NYSC 2023 Batch A Whatsapp Group

NYSC 2023 Batch A Whatsapp Group – Best & Most Active

The NYSC Batch C 2023 WhatsApp group is like a family where everybody connects with one another and also gets all information and support to make NYSC a smooth journey.

This Whatsapp group is a place to connect every Graduate or prospective Corps member that will belong to the NYSC Batch A 2023 Mobilization and Registration. Whatsapp is one of the very best platforms to connect and get the best information, that is why we are creating this Whatsapp group. [Read also: Top 10 Legit Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria For Corpers]

Information, updates, and getting along have a long help to do as a prospective corps member. Thousands and thousands of you are going to serve in a new environment, a new place, and a new community for a period of 11 months. 

This is your first time experiencing NYSC and we know that a little assistance from Ex-Corpers and serving corpers might help you get along.

We then think of an easier way to reach you and pass valuable information is to create a WhatsApp group where you can get to know some things as time goes on and also get to connect. 

You can click below to join our WhatsApp group


NYSC 2023 Batch A Whatsapp Group Rules

We are all graduates and mature individuals but a little rule will help shape the moderation of the group. Below are the WhatsApp group rules:

  • Do not spam the group with links, adverts, or anything that is not related to the group topic.
  • Be mature and respect one another.
  • Trust and respect the admin and feel free to send DM to them anytime.
  • No posting of porn
  • No betting advertisements or football ticket talks.
  • No racial discrimination and no tribalism. We are all one.
  • Do not send money to anyone claiming to be officials who send DM to members to extort them.
  • Check www.nyscnews.com for updates and register on www.nyscforum.com to join the family.
  • You are free to send the admin DM or ask them any questions directly.


Whatsapp Group Disclaimer

Below are some disclaimers you should pay attention to.

  • The group was not created by NYSC Officials. It was created and managed by nysc news team of experienced admins and ex corps Members.
  • Every individual is responsible for his or her posts and comments on the group.
  • Be smart with your money. A lot of people will join just to scam you. They will pretend like they are here to help and at the end of the day, they will scam you.
  • The admin of the group has the right to remove or ban anyone with or without warnings.
  • The admin also reserves the right to change the group settings at any point in time.

Once again, you are most welcome to the most active NYSC 2023 Batch A Whatsapp group on the Internet. You will love it and as long as you stay on the group, you will never miss out of anything important. 

NYSC Batch C 2022 News Only Telegram Group

We already have a telegram group for the latest NYSC Batch C 2022 News updates. This is a place you can join to get the latest news about NYSC Batch C 2022 without stress. This telegram group is an open group where you can chat, make noise and connect with other Corps members and PCMs.


NYSC Batch C 2022 Official Twitter Handle

You might definitely not forgive me if I don’t tell you about this. The NYSC News official Twitter handle is really a place to have fun and get information and also a lot of freebies. We share recharge cards, Subscriptions, Cash, and other give-away. We also hook up and connect Corpers. It’s really fun. Click the button below to follow us Now!

Other Social Media Platforms

Please, share and let others join too.

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