Check If Your Institutions And Programmes Is Accredited

Check If Your Institutions And Programmes Is Accredited

Check If Your Institutions And Programmes Is Accredited is one of the easiest things to do in NYSC. The NYSC management made it available for every prospective Corps members to check if their institutions and courses are accredited by the NYSC before the NYSC Mobilization.

There are some institutions out there that do not have accreditation from the Federal Government. Some courses also are not recognized by the National Youth Service Corps and if you fall into such a department or school, you will not be going with NYSC Next batch.

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As a prospective Corps member, you should check to confirm that your institution and the course you studied have accreditation. We have always got your back, so am here to show you how to confirm the accreditation of your institution and course.

This is very simple and something you can do by your self, so you don’t have to visit a cafe or pay anyone to do it for you. I can even help you confirm yours if you tell me the Full name of your institution and the course you studied below in the comment box.

Check If Your Institutions And Programmes Is Accredited

For those of you that will like to do it yourself, here are the steps:

STEP 1. Click HERE to go to the Institution checking page on NYSC Portal

STEP 2. Under “Programme” Click on Select and then select the type of your institution from the drop-down

STEP 3. Under “Institution” click on Select

STEP 4. Choose the name of your institution from the list. You can scroll down to see more.

STEP 5. Click on Extract Courses

Finally, you will get a list of accredited courses in that institution you have selected.

If you have any question, just comment below.

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  1. aunty Lola good afternoon, am a batch c stream 2 copper I relocated from Kwara to Lagos State which has been approved successfuly,registered at Lagos secretariat on 10th and my state code has been changed successfuly but am yet to receive ppa letter online or allocated to a specific local government, on my dashboard December clearance is showing absent, please what can I do, because I really need to take maternity leave almost due to give birth.. And I heard they are paying allowee is it both stream 2 and those that relocated really want to know thanks

    • The reason there is absent is because you haven’t got a PPA. You need to go to the local government and explain to them. Or you can find a PPA and collect an acceptance letter to the local govt

  2. please can u give us a sample of PPA acceptance letter and what if one decided to do it for a private individual or in a family business?

    • Gift dearie, am so sorry for the late reply. I am working on writing it as a full article. Here is a sample below.

      Here is a sample of acceptance letter:

      The State Coordinator
      NYSC office
      Address of NYSC office (city, state)
      Full Date (day, month, year)
      Letter of Acceptance


      This is to inform you that the Corps member has been accepted to our School (College, University, Company, Organization) with the effect from July 10, 2018 (or any other date), with the following particulars: Name (full name of NYSC corper), discipline or job position, state code number, NYSC member call up number.

      We appreciate your kind gesture.

      Yours faithfully,
      Name of organization administrator or director

      I am still going to make it a full article. Either private or family business, this above will work.

  3. Aunty Lola, don’t u considered my question and request answerable?

  4. Thank you so much for making this easy. I found my school and course . voiola

  5. What about foreign students?? universities outside Nigeria are not listed

  6. Please wat are the special requirements for foreign trained students in order to pertake in the next nysc batch

  7. Hello everyone

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