7 Best CDS Groups To Join As A Corp Member

NYSC is a phase every Nigerian graduate must undergo before proceeding to the Labour Market. Especially, graduates who are less than 30 years. As a matter of fact, participation in the National Youth Service Scheme is compulsory for any Nigerian graduate who wishes to work in Nigeria. However, this article will focus on the best CDS groups to join as a corp member.

The community development service (CDS) is one of the cardinal programmes of NYSC. The other three are; Orientation programme, Place of primary assignment and passing out parade.

Sometimes, the CDS you belong to during your service year can develop you professionally. This is why we have come up with this list of 7 best CDS group to join as a corp member.

Top 7 Best CDS Groups To Join As A Corp Member


NDLEA is one of the best CDS groups to join as a corp member. Outside of the fact that you will learn more from the group, you will definitely have the opportunity to sensitize people on the negative effect of hard drugs.

Members of this CDS always campaign against hard drugs. Sometimes, they go to school and other public places for the campaign against hard drugs and drugs abuse.

#2. EFCC

EFCC is also a top-notch CDS group to belong during your NYSC. Consider yourself very lucky if you are in this CDS. Corp members in this group always campaign against corruption.

Most times, they go to schools to sensitize them on the negative effect of corruption in the society. It is a very educative CDS that corp members will actually learn a lot from.

#3. Red Cross

This is also among the best CDS groups to join as a corp member. However, corp members with medical background are often posted to this group since it is health related.

They constantly engage in health outreach, administration of first aid and more importantly setting up clinics for the NYSC secretariat.

#4. Road Safety Group

Road safety group is another great CDS group to belong during NYSC. They help in traffic control, administer first aid to accident victims, create traffic awareness in schools and more importantly, establishing road safety clubs in schools.


HIV/AIDS is obviously one of the best CDS groups to join as a corp member. They constantly sensitize the general public on HIV and other STDs. Also, they establish Peer Education Trainers (PET) in schools.

#6. NEMA

NEMA is another amazing CDS group to join as a corp member. Members of this group aids in disaster management. The experience and knowledge you will get in this group will help you throughout your lifetime.

#7. Editorial Group

This is the media group of NYSC. The CDS group are called OBS in camp. They do the Radio, TV, and publications. Therefore, if you ever dream of becoming a presenter or writer, this is definitely a CDS group for you.

Members of this CDS group are the ones publishing corpers’ monthly magazine as well as the end of service yearbook.

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