All NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream I Should Claim This Free Gift Now - Congratulations

All NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream I Should Claim This Free Gift Now – Congratulations

The NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream I are passing out today after 11 months of service at their various place of primary assignment. You have finally made it through and we are so happy for you. You have served your fatherland and today you will be given your certificate to move on with your life.

Some of you guys will proceed with education either locally or internationally. Some of you guys will start looking for jobs while some will start a business straight away. Whatever way you want to proceed, God will bless whatever you lay your hand on, God will bless it bountifully.



You must have heard people saying there is no job, the economy is bad, Nigeria is rough and bla bla bla. I want to tell you that you can still be who you want to be. You can still live a good life. The economy is bad and yet numerous people are still making it. STAY POSITIVE

I pray for you that you will not use your certificate in the Prison yard, you will become great in life, you will be rich, your Obituary will not be sent home, Your parent will live long to eat the fruit of your hand, you will make it in Life. Just type Amen below if you believe.

The gift I have for you is not some money or some clothes. The gifts I have for you is information and innovative ideas.

Take your time to read these below:



Congratulations again. You can say something below if you wish. We are happy for you.

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