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  1. Please am supposed to go this batch but there was an error in name of my call up letter,what should I do?

  2. Pls is it true that , you will have to go back to your state of ppa and then meet the disciplinary committee and you will refund all their money and wait for three months or more before you will then go to portal and apply for remobilization when it comes out

    But the remobilization is always open, it has been opened since January till now without closing

    When I entered the Nysc’s portal I saw “apply for remobilization” and I did but now am seeing other blog saying you have to go back to your state and collect letter but I don’t know how updated this information is

    And again , as I apply on the portal how will I know I am eligible for remobilization it just showed me “form submitted successfully”

    When will I b expecting their response if am eligible or not

    Pls reply I need you guidance

  3. Also Is it True remoblization can only be done when after a year which is after your previous batch has passed out

    • Yes. If you batch did not pass out, you can get extension and complete the months you missed. To be qualified for Remobilization, your batch must have passed out

      • Can someone relocate after remobilization? This is the case of a person in Batch A stream II. The person has a medical condition and experienced sickness two days before the end of camp, so they left and didn’t resume PPA. They are now stable after almost 3 months. The person’s medical condition requires monitoring and a guardian for their meal plan and well being as advised by their doctor. What are your thoughts on this? The person is now ready to serve

    • Hi please if after remobilizing ca absconded corp member state change?
      And if it changes to another state can the person redeploy?

  4. Good morning ma
    Am among the batch A stream 2, after camp.i was unable to report to my ppa and it’s two months absentism but recently I can’t log in my dashboard and it’s showing me missed consecutive attendance..

    My question is
    1: what does it mean
    2: is it true that I can only be able to remoblize only when my set has passed out by next year
    3: in Remobilization is it true that a cal member must Wait a year after his or her previous batch has passed out before the person can be eligible to apply for remoblization

  5. What’s exactly does it mean by missed consecutive attendance and denial of me accessing my dashboard coz it’s just two months absentism which makes me not to fall under the absconded call member coz it’s not 3 months as stipulated
    2: what is my solution for this

  6. Hello please, I absconded from the scheme 7 months after, will I still be posted to the same state after remobilization????

  7. Please I want to know about the 2 months Absenteeism that is showing in my dashboard because I went to my LGI about the issue which he gave me a query regarding it and I responded to it but my question but it’s still showing absent why?

  8. Or what is my action in seeing that it goes to present?

  9. I was giving a query and I have responded to it but no show in the absent showing in my dashboar

  10. I absconded after camp and went back after 3month missed clearance , pls will I have to remobilize

  11. Please I’m currently serving and I’m a batch A stream 2 Corp member, I applied for relocation on health ground and it hasn’t been approved I tried talking to my LGI but he said he can’t do anything about it, I couldn’t go back to my deployed state for this month clearance and I’m not planning to go back there, is it still possible for my relocation to work and I can continue my service in another state and not the previous state, because I really can’t go back there

  12. Please I have been summoned to the Nysc secretariat regarding the query I got for missing the monthly clearance…
    Pls I need an insight on what to say or expect there in order to avoid the extension of service year as I heard pls…
    Any advice or direction on how to go about it or present although I have my doctor’s report

  13. I didnt go to camp at all after my callup due to some serious circumstances. years gone by, i wish to apply for exemption . is this possible? i am over 30

  14. Ɠood afternoon. Please I am having issues capturing my biometrics for my September clearance. I had difficulties doing the biometrics in camp too but it eventually went through in camp. This is my first clearance and since yesterday it hasn’t gone through. I’m disturbed about what my fate could be, asides the fact that I would not be paid for this month, I want to know if this issue can be corrected.

  15. I missed 3months biometric and got a text from nysc that I will be remobilized
    Do i need to go to the state i camped from or there is no need for that

  16. Hello…. I deferred my service year ..just this recent batch ..The LGI composed letter for me which I followed ..I just have a certain responsibility I have to attend to and it’s going to take a while …I hope for remobilization and if the times comes ..I attended camp tho ..it’s just the PPA that I didn’t go and I’ve been accepted already…so when remobilized will it still be Tht same state and another PPA or that same PPA orrr another state with another PPA obviously and will I go to another camp

  17. If you should remobilize, must you be posted back to the state to initially?? Is there a way one can maneuver it without being posted back to the original state??

  18. My husband relocated to another state then I applied for relocation online which has not been approved thus I missed one month clearance will my relocation still be approved and will I be paid for the month that I missed clearance

  19. I am a married corp member where I was posted was too far from my house though I resumed all d same I have a baby and I gave birth through CS I can’t cope with the stress again plus my husband has relocated to another State and I applied for relocation for more than 3weeks now it’s still showing being processed thus I absconded from my PPA please can I do Remobilization later after my sets has finished NYSC I have served for 5months now will I continue from where I stopped and what are the likely prosecution I will face as an absconded corp member…

  20. Hello, good evening. Please i applied for relocation in camp and it worked but that was not the state I planned to go to as the person working on my details failed me, he told me to put a state near my family address that he would work it to my preferred state, I check and it showed the state I applied in camp. I can’t go to the state because it’s really far from me and I don’t know anyone, please if I remobilize with the new batch by march, can I follow them immediately or I have to wait for my batch to finish their service year? and if I remobilize, can I still work on the relocation with someone else, please what are my chances that these would work out?

    • You can only remobilize after your batch pass out of the programe. And if you do, you will have to start from where you stopped.

      My advice for you is to go to that state, do documentation and then work on your relocation.

      If you wait till your batch pass out and relomobilize and apply for relocation, they might reject it because of your remobilization status.

  21. Please what can I do in situations where by there is serious crisis in my PPA and I have not done my documentation and clearance. Is it going to affect my NYSC

  22. Please I need help am batch A2 I abcosded from d service year 3months after wen can I apply for the remobilization process. Will I wait for the portal to open before applying?

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