Let’s Solve All Questions And Challenges – NYSC 2021 AII

Hello dear NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream II. This post is just to answer every questions and challenges you might still be having.

So if you are still facing any challenges or you have a question relating to NYSC Batch A stream II, all you just have to do is ask me below using the comment box.

Please, to enable us give you accurate answers, kindly ask your questions in details.

If you have anything to ask or you have anything you wish someone could just listen to you, I’m right in the comment section below.

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  1. Good morning Lola, pls I entered school with my Neco result, ND I’m presently having issues with my DOB. pls any info on how I cn go abt it?

  2. what happens when the name on the school documents is different from the one on the BVN? Is it a must for the name to be the same?

  3. Good morning Lola, please what’s going on, have done my verification since April 12th am a foreign students and i was asked to upload my waec results which have done,but all the same,am still seeing yet to be evaluated on my dashboard, please what’s going on

  4. Zipporah Dauda

    Morning,please I want to know the right date for the callup letter to be out and when we are expected to report.

  5. Is it possible for me to change my course of study because I made a mistake when registering.i study accountancy but they put business administration

  6. Kucheli Danladi

    Please ma’ am having challenge with my name, I make complen but is there nothing has changed

  7. I was mobilized by my school for nysc with lower credit that is from a polytechnic while I graduated with an upper credit and my statement of result is showing upper credit would it have any consequence when I get to orientation camp

  8. Onah Serah Nkechi

    Enugu, Imo poly selecting state benue, adamawa,akwa ibom, osun please predict for me

  9. Hi Lola is everyone who registered for this batch A ( stream I ND ii )to go the same time or some pple will be shifted to next batch??

  10. Hello, first of all, thanks for all the helpful info you’ve made available for people who needs guidance. I honestly don’t know a thing about NYSC, but this website has been super helpful.

    My question is about the passport on my green card, I didn’t have a passport on me the time I did my registration(i assumed they would have a camera they usually used for stuff like that) but they didn’t, so we ended using a phone and it looked fine then.

    Now that I’ve printed it out, I have some concerns, first one being that I was wearing a white T-shirt and a green jacket (not NYSC one, just a normal one I usually wear). I didn’t think much of it at that time, but now that I’ve read some things, I’m starting to worry.

    My second issue is that on paper the passport doesn’t really look all that clear, I haven’t seen other people’s own so I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be. but, again I worry because I really don’t know anything about NYSC stuff.

    I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid or if it’s going to be an issue, please I’d like to hear your thoughts or advice.

    Thanks again.

  11. I need help on how to redeploy back to my state.how can u help me sister lola

  12. My question is about correction of DOB. Why correction of DOB is having difficult and delay to correct it

  13. Hello good morning pls my own problems is that am nursing mother BUT I HAVE NOT DONE MY WEDDING so because of I don’t have MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE so will i be attended to like other nursing mother who have marriage certificate

  14. Hello great Lola plz my name correction hasn’t reflect since I’ve requested for the past two weeks. why?

    • A message was sent on my dashboard that due to covid-19 another date will be communicated to me as to when to print my call up letter. The question is how long will it take before I’ll be posted to a state for service?
      2. Is nysc not using logic /tricks to push those of us in this category to batch B?
      3. Can’t that covid – 19 test at camp be skipped? because I don’t like the method at which it was done to those I saw their videos today.

      How can you put something as long as that into someone’s nose?

  15. Please the name on my statement of result is ibeh chukwuma chukwuma,but the name on my dashboard is only ibeh chukwuma I hope is not a problem

  16. Please i register for nysc batch a 2021 and I am in stream2 my wedding is in may.can I go with batch b

  17. Hello sister lola

    Please what is the template for the letter of evaluation for those that want to get it from their foreign college…..what does the letter has to include and will they have to send it to me then I take it to Abuja or they have to send it to Abuja?

  18. Random question, does it have to be a white tennis shoe, or does any white sneakers work?

  19. Pls i did nt see my call up letter dat means av nt been deployed
    I heard that we will still be deploy after two wks
    Hw true is that or is it nxt batch

  20. Babatunde Ridwan

    Hi Lola, up till now i still cant see any call up letter in my dashboard except the usual details, amd in fact, no information about to wait for the next batch.

  21. Pls, I’m confused o, covid 19 protocol was written on my dashboard, that is, I will be notified when to print my call up letter, does that mean I Will have to wait till next batch, or they will make any other schedule for us after this present orientation camp

  22. Hi Lola I was not deployed for this batch A stream2 but I got a message on my dashboard saying that due to covid-19 another date will be communicated to me as to when to print my call up letter.. The question is..1. how long will it take before I will be posted to a state for service?
    2..is that people that got this message of covid-19 will be pushed to batch B?

  23. Ezebuiro Ugochinyere

    Good morning Lola.. I didn’t get see a call up letter in my dashboard rather got a message that due to covid-19,i will be communicated to as when to print my call up letter.. please I want to know if am pushed to batch B?or am I going to remobilise?

  24. Hi Lola, Is there going to be batch A stream 2b?

  25. pls i have registered for covid 19 test but i cannt see my call up letter is is it not error

    the name on my dashboard is different from the one on my certificate due to marriage changig

  26. Omotosho islamiyah

    due to marriage changing of name
    pls is it not a problem

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