Tips For Foreign Trained Graduates During Online Registration – 2020 Batch A

The NYSC management has just released some vital tips for foreign-trained graduates. If you are foreign-trained, please read the information below.

1. Click HERE for requirements of foreign graduates Mobilization Process.

2. Do not create multiple accounts.

3. Upload Original copies of your documents and also input your name correctly as it is on your Certificate.

4. You can register anywhere you are but you must thumbprint in Nigeria before going to Orientation Camp.

5. Contact Federal Ministry of Education Abuja, if your Institution of study has not been evaluated so as to obtain Evaluation Letter. Submit the Evaluation Letter at NYSC NDHQ Abuja.

6. Note that SSCE result uploaded must be equal or greater than four (4) years.

7. Select a Center for Pre-camp physical verification during Online Registration.

8. All Foreign-trained graduates should physically present themselves after they must have successfully registered online, alongside with original copies of their degree certificates, transcript and travel documents.

9. If your credentials have been physically verified at the various centers during the Pre-Camp Verification Exercise, you are to print your Clearance Slip and present same for registration at the various camps of deployment with original copies of your documents.

10. Go to Camp with the translated version of your Certificate.

11. If you are exempted from Service, you are to collect your Exemption Certificate at NYSC NDHQ Abuja.

12. Those excluded from Service will print their Exclusion Letter on their dashboard Online.

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