Men Lured A Facebook Girl With 25k And Then Killed Her

Men Lured A Facebook Girl With 25k And Then Killed Her

Two young men have been arrested for allegedly killing a woman in Aba, Abia state. One of the suspects claimed he hails from Ebonyi state as the other revealed how they lured the deceased online before killing her.

According to the suspect, they lured the victim through Facebook chat after promising to give her N25,000 to hook up.

After falling for the trick, the lady came and was brutally murdered in cold blood after she was tied up and prevented from shouting.

The men were caught with the corpse of the deceased while trying to flee with it.  

According to reports from witnesses, it is alleged that when they kill their victim, they close the person’s account to avoid being traced. 

It was also claimed that the suspects are ritualists who sell corpses/human parts to Alhajis and native doctors.

Some of the residents were clamoring for the suspects to be lynched to death over the gruesome act.

The suspects were later forced to carry the corpse before they were dragged away by the police

Please our dear ladies, be careful especially when it comes to money o

The pictures contains some graphic photos, so you can CLICK HERE to see the pictures

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