NYSC Batch B 2019 Stream II Orientation Camp Date – Updated

The NYSC Batch B 2019 orientation camp date is the exact day that dear respective prospective Corps members all over the country both Local and foreign-trained will start the 21 days NYSC orientation camp experience. See also: NYSC 2019 Batch B UPDATES – Stream II Registration Date Changed

NYSC 2019 Batch B Stream I Orientation camp came to an end today and the next big thing in NYSC at this moment is the Stream II Orientation Camp.

NYSC Batch B 2019 Stream II Orientation Camp Date

Following the extension of the NYSC 2019 Batch B Stream II online registration deadline date, from 12th of July 2019 to 13th Of August 2019. An internal memo has been released detailing the new date for the stream II orientation camp date. The adjustment of the date is to enable the Scheme prepare adequately for the successful execution of the Orientation course.

The new date for the NYSC 2019 batch B stream II orientation camp is Tuesday 20″ August – Monday 9 September 2019 according to the internal memo. This is the only date we have for now.

Read the internal memo below and see the picture after.

  • I am directed to inform you that the 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream II Orientation Course has been rescheduled to a later date.
  • 2. Accordingly, the Director General has now approved the conduct of the exercise from Tuesday 20″ August – Monday 9 September, 2019 The adjustment of the date is to enable the Scheme prepare adequately for the successful execution of the Orientation course.
  • 3. Further details regarding the conduct of the 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream 11 Orientation exercise will be communicated to you in due course
  • 4. Thank you

Okakwu, V.B. (Mrs.) Director (PRS) For: Director-General

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A Little Gist

The NYSC orientation camp is always one of the best moments in NYSC and I am so sure you are all going to enjoy it. Imagine having thousands of people from various institutions and various background all together for 21 days, following orders and doing same routine together.

You will get to make friends, come across graduates who can make things disappear into thin air, meet beautiful and handsome people from different races and get training from one of the best Soldiers in the world. Orientation camp experience is really one of those things you can never forget.

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  1. I have been posted to cross river state with stream 1but I skipped it go with stream 2, with this will they change my state of deployment

  2. Hello Lola, pls I just saw a notice on my dashboard that if the date of birth is not corrected before deployment I will no more be able to do so and still yet the correction box has not appear on my dashboard

  3. Biko o, i registered on Monday and I’ve been waiting for my call-up number since then. I was told it isnt supposed to take this long. What could be the reason? I asked for a change of name. Could dat be the reason for the delay??

  4. Hello, please i am registering for stream 2 but my university hasn’t uploaded it yet. do you know how long it will take or do i need to go to my university

  5. I want redeploy from cross river to plateau state, I skipped stream 1 and I want to go with stream 2, I need someone to help me.

  6. I registered Lagos abuja Edo and Kano can you predict my state of deployment

  7. Good day Lola pls am facing some challenges correcting the date of birth it’s has displayed the space but we are unable to make the correction so we click on update date of birth and it just displayed ” request have been submitted for approval”

  8. Okay maybe pls how do I know it’s been approved. Will I get a mail?

  9. Please I need to know when batch c stream 1 wil be so I can start getting ready

  10. good morning, I was trying to join the whatsapp group but the group is full keeps popping up

  11. Samuel Adekojo

    Good morning Lola, please my date of birth isn’t correct instead of 14th of February, it is displaying may 22 but the same year. How do I go about it

  12. EZEAHURUKWE chima Matthew

    Please, I was posted to Ebonyi state with the first stream, but I couldn’t make it up. What do I really need to do again. And will I be reposted?
    Secondly, my Name’s are not completely taken. Instead of EZEAHURUKWE chima Matthew, I’m seeing EZEAHURUKWE Matthew. Please how can I go about all this.

  13. Good morning Princess Lola
    Thanks for the good works you are doing, pls keep on as God will be continuously bless you.

  14. Good morning Princess Lola
    Thanks for the good works you are doing, pls keep on as God will continuously bless you.

  15. I made a mistake in filling my place of permanent residence. Instead of filling Akwa Ibom, I noticed its Anambra that’s on my green card. Can this affect my posting? Any way to correct it?

  16. Good evening my dear Lola, my sister have been exempted due to age, Is there any solution to that

  17. Assuming U Did Not Pay The 3k. Wil U Stil Get Ur Green Card Or Til U Visit Ur School

  18. I was not evaluated till now what can cause it and what can i do

  19. pls how long will it in take medical certificate to expire. I have done mine already and now registration has been extended for a month

  20. Cos: Taraba, Benue, Ondo, Cross River. Help Predict. Inst: Adamawa

  21. Kenechukwu promise

    Please Lola and hearing rumor that the date of batch b stream II orientation date have shifted to 20th of August. Is that information reliable?

  22. is it possible to choose another 4 four states of ur choice and cancel the first one?

  23. Abiodun Oladosu

    Mz Lola u re doing great work here,I’m in stream2 always enjoy ur information,more blessings.
    Choice-Kano, Nassarawa,Akwa ibom,Abia.

  24. Hi! I uploaded the required documents for being married so dt i can b deployed to my husband’s place of work abt 5 days ago, but up to now it’s nt approved. Plz why? And also i haven’t received my call up letter

    I have a certificate of birth which contains a different birth day from d one on my green card. Plz is dt a problem?

  25. I’m in stream 2 already but I’m scared if this orientation date that has been extended won’t affect me because I’ll be 30 by October

  26. Weldone Lola, keep doing d good work . plz how can one apply for the C. B. N. Loan

  27. Gud Day Lola
    Inst: Adamawa
    Cos: Taraba Benue Ondo Cros Riva

  28. Please I want to know, the DOB on my waec is diff from the one on the rest on my documents even on my birth cert , however I have an affidavit to back it up, will it be a prob for me at the camp, this nysc has already made me changed my ticket to Nija twice, no be mai mai, I dont want to come and face thier stress again…🙄

  29. I am in stream ii but my call up better has not been sent….do I need to worry?

  30. Ugwu Millicent Oluchukwu

    Please Lola I was supposed to be registered as a married woman but the person that registered me claimed to have done so without uploading my marriage certificate and other things and now I have printed my green card with the marrital status single. What should I do?

    • Chai. Instead for you to be deployed to your husband state like that, you will be deployed to anywhere. What kind of mistake is that. Two options.

      1. Visit any NYSC secretariat close to you and explain to them.

      2. Wait for posting, go to camp with all your documents and redeploy

    • Chai. Instead for you to be deployed to your husband state like that, you will be deployed to anywhere. What kind of mistake is that. Two options.

      1. Visit any NYSC secretariat close to you and explain to them.

      2. Wait for posting, go to camp with all your documents and redeploy.

  31. GUD DAY Lola inst: rivers cos:plateau akwa ibom kano ondo

  32. Ebonyi state
    Anambra state
    State choices:
    Nasarawa, Akwaibom, Kano and Enugu

  33. Wow but how sure can it be so I can prepare dear Lola

  34. Good day
    int: Ogun
    States of choice: Benue, delta, Oyo, kaduna

  35. hae lola i am from kano,but studied at edo state nigeria,my state choices were katsina,jigawa,abuja,and lagos whats is my possible deployment pls

  36. G’ evening Princess Lola, I was deployed to North but I couldn’t make it with stream 1. Currently waiting for stream 2. Can I still make correction in my date of birth because my Jamb DOB was incorrect? I also clicked on the box for correction of DOB in my dashboard I saw input waec pin, I became scared and quickly left that session.
    Kindly explain to me how to correct date of birth (DOB). Thanks…

  37. Hi, Lola. Please, I have an omission of one of my names in the printed green card for nysc stream 2 batch b. In my certificate it reads Ureh David West Michael but in my green card, it reads Udeh David West. Can I still correct it by addition of names section or should I ignore
    Please, take note I have already printed the green card with one of the names omitted.

  38. I was supposed to join stream 1 but didn’t cuz of some issues , is there any registration i need to do again before joining stream 2??

  39. How can I know where ive been posted to?

  40. Pls ma,during my registration my date of birth was wrongly entered,pls what do I need to do to change it?

  41. Please my new coming NYSC MEMBER, I want you to avoid open your NYSC account with access bank in the camp, they always come first to register highest percentage of Corp members and they are the most worst bank among the other banks in term of services Please don’t go and open access bank NYSC account please tell other OTONDO to avoid them. Another bank will come later… Wait for other bank please ooo.. Tell others and safe soul.

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