NYSC 2020 Batch A Orientation Camp Update

NYSC 2020 Batch A Orientation Camp Update – 21st

Let’s quickly recall that the NYSC 2020 Batch A was dismissed from orientation camp following the COVID-19 pandemic early this year.

While a lot of Batch A 2020 Corps members think that’s the end of the NYSC Orientation camp experience, the management announced that they will return to camp on the 21st of this month.

21st is fast approaching but there are still no messages on Batch A dashboard yet.

Below are official answers to questions you might want to ask.

Question 1

About the returning back of Batch A Corps Members, you said it’s mandatory and we should check our dashboards for the date we’re to arrive at the Camp. So we have been checking the dashboard, we haven’t seen anything o. Pls make something to clear our doubt, 21st is fastly approaching oooo.

The response of the management to this question is “Noted, you will soon be contacted”

Question 2

According to the information received from NYSC, it’s quiet sure that we are going back to camp and the slated date for our return is 21st of this month, which is less than a week now. The question is :
1. Should all Batch A pack their bags and move to the camp on the 21st of this month??
2. Should we forget about going to camp because there is no information yet??

3. If truly we are going back to camp, NYSC should please come out with the process and how we will go about it.

The response from the Management is to contact your LGI for more information.

Question 3

Am suggesting if NYSC could help me to make this resumption optional, it’s better to program our dashboard by this Question “are You interested to return to camp”? YES or NO those interested would click Yes those that not would click NO, but this resumption sir is another waste of time, resources. But help me to consider this. Thanks

Read the management response below:

It is mandatory for every Corps Member to pass through the Orientation Course which is the first cardinal program of the NYSC Scheme.

You couldn’t complete your Orientation Course because of COVID-19 and the lockdown that followed. Also in order for proper understanding of what the NYSC Scheme stands for and other benefits like skills acquisition and Entrepreneurship development training that Corps Members should learn during the orientation period, there’s the need for you to go back to camp and you won’t regret it.

The latest gist now is that it is officially confirmed by the management that you will go back to camp. Keep checking your dashboard for the exact date you are to report to camp.

Stay connected as more updates will be coming up.

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  1. Duru Gladys Elochukwu

    Are we (2020 batch A) still going to benefit from all the payments that will be done on camp?

  2. Please when will the call up letter for batch b stream 1b be out?

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