NYSC Age Limit Calculation

Good morning to you all, while we are still waiting for an official date, let me gist you about NYSC Age Limit

According to the NYSC age limit rule, once you graduate at 30 or above, you will not be able to participate in NYSC.

You will be given an exemption letter after registration so that you can move on with your life. This exemption letter is equivalent to the NYSC discharged certificate. See also: NYSC 2020 Batch A Pre-Mobilization Workshop – Explained!

Let me give you a scenario.

Lola graduated at 28 or 29 years old. Due to some delay or circumstances, Lola could not go for NYSC immediately she graduated. Now Lola is ready to serve but she’s above 30.

According to the rule, Lola can still serve because she graduated before 30.

The NYSC age limit is not about your age right now, it’s about the exact age you were when you graduated. So if you graduated before 30 years of age, you will serve your fatherland and be collecting 33k every month.

However, if you graduate at 30 or above, you will have to move on and get an exemption letter.

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  1. Good day,
    I am a US student in Washington D.C. ,trying to register for NYSC. How can I register? Where and How do I do the biometric registration?

  2. do u mean there is no way to rectify age issue again? is that a new law?

  3. good evening ,is it base on the year we graduated or the year our results get to the school Senate, eg I was 30th on March 19th 2018,i did my final exam in 2017,but the Senate sit on my results in June 2018, on my notifications it was stated on my results was ready in 2016/2017 can I still serve

  4. Abeg, help me to check if I can serve as I will be graduating this year and my year of birth is 12/08/1990

  5. good day please as a foreign student what are the requirements for the online registration ?

  6. Lola please will they allow a pregnant woman to stay the entire three weeks in camp? Even if she please to stay?

  7. Hi,
    Can i apply for exemption?
    I graduated at 29 and did not served due to some issue..
    But now am 30
    Please answer me.
    I prefer to collect exemption than to serve.

  8. Please, my date of birth backdated with 2 days, my date of birth was Sunday, 13/11/1994, but what am seeing is 11/11/1994 which was Friday, could it be that nysc don’t use birthday that falls to weekend or it’s a mistake

  9. Hello, does NYSC use the age on your WAEC or the age on your Jamb .
    Let’s assume on your WAEC is 1988 due to mistake and your Jamb is 1991 , which one will NYSC take?

  10. Good morning Lola, I graduated @ 30 years dot. I registered for NYSC and have gotten my green card but the challenge is that when I was printing the card it appeared that my DOB was reduced and I have applied for a change which is yet to be effected. Please is there any possibility for me to still b deployed. Remember I’ve printed my green card

  11. Hi!! Pls I was born on 02/02/1990 and graduated in 2019.Pls will be allow to serve?

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