Top 10 Reasons People Hustle To Do NYSC In Lagos

Top 10 Reasons People Hustle To Do NYSC In Lagos is an article that will show you the reason why everybody want to serve in Lagos. If Corpers really have a chance to decide where they want to serve, the majority will choose Lagos State.

I have met Corps members crying because NYSC deployed them to somewhere else. I have also seen Corps members Scammed up to N60k all because of redeployment to Lagos. Lagos is not USA, but believe me, these reasons will blow your mind. See also: Top 10 Legit Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria For Corpers

Top 10 Reasons People Hustle To Do NYSC In Lagos

While other Corps members will want Lagos at all cost because of their career, jobs, professional Courses, and connection, many others just want to go because of the fun, clubs and of course, Girls. Below are the Top 10 Reasons People Hustle To Do NYSC In Lagos.

1. Lagos Vibe

There is really something about Lagos that makes it an exceptional state in Nigeria. If you have been to Lagos, you might have discovered the Vibe. The best City in Nigeria has got everything for everybody. No matter where you come from and who you are, there is always something for you in Lagos.

The Vibe is Dope, the city is tight and there are so many opportunities. Lagos Corpers always feel special even if they are not getting money from their PPA. There is really a Vibe about serving in Lagos that you might not appreciate until you find Lagos on your call-up letter. See also: Top 10 Things Graduates Must Know About NYSC Before Next Mobilization

2. Money

Another of the reasons people hustle to serve in Lagos is because of money. If NYSC deploys you to the Ministry, you will be getting close to N15,000 state allowance every month and if you are posted to a private firm or an organization, the compensation will worth it.

If you don’t make money as a Corper in Lagos, then maybe you will have a reason for that. People believe there is money in Lagos and they can tap into it as a Corper serving in the state.

3. Jobs Opportunities

The next thing after NYSC that most people worry about is getting a job. Lagos is one of the best states with job Opportunities for anyone of different careers. There are enough jobs if you know the right place to look for it in Lagos.

During NYSC service, smart Corpers who want to work in Lagos will start looking out and using the advantage of being a Corper to seek for jobs. It always works because I have enough Corps members who got something cool after their NYSC service. If you are looking for a state with Jobs opportunities, Lagos will definitely be first on the list. See also: Top 10 Competitions To Expect At NYSC Camp

4. Connection

Lagos is a place to connect and network yourself if you want to get the best out of your NYSC in Lagos. Sometimes, who you are does not really matter but who you know.

One reason people fancy Lagos is mainly because they are aware of the connection and networking opportunities that Lagos will present to them. There are connections everywhere though, Lagos State just have a broad ground for as much as you want.

5. Entertainment

Lagos is a home of entertainment and if you want to doubt that, you will need a valid reason. The fact is obvious. The biggest cinemas, clubs, hotels and event places are everywhere in Lagos.

To talk about shows, festivals, comedy shows, and others are all in Lagos. Once an artist discovers his or her talent anywhere in Nigeria, they go to Lagos because there will be more shows to make them reach their full potential. Most people just wanna go to Lagos to feel the entertainment. See also: [Top 10 Security Hacks For Corps Members During NYSC]

6. Professional Courses

While you might find it hard to find any useful professional Courses that might boost your CV in some states, Lagos will present numerous options for you. A normal CV is not just enough to secure a Good job in the country, that is why a professional course might give a hand.

Many people hustle for Lagos because of the options available in taking part in a Professional course just to make their CV stand out.

7. Girls

Most Corpers have only heard and seen Lagos girls in Musical videos and the only chance they get to see or meet some girls is to serve in Lagos. Some will even think sugar mummies are all over everywhere the street in the Lagos.

This might be one of the dumbest reasons to hustle for Lagos. The fact is many people want Lagos just for the girls. They will spend their allowance on Olosho and go broke after NYSC. If this is the reason you are in Lagos, May God help your soul. See also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know

8. CV Booster

Serving in Lagos can also help your CV and give you some preferential treatment among others. If you served in a Company in Lagos successfully, you can obviously serve in anywhere in the world.

Sometimes, just the name of an organization you have worked before of the state can be the reason you will get the job. So many people want to use this as an advantage to boost the CV.

9. Guys

Some girls think serving in Lagos will bring them across a rich guy from a rich home that will toe the knot with them. This is a funny reason to hustle for Lagos as a female Corper but it works sometimes.

Girls think Lagos is filled with rich people and big boys, so they think being a beautiful Corper, you will get a rich boy to make life easier for you. If this is the reason you are in Lagos, May God bless your hustle. See also: Top 10 NYSC Highest Paying States

10. Lagos Mentality

Nollywood movies have given us some mindset that no matter what, you will make it in Lagos. You remember the movie about a poor village boy who sold everything to go to Lagos and then come back as a wealthy man after some years.

Most people think Lagos is a place where everyone can make it and thus, they hustle to get into Lagos at all cost.

If you have any other reasons why you think people hustle to do NYSC in Lagos, just drop it in the comment box below.

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