6 Myths About Getting Posted To Your Choice City During NYSC Camp

6 Myths About Getting Posted To Your Choice City During NYSC Camp

So Dear Prospective Corp Members, I am sure you also want to serve in Lagos, Abuja or one exotic place in Nigeria and NYSC has just posted you to a state where you doubt people live in and the only way to make it up is getting Posted to either the Capital state or at least a city.

You might have heard a lot of advice and information about things that you can do to get posted to a state capital or a city during orientation camp. Most of them are Myths and fallacies, and am here to reduce those Myths to absurdity so as not to get you confused.
All PCMs are so precious and special and no one should try to feed them with false information or whatever.

I present to you 6 Myths About Getting Posted To Your Choice City During NYSC Camp

1.   MYTH:  Try your possible best to join a camp activity: If you want your posting to be in a town then you better join a useful camp activity. Join either OBS, those who play instruments, Dance and Drama, Sport and Parades.

FACT: I would have agreed if I hadn’t passed through orientation camp. The fact is, just as you are posted randomly to your state of deployment, that’s how you will be posted to your PPA. I have seen guys who participated in one or more of those above and got posted to a Village. In fact a village will be an Overstatement. And have seen someone like me who never participated and was posted to the City.

If you want to participate in camp activities, it is very good. In fact the best. But participating in expectancy of getting posted to a city is ridiculous. They will ask you to write down your names and tag numbers…. Its just for formality sake.

2.   MYTH: When posting letter to your various PPA (Primary Place Of Assignment) comes out and you’re posted to a village, Immediately go and meet the ict guys to change it for you. Of course it’s illegal and they will ask for bribe, if you really care, just give them a little, they will post you to exactly where you want.

FACT: This might work, but remember its Illegal. You never knew maybe God has a plan for taking you to that place you call a village, so why pay bribe to alter it. You are the Leaders of tomorrow, why not let the change begins with you.

3.   MYTH: You could also sleep with camp commandant too. That always works. Camp commandant is the only soldier in camp that can influence your posting so better shave your lady parts and get ready to earn it.

FACT: Am sure some real ladies are already rejecting this already. Why useless yourself just to get posted to a City, when you are not even sure maybe you have been posted to a city already. Am sure only cheap ladies will do that. Some will even go to the point of having sex with almost all the Soldiers, Platoon instructors and even Mammy Marketers all in the name of getting posted to the city.

Every ladies reading this, I know you are not cheap, I know you worth more than posting and even more than a Million Gold. You are special and a Queen! In fact I take a bow for you ladies now and call you “Her Royal Majesty” You are priceless. Please don’t buy into sleeping with anyone to get posted.

4.   MYTH: No matter what, hold a FAKE medical report saying you have ridiculous diseases, you’d never know when it would come in handy.

 FACT: You don’t want to get caught. And why would you do this? Holding a fake report that you are HIV positive or you have Hypatitis Q just to get posted to the city is awful. What if you end up having those insane ailments.

5.   MYTH: If you go to the ICT guys to re-runs your posting and they don’t agree, simple. Do not go and report in the local government you’re posted to. Take your fake medical report and go to the main NYSC office telling them you can’t serve there and you have to be in the main town because only town hospitals render the treatments you need. Once you can go to the LG you were posted to and they register you then you’re bleeped. There’s no going back.

FACT: Still on this fake medical report? Then please read this 7 Reasons Not To Fake NYSC Medical Certificate

6.   MYTH: Then there’s praying and fasting, but then again all of us who got posted to the village prayed and fasted. Anyways you could be lucky. Heaven helps those who help themselves.

FACT: Prayers still works. When you know the relationship between you and the God you serve, being posted to a village will not be your major problem.
Heaven help those who help themselves is not in the Bible. If you believe in prayers, please pray. It works a lot.

Thanks for reading 6 Myths About Getting Posted To Your Choice City During NYSC Camp

You are free to add any other ways you have and let me surprise you.

Ex- Corpers, please share your experience also……

[SOURCE: Corpers Forum]

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  1. All the myths are very true! I was part of all the parade, although I didn’t join so as to influence my posting but because I love to because even when I was removed I add myself back. But the fact is I had many friends with that orientation that it will help their posting but then end up in village just like me!

  2. Thanks so much for this detailed information. A Lot of people will actually do anything to be posted to the city. You need need to be posted to the city to actually have a great service year.

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