leisure, housewarming, side attractions and more. You could get a gig from ceremonies and take yourself to the next level.

6. Free Promo or Price slash

People like free things and slashed price. You could arrange a particular date of the month where you will sell for half of the price or offer free popcorn for the first set of your customers. This will boost your Popcorn business in Nigeria especially during the begining.

7. Target a busy area

This will really help as more people will discover you because you are open.

Another means of promotion of your Popcorn business in Nigeria is that when packaging the popcorn you can print or label your package with your name and address and other contact details for people interested to easily reach and patronize your business.

Before starting the business make sure you conduct a feasibility study and register the business as well as meet all the requirements of the government as this will help ensure a smooth start for the business.

Do you have any question or any assistance I can render in other to start this business, you should just go ahead and ask me below.

Bonus Popcorn Marketing And Advertising Strategies

Aside from the various ways to sell your popcorn products as described above, marketing and advertising can be an excellent means to get your brand out there into the public eye. Below are methods that you can plan to incorporate sooner or later to promote your Popcorn business in Nigeria

• Online
• Billboards
• Business cards
• Flyers
• Signs
• Sponsorship
• Banners
• Coupons
• Radio
• TV
• Fundraisers
• Clothing

The market is open and limitless, you just have to be creative enough to be the best around.

Best Popcorn Machine In Nigeria – Review, and Recommendations

Having the best Popcorn machine can hasten and make Popcorn business in Nigeria easy and fun. Everyone loves popcorn, and in other to figure out which popcorn maker would allow you to make the most delicious popcorn possible, I am writing this review about the best Popcorn machine in Nigeria that will make your business easy and give room for productivity.

NOTE: My Number 1 recommendation is that if you are ready to start this Popcorn business in Nigeria, you can comment below the scale of the business and how much you have for the machine so that I can find the best that will serve you and give you a direct link to it. Then you start making money.

If you are looking for best Popcorn machine in Nigeria, gas popcorn machine in Nigeria, industrial popcorn machine in Nigeria, local popcorn machine, popcorn machine and price, the popcorn machine for sale in Lagos or in anywhere. Do you need a gas powered popcorn machine or maybe you are looking for where to buy popcorn machine in Abuja or any state in Nigeria, you have come to the right place?

I want to discuss briefly what would make a Popcorn machine the best. In other words, the following are the things you should look for in the Popcorn Machine that you want to buy.


The most important consideration is whether or not the popcorn maker can consistently make high-quality popcorn that is crisp, does not burn, and leaves few to no kernels unpopped. Choosing a Pop maker that will not burn is always the best because you will not like to be producing a burnt popcorn.


This is the marketing power, this is the next big thing that should be your concern, and the taste is the only way you can keep your customers coming over and over again. And that is why it’s very important in Popcorn business.

Taste is, of course, another consideration, however, this metric is highly subjective. In addition, there are countless ways to prepare popcorn, from basic air popping (healthy but not the most flavorful), to oil and butter-drenched popcorn drizzled with chocolate and caramel.


A Pop Maker built with the bad material will only be causing you so much stress that you might need to worry about all day. So, it’s also important to make sure that a popcorn maker is built from high-quality materials that will last for many years. Getting a “good deal” on a popcorn maker that breaks after 6 months isn’t a good deal at all, and you’ll end up spending far more than you would have had you purchased a high-quality popcorn maker instead.


This is really very important, and I need you to pay attention.

A high-quality popcorn maker should also be free of Bisphenol A, which is more commonly known as BPA. BPA is a synthetic compound that has been used in the creation of plastics since the 1960s. However, in recent years BPA has been found to cause significant health problems, and many (but not all) companies are quickly moving away from using it in their products.

Finding a popcorn maker without BPA is even more important when you consider the fact that your popcorn maker will be exposed to considerable heat every single time that it is used.


One of the reasons why you have decided to buy a machine is to make the work easier and faster.

A good popcorn maker should also be easy to set up and clean and should include clear instructions that assist in that process. A nice (but certainly not essential) bonus is an instruction manual which includes recipe suggestions and/or tips for making the best popcorn possible.


Make sure to look at the maximum capacity of each popcorn maker. If you only plan on making popcorn for you and one other person, this might not be much of a factor.

7. Size

The popper’s size should also play an essential role in your final decision. If you want to sell in Carts and move around, you might need to consider the type you will buy.

8. Personal Taste

Your taste may also play a significant role in your final decision. However, this aspect is essential only if you are going to place the popper on the kitchen counter for the world to see. If you are going to store it in a cabinet, then your taste shouldn’t come in the way of other factors such as size, convenience, and functionality.

Best Popcorn Machine In Nigeria

You can order any Popcorn machine you want from Konga online and then you can pay on delivery when they come to deliver it for you.

There are several Popcorn Machines there, but these ones have the specification above and they will meet all your needs.

You can click on below to buy or see details and prices


Pop Corn Machine Luci Mac

 Andrew James Popcorn Maker


After you consider all of the above, you can go ahead and comment below and let me provide you with an assist of any kind. If you have any questions, just ask me below.

Thank you for reading this long article about Popcorn Business In Nigeria and please share.

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