5 Facts About NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream II Passing Out Parade

5 Facts About NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream II Passing Out Parade

I am so happy to congratulate every nysc 2017 batch b stream 2 corps members who have served their fatherland for a period of 11 months and now you are getting ready to move on with life.

I want to also commend you for your efforts in the unity of Nigeria. You have sacrificed a lot during the period of these 11 months. Some of you were posted to serve in a very strange land you have never been before but yet you stayed strong and in a couple of weeks to this time you’ll be bidding nysc goodbye and moving on with your different life.

A lot of you guys will proceed to go for your masters either in Nigeria or abroad, why many of you guys we start your own businesses and start living like a boss. A lot of you guys will settle down with your beautiful wife and start a family and many of you guys will start to think about the next step to take in life.  I want to tell you that whatever step you plan to take after your passing out parade, you should give it a shot. If you have an idea you don’t have to be intimidated and you don’t have to think it’s not going to work out just give it a shot.

I am not actually here to give you some motivational talks, I am here to tell you about 5 facts you need to know right now about your passing out parade.

5 Facts About NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream II Passing Out Parade

1. The exact date for your passing out parade is not yet out. The nysc official has not publicly announced the day for your passing out parade. However, according to calculation and speculations, your passing out parade should be this month or early next month. so you should just relax and come down the final day is almost here.

2. Your passing out parade date will be after the current nysc 2018 batch b stream 2 orientation camp. To those of you that have been sending messages and sending emails asking and looking for the exact date for your passing out parade, I want to tell you that you should just come down and relax. Your passing out parade is not going to hold until when the current batch in camp is done with the nysc orientation.

3. Your passing out parade might be on a low key.  For a few years ago now, the nysc management has been conducting a low-key passing out parade for corps members. The reason for this is best known to them but at least for about 5, 6 previous batches that have gone before you, it has been on a low key passing out parade. The process includes that you report to your local government secretariat and from there the LGI I will present to you your nysc certificate and that is it, you have done with nysc. so you shouldn’t expect to throw a big carried probably at your intention camp or whatever you have been imagining.

Make sure you take pictures that day, take pictures with your friends, take pictures with your enemies, that’s if you have one. This might be the last chance you have to take a picture with that your friend before you move on with your various life and you might never meet one another again.

4. You shouldn’t expect one month notice before your passing out parade date will be announced. Before, the nysc management always releases a circular probably a month before the exact date of the passing out parade so that corps members will get ready for the exit. But nowadays, things have really changed. Your passing out parade might be in 5 days now and you that you are passing out might not be aware until it’s a day close.

So if you are thinking the nysc will notify you a month or two months before your passing out parade you should rethink.

5. The last fact you should know is that after your passing out parade, there won’t be nysc allowance again. I am just telling you that you will know that after you pass out, you are on your own.

You can drop a comment below if you need anything.

For every hand that will share this, I pray that you will not suffer and beg for food after NYSC. See you at the top.


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