Top 10 NYSC Registration Challenges 2019 Batch B PCMs Are Facing

Here are the top 10 NYSC Registration Challenges we are all facing now and I am going to provide the best available answer to them all. Some of the NYSC 2019 Batch B Prospective Corp members have been experiencing a lot of challenges and issues on NYSC registration and they are not happy with it.

We also are not happy with these several issues and am sure the NYSC management is already aware of the challenges and are working on fixing it. See also: NYSC Green Card – Explanation, Details, And Sample

Below are the challenges that prospective Corps members are passing through right now and we will offer a solution to our best knowledge below.

1. No Available states

Several Prospective Corps members started their registration happily until they get to the point to select states of choice and all they could see is “No available slots for states of Deployment”

Because of this No available state, many are stucked and unable to proceed with the NYSC registration.

If you are experiencing this, you should know that it is general and the management is working on it. All you have to do is relax and before the end of online registration, those states will be available again. See also: NYSC No Available Slot Issue – SOLVED

2. Unable to make payment

Making payment during the NYSC registration has been so frustrating because the link is not just going through. A lot of PCM out there are still unable to make payment up till now after several failed attempt.

This situation is also general, so please relax and keep trying and give it a little more time.

3. Evaluation Taking Too long

Our dear foreign graduates who have completed their online registration and even uploaded their required d documents are still yet to be evaluated.

Evaluation for foreign graduates is not immediately, it always takes a little while. So please be calm and keep checking your dashboard. See also: 3 Tips To Protect Your Valuables During NYSC Camp

4. Date of Birth Correction Issue

PCMs who have applied for the correction of their date of birth are yet to receive any feedback because it’s still pending and the ones who want to start the correction process are unable to click the link.

The best answer, for now, is to keep trying and we are sure that very soon before online registration ends, everything will be settled. see also: Tips For Nursing And Pregnant Women During NYSC Orientation Camp

5. No Verification email

This one is even very serious and confusing. You see your name on the NYSC portal for Senate list and then you want to start registration only to discover that the NYSC verification mail to continue your registration is not coming in.

You keep refreshing your mail and up to 2 days, you can’t see anything. You are like, how many years will it take this thing to enter.

If you are experiencing this, the best thing to do is relax, wait for some time and try again.

7. Call-Up number taking too long

Let me share my experience with you about a very regular call since Lola Shared my number.

  • PCM: Hello sir, good afternoon
  • Me: Hello, this is Opeyemi from NYSC news, how can I be of help?
  • PCM: I saw your number from the WhatsApp group and I want to ask you a question
  • Me: Okay go on
  • PCM: It’s about my call-up number…
  • Me: (cut in) Oh! You have registered and you are yet to get your Call-up number right
  • PCM: yes sir
  • Me: Don’t worry, it can take a little while sometimes, you will get it for sure
  • PCM: Okay sir. Ermm but I have registered since 3 days ago and…
  • Me: (cut in) don’t worry, you are going to get your call-Up number on the NYSC dashboard as soon as possible.
  • PCM: Okay! But my friends that we registered together are already seeing their
  • Me: You don’t need to worry, the only option we have now is to wait. Just give it some time and try again later.
  • PCM: Okay sir! I just want to be sure it’s not my village people that are after me
  • ME: (Laugh) not at all, you will get it on your dashboard as soon as possible.
  • PCM: Okay. Thank you, sir,
  • Me: You are welcome. Do have a nice…
  • PCM: (Cut in) please does that mean am in stream II
  • ME: (argh!) That does not mean you are in stream II. I already told you all I know, please do have a nice day.

This conversation above has been very frequent and I get the same complaint over and over again. I understand that you all need an answer and I really enjoy picking those calls. But the fact is if you are yet to get your call-up number, relax and wait for it. see also: 5 Reasons You Should Not Carry Your Laptop To NYSC Camp

8. Matric Number error

If you are facing these challenge, all you have to do is try your normal matric number during registration and if it doesn’t bring out your details, use the wrong one like that. The Matric number will not be useful again for NYSC after registration because you will now have your call-up number.

So just go on and continue your registration like that.

9. Class of Degree Error

You are first class and you see Second Class lower on your NYSC Dashboard, or you are third class and you see First class on your NYSC dashboard. Before you start preparing your testimony, you should know that this is an error.

Continue with your online registration and you will correct this later. The correction button will later be available on the NYSC dashboard or in camp. No need to worry about that.

10. Other issues

There are other issues and challenges on ground about Registration and the only thing we can all do is relax and wait for things to be normal.

If you are experiencing any of the above, I just want to let you know that you are not alone. These cases and challenges are general. The fault is not from you of the cyber cafe guy, it’s a general issue and very soon, they will go away because the management is working on it. NYSC Management is aware of the registration deadline, so everything will be fine before then.

Stay connected and stay strong! If you have any questions, just ask us below.

If you have any other challenges or personal issues, need some information, have some questions, you can call on “08137606608“. I don’t do direct posting, am not an NYSC official, I will never ask you for any money and your information is safe with me. All I can do is give you information, answer your questions and render assistance.

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  1. Hi Lola, pls i don’t want to go with this batch b, what if i dont register at all, hope i won’t have to go back to my school to be remobilized.

  2. Lola pls do you have an idea of when we are to go for camp. I heard it’s in the 18th of June 2019.. just want to be sure

  3. Pls hw can I change my passport I uploaded the wrong passport

  4. For those that are above 30years when are they going to collect their exemption letter.

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  5. I haven’t gotten my call up number and it keeps bringing “no slot available” on my dashboard

  6. If they give call up no does that mean that person is qualify to go for service??? Please Lola answer to this question. God bless you

  7. Pls I apply for replacement of name but uptil now there is n long does it take rectify it?should print out the green card or wait .

  8. What will be the fate of Nursing mother that decamp after registration. Is she going to forfeit the service or what

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