Corp Members Offers Free Adult Education In Delta State

The National Youth Service Corps programe is about uniting the country and also an avenue for individual Corps members to affect lives and make any changes that will make their names inscribed in the heart of people they have touched.

So many reasons and factors has led to the illitracy of many adults and believe me, organizing an adult education as a Corp member will meet an important need.

Adult education gives mature learners the chance to increase their knowledge, develop new skills and gain helpful qualifications and credentials.  Adult education plays an important role in helping mature aged learners develop new skills and improve the career prospects available to them.

While most Corps members will choose to do nothing, these incredible Corpers have chosen to take education to the Adults.

According to the caption,


Why don’t we help them share the news for everyone in the delta communities to get the good news?

You and I are agents of positivity no matter what the country is saying, we still have a choice to do something good. Hit the share button below and let’s support this progress.




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