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NYSC 2018 Batch A Passing Out Date

NYSC 2018 Batch A Passing Out Date

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NYSC 2018 Batch A Passing Out Date Programme is a glorious day that all NYSC 2018 Batch A Corps members will be honorably discharged. It’s always a happy moment as Corps members will bid their deployed local government and PPA farewell to continue with the journey of life.

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The NYSC 2018 Batch A Passing Out parade Date is 14th, March 2019.

The NYSC certificate will be given to every Corps members, and the payment of allowed will definitely stop after NYSC 2018 Batch A Passing Out Parade.

A lot of Corps members will then go on with their life. Some will be retained at their PPA, some will proceed to go for masters, some will go to marriage while some will start their own business.

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To everyone that is looking forward to the NYSC, 2018 Batch A POP Corpers Forum is here to be giving you regular updates about the NYSC 2018 passing out parade date.

For now, there is no official date for the NYSC 2018 Batch A Passing Out Parade yet. However, we can do some calculations to at least have an idea of when the date will be.

Either you are looking for, nysc passing out date 2018, next nysc passing out date 2018, nysc batch b 2018 passing out date or you just want to know the month for the NYSC 2018 batch A passing out parade, check the calculation below.

The NYSC 2018 Passing Out date Calculations

The NYSC 2018 Batch C resumed orientation camp by 19th April 2018 for the 3 weeks course. Calculating 11 months After April 2018 will be March 2019.

The passing out parade of NYSC 2018 should be in March 2019. The NYSC official will announce the date. This is just a guess by calculation.

Thanks for reading this information about NYSC 2018 Batch A Passing Out date. If you have anything to say, use the comment box below.

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