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Here Is What Next After NYSC Registration

Here Is What Next After NYSC Registration – 2019 Batch B

You have been waiting for the NYSC registration to begin so that you can register and serve your fatherland. NYSC might not really be a big deal to some people, but to some, its just another step and another level of greatness in life.  See also: NYSC Batch B 2019 State of Deployment Prediction – 84% Accuracy

So the NYSC registration started and you are done with yours. And if you have not done your registration, am sure you will do it before the closing date. And if you don’t do it before the closing date, you can do it with next batch. See also: NYSC 2019 Batch B News UPDATES – Official Public Notice

Assuming everyone reading post is done with their NYSC registration, then what next? What is the next step to take?

The next step is for you to wait for your call-up letter.

You will have to print the call-up letter from your dashboard which is where you will know your state of deployment. The call-up number will be on your dashboard too. Remember only those who paid the 3k during registration will have the ability to print it from their dashboard. See also: List Of Institutions Whose Senate List Is Out – On NYSC Portal

So in the meanwhile, you should start preparing to go to a foreign land to serve your fatherland. All you have to do for now is wait for the Call-up Letter.  After the Call-up letter, then the orientation camp date will be announced.

Helpful articles and everything you need for orientation camp will be published on the whatsapp group. Just stay connected so that you don’t miss out.

About Lola Princess

I am Lola Princess and am from Earth. I am from somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. I love making friends and blogging. Am your NYSC Google Assistant and am always here.


  1. And anyone who doesn’t pay the 3k won’t get their call up letter or what?

  2. How many weeks will it take for the call up letter to be release.Good morning lola

  3. State of Origin :Anambra
    Institution : Anambra
    Nysc States : Kwara, Delta,Taraba,Ogun

  4. edo
    kano Niger Akwa ibom ogun

  5. Lagos

  6. Edo
    Niger,Ogun,Kano,Akwa ibom

  7. Love in Lagos, schooledbin imo, state of origin is imo, choose- adamawa, kwara, ogun and akwa ibom

  8. State of Origin :kogi state
    Institution :kogi state university
    Choice of state :Taraba, Kwara,Anambra and Rivers.

  9. Am from abia
    Studied in ebony
    NYSC states are Bornu, ogun, kadunna, rivers

  10. State of origin: Niger
    Institution: Sokoto
    States selected: Abuja, Oyo, Katsina, Anambra

  11. Is payment of 3k mandatory for the printing of green card

  12. Is it possible for DSA to correct wrong jamb uploaded online

  13. State- Kogi state
    Institution- Sokoto
    Nasarawa, Anambra, Kano & Ogun

  14. Kaduna
    Akwa ibom, kano, ogun, niger

  15. Anambra
    Benin republic

  16. State of origin: Niger
    Institution: sokoto
    Nysc states selected: Abuja, Oyo, Katsina, Anambra

  17. Osun
    Oyo NAssarawa kaduna ogun akwa ibom

  18. please Lola..there is a mistake in my waec date of birth and I want to correct it on my dashboard but someone said I will have to get a pin from waec(the bank) before I can do that..please how true is this.

  19. There is a mistake in the date filled for my secondary School period. How can I correct that?

  20. FECOLART is Senate list is out

  21. Edo
    Kwara, Osun, Enugu and Kano

  22. Obaji Oluchi faith

    State selected,niger,taraba,ogun and anambra

  23. State of Origin: Osun
    Institution state: Ogun
    States choosen: Kwara, Ondo, Kano, Cross River

  24. Kogi
    Kaduna, Anambra, Plateun, Osun

  25. Edo
    Kwara Osun Enugu Kano

  26. victoriachocha

    schooled in Enugu , from Abia,born in lagos
    chose Kaduna,bayelsa,nassarawa&Ogun

  27. Atamma Muhammad Tahir

    School: kano


  28. hi Lola good day. I want to know what and what is required to be photocopied and how many pieces each.

  29. Origin:imo
    Place of birth:anambra

  30. Pls my age is have exceeded 30, and my name is out in the sanate list. what is the next step please.

  31. Blessing Sunday

    Lagos, Ogun, Delta, Akwa Ibom

  32. Lagos
    University of Lagos
    Kano, Kwara, Ogun, Edo

  33. IMO
    KOGI Akwa Ibom Ogun Kebbi

  34. Abia
    Niger Anambra Kano Oyo

  35. Abia
    Brono, Ebonyi, Benue, Delta

  36. Imo
    Delta, cross river, abuja

  37. Anthony
    State: Ekiti
    Institution: Niger

    States selected: Kano, Kwara, Anambra and Ogun

  38. Abia
    Abuja, Lagos,Adamawa,Akwa ibom

  39. State of institution: Edo
    State of origin: Edo
    State selected: kebbi nasarawa, Enugu, akwaibom

  40. Oyo
    Kaduna, ogun,kwara and rivers

  41. From: Delta
    School: Edo

    Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna & Bayelsa

  42. Agha Uchenna vivian

    I school at fed poly oko.. Anambra state. from Ebonyi,, NYSC state.. Benue, Sokoto, enugu, Cross river.

  43. State Of Origin-Lagos.
    I Chose:

  44. Osun


    kano, ogun, anambra and niger

  45. EDO
    Ogun, kano,kwara,akwa ibom.

  46. Abia
    Nassarawa,Imo,Akwa Ibom,Bauchi

  47. State of origin kwara
    Schooled; Niger State
    Kogi, Edo, Lagos, Kano

  48. kwara
    Niger state
    Kogi, Edo, Lagos, Kano

  49. Edo
    Ogun, kwara , akwa ibom,kano

  50. Favour
    State of origin Anamnra
    Institution port Harcourt
    Enugu, Delta,Borno forgotten one state

  51. Iwuchukwu Emeka callistus

    NySC States; sokoto,Enugu,nasarawa&,akwa-ibom

  52. Osun

    kano, ogun, anambra, niger

  53. Please how and when will I get my call up letter if I’ve paid online to able to print it out

  54. alexander nwafor

    State of Origin :ebonyi
    Institution : kwara
    Nysc States : plateau, kebbi, ogun, rivers.
    pls miss lola

  55. I’m From Akwa Ibom
    Place of birth:Phc/rivers
    Institution: Anambra
    Nysc States

  56. Akure
    Ogun, Kano, Delta , Kogi

  57. Bello Abdul-Salam

    Good evening sir/madam.
    My name is Bello Abdul-Salam, am a foreign student from University For Development Studies Tamale(Ghana). I was asked to upload a document named “upload evidence ownership of lost international passport from Nigeria immigration “which I did. Am pleading the NYSC official to check all my uploaded documents so that I can know what is left of me to meet up the NYSC requirement . I don’t want to continue staying at home for the next batch anymore because there is no time at my side.Kindly hear me out and I will stay calm for your feedback as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  58. School- ABU, Zaria Kaduna State
    State. – Kwara State
    Place of birth – Lagos
    Jigawa, Ogun, Edo and Rivers State

  59. I’m a Foreign trained graduate, registered 3rd, still haven’t been evaluated. What’s the Possibility of getting my call up number ?

  60. Benue
    Nasarawa, Jigawa, Akwa-Ibom, Ebonyi

  61. Edo
    Kwara, Ogun, Anambra, Kano

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