Some Didn’t Wear Pants: Shocking Experience In Delta NYSC Camp – Muslim Corpers

The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).

Around 12a.m I checked my NYSC portal hoping to see that I have been deployed to a northern State(Kano to be precise), but I saw something I didn’t want, which is a state in south south, Delta state. Was not happy with this, but I picked myself up with this

And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.

I accepted it because I did ask for guidance from Allaah before choosing the States I chose, so I travelled to delta. When I got to the orientation camp, I was given a number.

While going to the multipurpose Hall where the registration process was going on, couldn’t complete the registration that day cuz I got there late, when I entered the hostel I was allocated to sleep.

Some guys were already “high” on alcohol and were spewing rubbish. Their noise disturbed me from sleeping and I couldn’t sleep till after 12 midnight.

Around 3am I got out to fetch water for bathing, to my greatest surprise, I met a very long queue. But something else surprised me more. Girls, coming out almost nude staying on the same queue, no shame, one came out with ordinary towel that did not exceed halfway of her thighs, had to take my eyes away immediately, the males were no better….. Coming out with ordinary briefs.

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Then I blamed myself for coming out, I couldn’t get water, so I went to the mosque and fortunately they had water there, I fetched from it.

When I got to where I was to take my bath at the males’ hostel bathroom I saw another thing that surprised me, an open space for bathroom, more than 20 people can enter into it and take their bath with everyone in it having access to each others private part.

I couldn’t enter cuz I can’t imagine myself being in a bathroom with another man in it.

I left that spot and kept my water because I didn’t know another place for bathing….

So when it got to around 4am, the bugler started blowing his bugle and I went to the mosque briskly so the soldiers won’t force me to the parade which will eventually make me miss salaah’s time.

When I got there, Alhamdulillaah I saw the mosque filled up with brothers and sisters, was happy we had so many Muslims in camp unknown to me that I was wrong, you see why I said so insha Allaah….although most are Hausas.

So, the Imam (who is a batch A corp member) had signs of salafiyyah in him Alhamdulillaah, and I was happy as well cuz I never expected seeing someone upon the sunnah in Delta. A short naseehah was given, and we prayed, then we left for parade……..

After we got to the parade ground, we were asked to complete our registration for those that are yet to complete it of which I was among….

So I left for the multipurpose hall to complete it, after I completed everything I was told to go and collect my kits, when I checked their knickers it turned out to be an underpant that will expose everything I’m saving for ummu uthaymeen(my wife).

Just imagine this was what they gave the females as well, how will it look on them?

Alhamdulillaah I took along with me some three quarters that covered my awrah and extends over my knee cap. Instantly I decided to make do with mine and forget about theirs.

So I kept my kits cuz it was already late, so I went to mammy market to take my bath cuz I heard you pay to bath there and its comfortable, after I explained my plight to some brothers that I met in the mosque.

Fast forwards to the next day, I was prepared for parade with my kits, subhanallaah when I got there I saw so many “things”.

Lemme be as clear and as frank as possible, when I say things, I’m talking about the things Allaah adorned the women with, I had to put my head down all through…

Imagine a woman that is endowed wearing what I said I was given! Some didn’t even wear pants, once again I did not only blame myself for going for the parade (which is compulsory anyway, as far as you are in camp), I also blamed myself for going to camp in the first place.

Then we got to the place where we were told to hold our hands, I looked at my left, it was a guy, I looked at the right it was a female and the female was like ” bros bring your hand na” while I was begging the other guy at my left hand side to please come to my position of which he refused, I told her that I can’t hold her hands and she was like “nawa oo, no let soldier catch you sha”. So until we left that position a soldier did not pass by…

After we finished the parade and bugler blower blowed his bugle for food, I went straight to the mosque, while in mosque, I was already thinking of not going back to that parade, whatever it takes I won’t go back, I said to myself, then Allaah paved a way for me….


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  1. this man is a religionist…
    he may be deep in secret lust and evill’s practically impossible for a cock to fly like an are there to correct and lead few to the way of salvation not isolating yourself thinking this people are sinners ready to be burn in Hell.Christ forwarn you accept you making tbis report Repent you shall all likewise perish.refusing to shaking,giving money to the beggars,fasting 100 in a year,going to holy city every year,been morally good,self discipline,turning a new leaf CANNOT TAKES YOU TO HEAVEN.YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN.REPENTANCE IS A MUST.

  2. you have got backing brother in shaa Allah. By the way you haven’t finished the story,please proceed. I need the experience as i am preparing for the next stream.

  3. Me 2 : I love to hear the end of the story

  4. WTF BRO, please keep you criticisms aside. There are different personalities here; I read his story and I really enjoyed it.

  5. AlhamduliLlaah, may Allāh help me out too. 2019 batch c

  6. The guy is good at writing scripts. Although it’s a real life’s situation. Bro. Please complete the story. I spent my data to get this far.

  7. Nimrak Emmanuel

    Nice post , it’s good to always dress nice, I v always advocated for that. But u excluding oneself from d crowd doesn’t help a thing unless u don’t v self control. U r in an environment where different personalities are, good, bad etc . Don’t tell me everyone there does the same thing. Am a Christian and no one needs to tell me to dress and appear nice, that’s what my Bible says. So said Western cultures v eaten deep into our societies

  8. I love the fact that there is room to take one’s bath at the Maami market to avoid taking baths in crowd, how much is it please?

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