NYSC 2018 Batch C Call-up letter

Another Vital Information For All NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream I PCM – Urgent Attention

This is another vital information and you all should take an action now. This is about the address of where you will go for your orientation camp.

Most people out of joy will only see the state they have been deployed to without checking the addresses of their NYSC camp. There has been a lot of mix up and rearrangement on the NYSC orientation venues across the countries. NYSC orientation camp will not be taking place in some states.

The action you should take now is LOGIN to NYSC portal and confirm the address on your call-up letter. Even if you have printed your call-up letter before, please it will take you nothing to log in now and confirm the address. The address will be below your state of deployment.

Do not say you hear somebody say that orientation camp will not hold in some states and then you start stressing your self up and down. Chaiiii…

Let me sing “IRE by Adekunle Gold” for you:

“If I had known that the life I was searching for
is looking me right in the eyes ohhhhh…”

complete the rest if you know the song. The essence is that the answer to where your orientation camp will hold is there on your call-up letter. All you have to do is log in and confirm the one you printed.

Please let’s share this so that no PCM will suffer stress we cannot imagine going to another direction. I pray that as many hands that will share this, Great things that you cannot imagine will happen to you during this NYSC you are about to embark on. God will send help to you and your obituary will not be sent to your family. The prayer applies to anyone who doesn’t share also. But please let’s save someone of stress.


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