Top 10 Things You Must Know Before NYSC Registration

This list of Top 10 Things You Must Know Before NYSC Registration is a list to inform you of some vital things you need to know. You really need to pay attention and read so that you do not get anything wrong and also worrying yourself of how to fix it. Sometimes, its better to prevent some things than trying to fix it.

Several prospective Corps members have made some mistakes in the past that had to face the stress to fix it. Learn from others and get these 11 point right now.

Top 10 Things You Must Know Before NYSC Registration

1. U must have a functional email or Gmail. DO NOT make use of d cyber cafe man email. If u don’t have to create a new 1. It’s simple and easy to create. Gmail is better… You can indicate below that I can create 1 for you in case you don’t know how.

2. Make sure you Register with your active phone number. DO NOT also use the cyber man’s phone number.
As times goes on, you will be getting text messages from NYSC management. And important message you don’t want to miss. So your active phone number will be a lifesaver. See also: NYSC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

3. After registration, keep checking your mail. A URL address would be sent directly to your mail. That address will redirect you to an NYSC website where you can print ur green card. Or you can login to NYSC portal directly.

4. You will pay #3,000 preferably online with your debit cart (mastercard or verve not visa). It is mandatory if you want to print the letter online. But you can go back to your institution to collect for free.

5. You must do your Biometric verification by yourself. Somebody cannot do it for you. Make sure you complete the process. It is very important. Don’t allow anyone to do it for you. If your thumb I not showing, don’t tell a guy beside you to quickly do it for you. Do it by yourself. 

6. The 3 official NYSC websites are:

7. You will not be posted to your state of origin and state you graduated from. 

8. In the camp, you will need the following for clearance. The NYSC Green Card, call-up letter (original), school ID, medical fitness paper from a government hospital and original statement of result. Do not laminate.

9. You will print your call-up letters from your mails or through the NYSC dashboard later on. Make sure you change your password after printing so that the cyber man won’t go to your mail without your consent. This applies to you if you give the cafe man your Gmail password. 

There is absolutely nothing he can do with your NYSC login password. However, your normal Gmail password should not be revealed and if you do so, change it immedietly after. 

You can even print on your phone, send to a flash drive and print it. With a Colored Printer.

10. Your Green Card and Call Up Letter should be printed with colored printer and not black and white printer.

11. Do your registration by yourself or be actively present when doing it. Some information would be collected via the form that you can’t just leave for someone to guess for you.

There are lots of mistakes during NYSC registration. Stay sharp and don’t miss out if any important details. 

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  1. At what time does registration start? Is it at Midnight or sometime during the day?

  2. Good morning sis, tanx 4 job well done. Pls are we still good 2 go with d registration 2day? Up till now d portal is closed.

  3. Good day lady Lola,am a nursing mother,do I need to take things like white shirt, short,and canvasss,or it’s not necessary since am not staying in the camp

  4. Hi, my name has been submitted for first batch Senate list and jamb is yet to complete my regularization process, please what should I do?
    Should I wait till another batch before registration when the process would have been completed?

  5. Ogunfeitimi Damilare Abiola

    Good day Lola,
    Can I go ahead with my registration before doing my medical fitness?

  6. Please I have laminated my statement of result already, what do I do?

  7. Thanks but what if you have already laminated your statement of result

  8. Hi Lola, I appeared on Senate list without enlisting on the matriculation list and it was stated that I couldn’t proceed. Now I’m on the matriculation list and status quo remains.
    Need help

  9. Will it be okay to go with loggages to camp to avoid coming over to various states in picking loggages, will it be allowed to come once to the camp and from their to ppa

  10. How long will it take to collect ur green card/ CU letter after registration

  11. Hi Lola how about international students are we doing d medical fitness wen we have our yellow card?

  12. I am a married woman, 5months in marriage. My state of origin is also my state of institution and as well the state my husband lives, can I be allowed to serve in the same state?

  13. @Lola
    How much will the registration and printing of the letter and green card cost us?

  14. @Lola, please what’s Green Card?

  15. what’s your advice for those whose Date of Birth is contradictory on the Waec result and Statement of result from the school? which should be used?

  16. Pls My name is on the matriculation list but not on Senate list yet

  17. Please Lola how do I check my name on the matriculation list

  18. Good day Lola, am a foreign student, should I get my medical report ready or it will be done at the camp?

  19. Good evening Lola
    I already laminated my statement of result
    Is that going to affect me in camp?

  20. Hi Lola, I’ve done my registration, printed my green card and for me to print my call up letter the next day I was told “you are not on this stream, you will be notified when to print your call up letter” any hope for me to go with stream two?

  21. Hello Lola Please what will be the consequence for not finished the registration before the portal close down

  22. thanks so much Lola i appreciate

  23. My name on my certificate is joy woyengifie ineife, while o level, jamb and matriculation list its written as ineife joy woyengifie, will that be an issue in camp?

  24. I have not see my name on NYSC Verification list

  25. bala david peter

    i checkd d senet list nd no record was wt i saw nd ma mates are already servin.wt am i to do?

  26. Good evening Lolo, please my child is a year and three months and no body will take care of him should I take him to camp? will they allow me to register and go ?

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