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A Simple Trick To Check If You Belong To Stream I Or II – Very HOT!!!!

A Simple Trick To Check If You Belong To Stream I Or II is just a way of knowing where you belong so that you can get prepared. Proper preparation prevents poor performances.

If you are ready to check what stream you belong to, follow this below step carefully.

A lot of NYSC 2018 Batch C has been asking how they can verify either they are with stream I or II. No need to stress yourself, I am going to show you how you can confirm this in less than 5 minutes.

  • Login to your NYSC portal (You can click here to Log In)
  • When your dashboard opens, click on “Course Correction” and then scroll down
  • If you see “Mobilized” then you good to go as you have been mobilized.
  • If you see “Pending” don’t feel bad or worried, you are probably for stream II

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Please DO NOT CLICK “SEND REQUEST” once you see if you are mobilized or not, just log out.

Right now, quickly check yours and let us know what you see below in the comment box.

If you are mobilized, type MOBILIZED in the comment box below
If yours is pending, type PENDING in the comment box below

Let us know ourselves now!

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  1. Aliyumuhammedidris


  2. Mine has ‘mobilized’ written on it too but yet to get a call up number.
    The message below my dashboard is “you haven’t been evaluated yet” I’m so confused.

  3. please have here trying check my call up and to check if i’m mobilized with stream 1 or 11 please help me urgently thanks

  4. I saw mobilize but I didn’t get my call up number , pls what does it mean

  5. I saw mobilize …..but am yet to get a call up number , because on my dach boad am seeing u have not been evaluated yet, am confused

  6. Please, i’m moblized but i dont want to follow stream 2,what wil i do?

  7. Pls i’m moblized,but i dont want to follow stream 1,what wil do.

  8. I saw mobilised but I don’t want to go with stream 1. Is there anything I can do?

  9. Same here princess. Have registered but I don’t want to go with stream l. What can I do?.

  10. Is this trick still working?

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