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NYSC 2021 Batch B Stream I All States Group

Below are the states groups for to join and connect with others. Connection with others deployed to the same state can really help and make you feel among. You could travel together, make friends even before camp, and just connect and hook up.

We are using Telegram because security control is higher than WhatsApp. We have recorded a lot of PCM being scammed and left broken based on the low-security features on WhatsApp and we have to move to telegram to have more members and have more controls.

Whatsapp only takes 257 members while telegram can go as much as 200,000 members. We have got you covered and nobody will scam you under our watch.

You can download Telegram from Playstore/Appstore. It’s easy to use and it’s just like WhatsApp. Please, help us to help you.

All States Telegram Group Rules

  • No spamming
  • No Pornography, racial discrimination, Ponzi and betting advertisement
  • Do NOT send money to anyone “including the admin” for anything on the group. Many people will join just to extort you based on redeployment issue. If you fall for it, I am not responsible o.
  • Block Anyone who sends you a private message from the group asking for money.
  • Trust the admin and be free to ask them anything.
  • The group is filled with new people like you, so get along
  • Be interesting and respectful in the group
  • Be mature
  • Feel free and feel among
  • Don’t send recharge card to anyone for any information.

Locate, Click and join your deployed state Group below:

SStay connected! 

About Lola Princess

This is Lola Princess and I'm from Earth. Born somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. Love making friends and blogging. I'm your NYSC Google Assistant and I'm always here.


  1. I’m yet to be deployed to a state

  2. Hi Lola, please I was deployed to plateau state. Ive never been there before and I want to know if you have an idea of how the place is. Can you give me your honest opinion on whether to redeploy or not

  3. Hallo good evening lola, i have been trying to join the state group but i cant connect please i need help thanks

  4. Please, I was deployed to Jigawa and I want to redeploy to Osun with a good Ppa.. Can I get help

  5. Pleatue also Marie…can we link up 08134695301

  6. Chiedozie Patrick

    Lola please I can’t seem to be able to join katsina group
    What could be the problem

  7. Please, how can I join NYSC Rivers WhatsApp group, it was telling me Telegram?

  8. Hi Lola was in the state group and suddenly I was told I the group don’t exist anymore… Don’t know why.

  9. Pls @Lola, Borno State link isn’t opening

  10. Good day Lola, Pls I would wana connect with other Corp members travelling to kebbi from Enugu….
    2- I would wish that I’ll be add to the kebbi batch B stream 2 whatsapp group cos I’ve been trying to. 08032263489 is my contact.

  11. Hello Lola, I have been trying to join Abia WhatsApp group but to no avail. Pls help me

  12. I since applied for ID card in my school, but dy keep on saying It will be ready soon up till now dy haven’t. What should i do. Will dy accept me in camp without ID card?

  13. I got posted to borno (Batch A 2020) but would not be able to go, can I register again for stream 2?? I

  14. i was deployed to Yobe state. Is the orientation camp in Yobe or another state?

  15. Benue telegram group chat icon is not responding. Pls can you review and help us out. We cant connect to benue telegram channel

  16. Pls who is going to ondo from kogi tmaro let’s connect

  17. Admin I’m a foreign student and I missed my verification date now I’m still yet to be evaluated. Pls what should I do?

  18. Pls I was redeploy to osun and have not gotten my ppa till now, am being marked absent on my LG clearance pls what can I do.

  19. Good afternoon please I need the batch B steam 1 WhatsApp link for Anambra, osun and Abuja for my friends and I .

  20. Batch B stream 1…..osun State group

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