26-year-old British Woman Dies During Rough “Masochistic” Sex

26-year-old British Woman Dies During Rough “Masochistic” Sex

A night of rough consensual masochistic s_ex went horribly wrong for a 26-year-old British woman, Natalie Conolly, who died from the injuries she sustained from the energetic s_ex session. Natalie was found with more than 40 injuries which included a “blow-out” fracture to her left eye, bruising and internal injuries. Her boyfriend, millionaire businessman John Broadhurst, 40, who is reported to have “totally lost it” during the drink and drug-fuelled intercourse was initially charged with murder. Detective Inspector Victoria Downing, of Staffordshire Police, said,

Natalie was callously and cold-heartedly left fatally injured at the bottom of the stairs by Broadhurst. Yet he didn’t call for help until 9.30am and then showed total disregard for what he had done when he spoke to the emergency services

However, the charge was later reduced to manslaughter by gross negligence after Broadhurst admitted that he had failed to call for medical assistance after realising that his girlfriend was not well. Prosecutor, David Mason QC, explained the decision to reduce the charge saying,

The evidence in this case, which is an extremely unusual case, has been very complicated. The family (of the victim) have been consulted and are entirely content with the view that the prosecution have taken.

Broadhurst will be sentenced on Monday and Justice Julian Knowles warned him to expect a custodial sentence. Said the judge,

Whilst it is not a charge of murder, it is nonetheless an exceptionally serious offence. All sentencing options remain open. You should be prepared for a custodial sentence of some length.

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