5 Reasons FG Should Increase NYSC Allowance

5 Reasons FG Should Increase NYSC Allowance

5 reasons FG should increase NYSC allowance is an article published by pulse that gives important reasons why the N19,800 should be stepped up

Increasing NYSC allowance will solve many problems. See the reasons why FG should consider an upward review of corpers’ allawee.

About a month ago, the NYSC says allowance increase from N19k to N48,900 is a rumor

After some back and forth about the purported increase in NYSC corps members allowance, the Federal Government finally came out to announce what the corpers didn’t like to hear.

For weeks, there were rumors that the Federal Government is planning to increase corps members allowance from N19,800 to N48,900.

This rumor raised the hope of the serving youths until the Minister of Labour, Sen. Chris Ngige announced that reports about the rumored increase in NYSC allowee are not true.

Ngige also said the Federal Executive Council has not received any recommendation to that effect.

But come to think of it, the stipend the corpers receive as the allowance is very insignificant and it is high time the FG and the NYSC management consider an upward review of their allowance for these five reasons.

1. N19,800 is too low

The current allowance of N19,800 for young adults serving their fatherland hundreds of miles away from home is just too little. This means the most frugal corps member is expected to spend N660 on a daily basis.

2. Cost of living

In many parts of the country, cost of living is so high that N19,800 makes no sense at the end of the day. Imagine a corps member serving in Lagos, Port Harcourt and other states where cost of living is pretty higher, the monthly allowance won’t last two weeks.

The Federal Government, for this reason, should consider an upward review of corpers allowance.

3. No provision for accommodation

Apart from the few corps members living in the apartments provided by the Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria Nigeria, MCAN and the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship,  NCCF, most serving corps members are prompted to rent an apartment during their service year.

4. Saving for the raining day

From the N19,500 they receive every month, some corps members still manage to save, but the truth is their savings at the end of their service may not be enough to start any business. However, if the allowance is increased to the purported amount, it could help a lot of corps members to start their own business.

5. It could solve the unemployment problem

The reason many graduates despise the NYSC service is partly because they believe is does not guarantee employment. Imagine, corps members getting N50,000 as purportedly proposed, this could go a long way to solve the unemployment problem as many of them could start something big with their savings.

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  1. Thanks for this post, I hope someone is government especially NYSC will see this.
    While I quite agree with the first three the last two is a bit sketchy. It should be understood that saving culture of many youth in Nigeria is very poor as we enjoy spending what we have and wait for what can happen later and if this is the case then point 5 is almost defeated also.
    Someone who can’t save from 19800 might not be able to still save from 50000,it may sound unbelievable but it’s the truth!

  2. I agree that all the reason given for FG to increase NYSC allawee from #19800 to #48900 above is correct bcus due to the rate of low employment rate in the country. At least while serving, u can save certain amount of money out of the #48900 the are asking FG to be paying instead of #19800. But with #19800 my brother there is no hw u can save reasonable amount or save anything at all due to the economic of the country. But with the payment of #48900 above, u can be able to save a reasonable amount and it can help u a long way in starting a small scale business when u are done with service. You can be managing the business till u luckily secure a job for ur self and if u invest the money wisely in a lucrative business by the grace of God, u can even turn to some one who will be employing other graduate. So FG should really see to it and start paying the #48900 allawee to corp members. Thanks

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