NYSC Anthem | Lyrics | MP3 Free Download

NYSC Anthem | Lyrics | MP3 Free Download

Hey Boss! You want to know the NYSC anthem or the NYSC anthem lyrics or maybe you want to download the NYSC anthem MP3, this post will give you just all that. Read on to discover.

During your stay at camp and throughout your NYSC year, it is compulsory for you to know the anthem because at any meeting the anthem is to be recited. And am sure you know that awkward moment when you don’t know a song and you don’t want the person beside you know that you don’t know.

Even if you won’t have to be singing the anthem around after camp which most of us don’t do, I can assure you that during NYSC orientation camp, you cannot escape it. Every day and night, every morning, during SAED lectures and during every activity, you will have to stand attention, NYSC cap on, head straight reciting the anthem.

Smart people like me always run online to search for the anthem or NYSC anthem lyrics and even download the NYSC anthem MP3 just to know the wordings and recite it like a pro. You know that feeling Nah.

Either you are searching for NYSC anthem instrumental or NYSC anthem PDF, NYSC song lyrics and full NYSC anthem/mp3, this post has got you covered. You will be able to download NYSC anthem instrumental just below after the lyrics.

Below is the lyrics so that you do not always use an idea and continue chopping mouth. The first stanza is the popular one and it might be the only one you will need to be reciting every time.

You can read the lyrics and also download the anthem below

NYSC Song Lyrics 1st Stanza

Youths obey the clarion call
Let us lift our nation high
Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication and selflessness
Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

NYSC Song Lyrics 2nd Stanza

Members, take the great salute
Put the Nation first in all
With service and humility
NYSC for the noble youths
Make Nigeria a great nation

NYSC Song Lyrics 3rd Stanza

Far and Near we come to serve
And to build our fatherland
With oneness and loyalty
NYSC for Unity
Hail Nigeria our great Nation

The first stanza of anthem might be the only one you need. Don’t be a JJC, be a step ahead of other otondos and recite it like a pro.

DOWNLOAD NYSC Anthem MP3 (265 kb)


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