NYSC 2019 Batch 'A' State of Deployment Prediction

NYSC Batch A 2021 Stream II State of Deployment Prediction – 84% Accuracy

Hello, Dear gallant NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream II Prospective Corps Members (PCMs). I’m going to be predicting your likely state of deployment based on your state of origin, and the state you finished higher institution from.

NYSC posting is random, however, the state you studied and your state of origin matters a lot. Based on experience and the NYSC zoning, I am going to predict where you are likely to be posted to. See also: NYSC State Allowee Amount In All States In Nigeria

Dear NYSC 2021 Batch A Prospective Corps members home and abroad, it’s your turn to have a taste of the future!

Firstly, Click this link to follow @nyscnews on Instagram. After following us on Instagram, provide the following information below to help my prediction.

  • Your State Of Origin
  • State of Institution
  • Choice of states you selected during registration

Then, I will predict where NYSC will deploy you. NOTE! If you comment below and did not get a reply quickly, you can come to our Instagram LIVE for a fast response.


  • Lagos
  • Ogun
  • Plateau, Kwara, Kastina, Akwa Ibom

This prediction is just a deductive guess and with about 84% accuracy. Meaning there are still chances that I will be wrong. But just try me. I have been doing this for long and I know how it works. Ask Corpers from the last batch.

Drop the details below and have a glimpse of where you are going to serve your fatherland.

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About Lola Princess

This is Lola Princess and I'm from Earth. Born somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. Love making friends and blogging. I'm your NYSC Google Assistant and I'm always here.


  1. Im from Osun State and i also school at Osun state and I choose just two state in my nysc I choose Kwara and Edo….where will I likely to be posted to….

  2. From abia state
    Studied in ANAMBRA awka


  3. Ondo


    Abia. Kano. Nasarawa. Delta

  4. Udoh Inyeneobong

    Akwa Ibom

    Akwa Ibom

    Kaduna, Rivers , Enugu, Lagos

  5. Plz lola, I did my registration yesterday till today its telling me awaiting call up letter. Tho I applied for a change of course on my dashboard yesterday which was approved dis morning. But yet it’s still awaiting call up number. Plz do u have any idea wat might be causing this and how it can be rectified

  6. Ekiti
    Edo, ebonyi,kwara,Bauchi

  7. Oyo State
    Oyo state
    Plateau, Rivers, Kebbi, Enugu

  8. Kogi
    Kaduna, Ondo, Edo, Bauchi

  9. Imo state
    Akwa ibom
    Edo, Ondo, Kano

  10. Isajimi Isreal Oluwafemi

    Delta jigawa gombe ebonyi

  11. Hi Lola, I’m from Kogi state
    I schooled in Kogi state
    I chose Kaduna, Ondo, Edo, Bauchi

  12. Delta
    Kaduna, Ekiti, Enugu, Kwara

  13. Where am I likely to be posted

  14. Gombe
    Kaduna, nasarawa ,Edo osun

  15. I’m from Oyo state
    I studied in Oyo state
    I chose Plateau, Rivers, Kebbi, Enugu

  16. I’m from benue State and school in Lagos. I chose Oyo, Delta, Kastina, Kebbi

  17. Ishaku M. Balami

    Am from Borno State, School in Maiduguri
    The State’s i pick

    Which State am i going

  18. I’m from ogun state and schooled in osun state
    I choose Edo, kwara, abia state
    Where would I likely be posted to?

  19. state of origin- OYO
    state of study- OYO
    i pick: kwara
    where is my most likely state for nysc

  20. Nogheghase osasere

    Hello I am from Edo state school and based in edo state I choose nasarawa state , Ogun state , Sokoto and abia state

  21. Kogi

  22. I am from Delta State. I schooled in Ife. I choose Kaduna, Enugu, Ekiti, Kwara. Where am I likely to be posted.

  23. I am from Benue, I schooled in Nasarawa.
    I chose Kano, Oyo, Adamawa, Rivers.
    Where should I be expecting to be deployed?

  24. Anambra
    Nassarawa, akwa ibom, Kano, ogun

  25. Iā€™m from Anambra. I schooled in lagos and the states i chose are asaba and abuja

  26. Schooled in ondo state
    State of origin: ondo

  27. From Edo
    Schooled in Edo
    Kaduna, Enugu, Nasarawa, Ogun

  28. Oyo
    Kwara,akwaibom,adamawa and ebonyi

  29. I’m from Abia schooled in cross river. Choosed Niger, Akwa ibom, Kano and ogun

  30. I’m christiana from cross river state
    Reside in Lagos
    School in Ogun

  31. From Benue

    School in Benue

    I Chose, Katsina, Rivers, Ogun, Yobe

  32. Anambra
    Nasarawa, Rivers, Adamawa, and Ondo

  33. Akwa Ibom
    Kano Rivers Ibadan Enugu

  34. Oyo

    and ebonyi

  35. Kingsley Alex jnr

    From Abia
    Study cross river
    Choices Niger, akwa ibom, kano & ogun

  36. Osun state
    Edo state
    Rivers, Enugu, Kwara, Kaduna

  37. Bayelsa
    Taraba, Kwara, Oyo and Imo

  38. State of origin: Kogi
    State of institution: Niger
    Selected choice;

  39. Abia
    . Anambra
    Kwara, Akwa Ibom, Adamawa, Ekiti

  40. I’m from kwara state. Schooled in kwara state.i choose borno, katsina, osun and Edo

  41. I am from lagos state.
    I school in Benin Republic šŸ‡§šŸ‡Æ.

    The state i choose are.

  42. From Abia
    Study cross river
    Choice Niger, Akwa ibom,kano & ogun

  43. I am from Ogun state
    I schooled in Ogun state
    I chose Adamawa,Delta,kano and Anambra

  44. Pls predict for my state of deployment. State of origin: Ondo state. Name of institution: Obafemi awolowo University ile Ife state of deployment: Kogi, kadunna, Edo and Anambra state.

  45. From Ogun state and schooled in Abeokuta and I chose Kwara,Imo,Bayelsa and Jigawa

  46. Lagos
    Kastina, imo, borno and osun

  47. Ondo State
    Ondo state
    Jigawa anambra Kwara akwa ibom

  48. From cross river
    Reside in lagos
    Schooled in Ogun
    Kastina, imo, borno and osun

  49. Delta
    Gombe Ogun Kogi Enugu

  50. Iā€™m from Delta state,I schooled in Akwa ibom, states visited,I selected Edo and Kano….states I selected for posting are Ogun state,Sokoto,Niger and Rivers state….where would I likely be posted to??

  51. I’m from Akwaibom
    I school in oyo state
    I choose Kwara,osun,abia,sokoto what should I be expecting

  52. From cross river
    Schooled cross river
    Adamawa, oyo, Enugu, nasarawa

  53. Please Is registration on
    I want to register for nysc

  54. Oyo state
    Osun state

    Kwara, Imo, Kano, Rivers

  55. I’m from Anambra
    Studied at Anambra
    I choose
    Please were I’m likely to be posted

  56. Ekemini Fabian Asanga

    Akwa ibom


    I’m from Ekiti state
    School in ogun
    I choosed plateau, yobe and Edo

  58. Am from edo state and school in same state…I choose the following state for service

  59. Rivers
    Benue, Imo, Gombe, Osun

  60. I am from Abia, schooled in Ogun, Abia and Kano. I choose Niger, Delta, Osun and Taraba

  61. Am from ondo state
    I schooled at abeokuta

    Abia, Kano , nasarawa and delta

  62. From Oyo
    Chose kwara ebonyi edo kaduna

  63. Lagos
    Kano, bauchi,ogun, akwa ibom

  64. Ekiti
    Ebonyi, Edo, Kwara and Bauchi

  65. I’m from Delta, I schooled in Delta….I choose gombe ,Jos, bayelsa and port Harcourt

  66. Oyo
    Zamfara, kwara, Edo, Rivers

  67. I’m from Delta, schooled in Delta….I choose gombe, Jos, bayelsa and cross River

  68. Lagos
    Kano ogun bauchi akwa ibom

  69. Lagos
    Kano ogun akwa ibom bauchi

  70. Delta
    Kaduna, plateau, oyo, Enugu

  71. Lagos

  72. I am from Ogun, Pri and Secondary in Lagos, University in Osun. I chose Kwara, Kano, Ebonyi, and Edo

  73. Origin:Kwara state
    Institution:Kwara state
    States chosen:ogun,adamawa,kaduna,Enugu

  74. I am from abia state, schooled in Ekiti state,
    I choose kd , benin and benue

  75. Oyo
    Zamfara, kwara, Edo, River

  76. Ondo state
    Ondo State
    Jigawa Kwara akwaibom anambra

  77. I’m from Rivers State but school at abia State..
    I selected four States which is Taraba, nasarawa, ekiti, Enugu

  78. My name is Adesola I studied in Osun and am from Oyo state. I choosed 2 states which are Plateau and Akwa Ibom

  79. Osun
    imo, edo,nasarrawa,bauchi

  80. Institution Osun
    Origin Oyo

    State visited Bayelsa, Ogun, Kwara, Osun

    Selected state Kwara, Kano, Abia, Rivers

  81. My State of origin Kogi state
    I schooled in Ibadan. The polytechnic Ibadan.
    The state I choose Are
    Akwa ibom

  82. Osun
    imo, edo, nasarrawa, bauchi

  83. Predict it for me

  84. I live in oyo,school in ondo,i choose kwara,edo,kano,enugun.m anxious.

  85. I schooled in Abia, I’m from Abia I selected Uyo, plateau, ondo and yobe

  86. Elisha from Adamawa, schooled in Adamawa State University and chooses Rivers Ogun jigawa and Jos

  87. Please I did my registration yesterday but this is what I saw your registration is successful but no slot for states yet.

  88. I’m from adamawa. I schooled in katsina States I chose are cross river, niger, jigawa, nasarawa.

  89. Edward Omokerere Gloria

    State of Origin Edostate
    University of Benin
    States selected
    Kaduna, Kogi, Anambra , Oyo

  90. Oyo state
    Oyo state
    I chooses kano, Anambra, Akwa ibom and Rivers

  91. Lyndalin Anurika

    Am from Anambra
    Schooled in Rivers
    I chose kaduna, Akwa-ibom,ondo

  92. Ekiti
    Edo Abia Kwara Kano

  93. From osun state
    Went to school in Niger state
    Choose: kwara, kaduna,edo and enugu

  94. From kogi
    School in Niger
    Choose: Kaduna,edo,Taraba and ondo

  95. I’m from Akwa Ibom,
    Institution: Akwa Ibom
    I choose Imo, River, Ogun and Anambra State

  96. Lola Princess, I’m still waiting for your reply oo

  97. Please I just finished my Nysc registration but the year on my statement of result is 2018 while that on NYSC is 2019 what should I do now

  98. Kogi
    Kebbi, Osun, Bauchi and Anambra

  99. Kogi
    Kebbi, Osun, Bauchi, Anambra

  100. I am from Osun State,I school at Oyo State I choose Adamawa, Enugu,kwara and Delta for my nysc… where am I likely to be posted ma’am

  101. Osun
    State of redeployment
    Cross River

  102. Good morning lola. Pls on my green slip the graduation date is correct but I’m having from year 0 to year 2021, the 0 should be 2015. Pls hope this is not an issue

  103. I’m from delta
    Schooled in ogunstate
    I picked kwara and kastina
    Where will I serve

  104. Bayelsa
    Oyo, Ebonyi, Kebbi, Bauchi

  105. I am from Ogun State and I schooled in Ogun

    Plateau, Kebbi, Abia and Edo

  106. Olu Sunday Omolayo

    I’m from Ondo State.
    I schooled in Osun
    I have chosen Bauchi, Benue, Anambra and Edo states respectively

  107. Ekiti

  108. Abdullahi yakubu Ahmad

    From Yobe
    School @ Kano
    Abuja, Kaduna, Ogun, Enugu

  109. I studied in kwara state
    Preffered states are kano, Oyo , Adamawa and akwa ibom.

  110. I am from Benue State and i school in Benue
    i choose
    So where will i be deployed?

  111. I am from Lagos state school at houdegbe cotonu chose enugu, kaduna,kwara and akwa ibom

  112. I am from Osun state, Schooled in Osun state also, I chose Zamfara, cross river, Kwara, imo state.. please where am I likely to be posted… Please reply

  113. Borno
    Enugu, calabar, kogi, kano

  114. Kogi
    Kaduna, Oyo, Gombe, Rivers

  115. Ebonyi state
    Ekiti state
    I choose jigawa, ogun, bayelsa and kaduna

  116. Aduma Precious

    From Rivers state
    I choosed
    Imo state
    Ondo state

  117. Edward Omokerere Gloria

    I’m from Edo, schooled in Edo state. The States I chose are, Kaduna, Anambra, Kogi, Oyo

  118. Please when will 2021 Batch A Stream2 Call up letter be out?

  119. from taraba state,i schooled from sokoto, i choosed nasarawa, kaduna, delta nd ekiti

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