Best NYSC PPA In Lagos

Looking for Best NYSC PPA in Lagos, you are welcome here because I am going to give you an answer to your curiosity to know about the Best NYSC PPA in Lagos. Having an information before an event can really save a person from a lot of stress. You don’t have to start visiting every organisations, schools and companies in a state to determine the best place of Primary assignment. I will not advice that or try it either.

My Method Of Approach

You are here because you want to know about the Best NYSC PPA in Lagos, and am here to show you the Best NYSC PPA in Lagos as accurate as possible. I will need a method to get my facts because I did not serve in all the states in Nigeria. Even the state I served, I did not visit all the PPA in the state capital not to talk of other local Governments. To give you a close answer to the Best NYSC PPA in Lagos, I will use what I call the Testimony strategy.

The Testimony Strategy

This approach in determining the Best NYSC PPA in Lagos, will rely on the testimonies of Ex-corpers and serving Corps Members. This mean that I will drop a button below where ex-corpers and serving Corps members of this state can share their views on where they think is the Best NYSC PPA in Lagos.

General Facts You Should Know

Below are some general facts you should know before you go on reading the views of people on the Best NYSC PPA in Lagos.

  • Each views is the responsibility of the author.
  • If you are posted to a Government house and some Government ministries, you are lucky because apart from payments and good accommodation, you could connect and network yourself to another level entirely.
  • Some private organisations and firms also pay and take care of Corpers very well.

Share Your Views

The only people that can share their views are ex-Corpers and serving Corpers of this state.

You can try as much as possible to include the following in your statement:

  • Do they pay?
  • Accommodation
  • Workload
  • Convenience
  • And others as you wish
  • Your view can be brief or in details. It depends on how you want to share

To share your own view, just click the button below and fill the simple form and then submit.

NYSC Best PPA In Lagos

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  1. Good afternoon. Am a corper serving in lagos under batch c stream 2 but i am yet to get my 33k. i was not able to do the first biometrics registration because of redeployment and late posting from nysc. my friends in other states did not do any biometrics through out last month but they still got paid. pls what do i do because i am in financial crisis right now. thank you.

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